Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter Review 2023

Are you an electric scooter lover? Do you own or wish to own an electric scooter? If yes, don’t worry; we got your back. These days, electric scooters are everywhere. They are the popular means of movement for students, commuters, or anyone avoiding the hassle of public transit.

In this article, we’ll review Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter 2023. We will examine its attributes, features, pros, cons, and several other things you need to know to make a purchase.

Apollo Ghost 2023 Scooter Overview

Apollo Ghost

The Apollo Ghost electric scooter is a well-designed and high-class scooter that can withstand the challenges of nature and uneven roads (including sand and gravel). The scooter easily maneuvers through city streets and is highly reliable on rough roads.

The Ghost 2023 has fat tube tires, a C-type shock absorber system, and two drive wheels that ensure it can ride on any road.

The new 2023 version of the Apollo Ghost scooter contains IP54 water-resistance class. For that reason, the scooter can withstand all types of puddles and rain.

The electric vehicle has two motors installed to strengthen the traction and provide blistering 38 mph speed. With this, users can move faster than with a single motor scooter.

Hills are not an obstacle- the Apollo Ghost 2023 can climb significant inclines without any issues.

Additionally, the scooter is designed for people who love quality, comfort, fabulous designs, and high-end assembly.

The stylish, fast, and comfortable Apollo Ghost 2022 will get you to your destination with no problem. With its unique, single-piece design, the scooter will attract attention and ensure you stand out.

The Apollo Ghost 2023 comes with two charging sockets. The two sockets allow your scooter to charge twice as fast. Therefore, getting an extra charger reduces the charging time.

With dual motors on the rear and front wheels of the scooter guarantee fast acceleration. When fully charged, the Apollo Ghost has a range of more than 22 miles and will reach a blazing fast maximum speed of 38 mph.

The scooter is an ideal alternative for passing morning traffic jams. It will also help you enjoy your exciting weekend trips in a park or nature.

Who Should Buy the 2023 Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter?

The Apollo Ghost is all about getting back to basics. The scooter does not concern itself with unnecessary trimmings like app integration and other fancy features. Instead, the scooter is meant for those who want to experience joy with their scooter.

With many outstanding features, the aggressive Ghost 2022 offers a heart-thumping experience as you move on or off-road.

Ghost 2023 is also ideal for heavier thrill-seekers, novices, and experts. The scooter has an industrial-standard frame, 300 lb rider capacity and is a great electric scooter for heavy adults.

It also boasts a springy suspension, and bulked-up stem with features that delight experts, beginners, and heavier thrill-seekers. But, of course, the superb ride is also fun to ride.

The scooter can handle large scooter riders with its high ground-to-deck clearance, slightly taller than most handlebars, big air-filled tires, powerful dual motors, and dual suspension.

Large riders often weigh over 200 lbs and are more than 6ft tall. As a result, this is an ideal scooter because of its tall handlebars, oversized decks, suspension, and pneumatic tires. All these features can be found in the Apollo Ghost 2023 scooter.

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter 2023 Specs

Below are some of the notable features of the 2023 version of the Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter:

  • Cruises at a maximum speed of 38 mph, not the fastest electric scooter but still quick
  • Two brushless DC motors (2 X 1000W)
  • Triple braking system (electric re-gen, rear disc, front disc)
  • Can handle a maximum rider weight of 297 lbs
  • Covers a maximum range of 22 miles
  • 67 lb weight of the scooter
  • A battery voltage of 52V 18.2Ah; Dynavolt
  • Charging time of 12 hrs (6 hrs if you have dual chargers)
  • Climb angle of up to 25 degrees (for steep hills)
  • IP54 water-resistance class – no worries about rain on the way home from work
  • Rear and front 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Can handle all terrains and is an excellent off road electric scooter
  • It features a lock key and fold-to-lock mechanism.
  • Blue LED lights below the deck
  • Rear and front LED lights
  • Features three riding modes, 38 mph, 25 mph, and 15 mph.
  • Quick acceleration rate at 15 mph in 3.1 seconds
  • Adjustable double-spring suspension which makes for a comfortable ride

Features of the Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter 2023

Apollo is one of the few brands that listen to their riders’ feedback. They frequently update their products to improve them. The Apollo Ghost 2023 is an excellent example of this. The scooter comes with several unique features making it stand out in the industry. Some of the key features include:

Ride quality


With Ghost 2023, the Apollo made it even more thrilling to ride a scooter. With its 10-inch rolling pair of air-filled tires, the Ghost 2023 will surely deliver a quality ride.

Moreover, the scooter also has an outstanding dual spring adjustable suspension. 

The suspension ensures that the Ghost floats over hard bumps and any worst stuff thrown at it.

The scooter offers an even better feeling for lightweight riders. The harder and quicker you ride it, the better it feels. Riders with a weight below 165 lbs. can do a little more tweak to improve the suspension.

The scooter also contains collapsible handlebars that are angled toward the rider. Significantly, the handlebar grips are the best that Apollo has ever made. They are locked to the bars using the end clamps and offer massive support to your palms.



Regarding portability, the Ghost 2023 is the finest in its class. As with the original design, its light weight of 67 lbs can be attributed to its structural forge aluminum build material. Most of the dual motor electric scooter models in its class weigh 10lbs more than the Ghost 2023.

Additionally, the scooter folds into a tidy little package. The collapsable handlebars and stem are both foldable, resulting in folded measurements of 52 inches by 16 inches by 21 inches (LxWxH). The width of most other scooters is between 24 and 27 inches, demonstrating how valuable the folding handlebars are. In addition, this is among the most transportable in its class, largely thanks to the faster stem latch. Even though this scooter is realtively light, it can carry a heavy rider of up to 300 lbs. This kind electric scooter payload is not easy to find. 


Apollo Ghost Light

The electric Apollo Ghost 2023 excels at visibility. The deck incorporated rear lights, headlamps, and ambient lighting on the deck, making the Ghost 2023 challenging to miss. In addition, the deck is illuminated by an ambient blue decklighting that looks amazing while cruising at night.

For increased safety, the Ghost 2022 benefits from a higher-positioned headlight. On the other hand, the front lights have an opaque diffuser that makes them glow brighter. We also value the proper operation of the rear brake lights, which keeps oncoming traffic aware of your intent on the road.


Deck Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

The deck has enough space for most riders’ feet. The deck measures 19 inches by 9 inches, which fits most riding positions. However, the 2023 Ghost still has that wide middle patch without grip tape, which often leaves most of the front foot under-served, which bothers many. 

The deck does, however, sit 5 inches above the ground, giving it sufficient space for moderate off-roading excursions and curb jumping without damaging the underdeck.


Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

The Apollo Ghost 2023 has 10 inches by 3 inches inner tube tires that get the work done. The scooter’s slightly heavier material, sturdy shape, and suspension make it suitable for trail riding. The Apollo Ghost 2022 Scooter is designed to broaden their riding horizons while allowing riders to choose between racing on city streets and off-road excursions. The rims are now 50% thicker, which has significantly improved, preventing cracking if you hit a pothole.


Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

The Apollo Ghost comes in two different versions: Regular brake and Hydraulic Brake. The regular brake features both a front and rear disc brake while the hydraulic brake version, well, has just that! Even though the version with hydraulic brakes is about $200 more expensive, we prefer it because the scooter stops faster.


The Ghost 2023 contains deck-mounted tail lights, headlights, and swag lighting, ensuring you are always visible. You also have a helpful bell to signal your presence to unwary pedestrians. Plus, the Ghost features some cool deck lighting. The scooter also boasts some of the most fabulous hydraulic brakes, stopping instantly.

The scooter has a key starting ignition for additional security. If you intend to ride Ghost 2022 at night, we suggest you get an extra light.


The Ghost 2022 has a two-tier cover plan. The standard one-year limited guarantee from Apollo protects against manufacturing flaws. The two-year Apollo warranty addresses wear and tear issues with the inner tubes, brake pads, fenders, and tires.

The validity of the warranty only applies to the original buyer and cannot be transferred under any circumstances. Ensure you visit Apollo’s website for a detailed description of the coverage limit, as there are additional disclaimers regarding the warranty’s scope.

What’s the Difference Between the Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter 2023 and the Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter  2021?

While the Ghost 2022 initially appears to be identical to its previous model, there are four significant upgrades that you should be aware of:

  • Two new 1000W DC motors replaced the original 800W motor in the Ghost 2021. Our tests indicate that while this doesn’t give any noticeable acceleration rate improvement, it does promise a marginally more significant top speed. The new motors are also more effective, improving their power input-to-power output ratio.
  • The original cumbersome collar clamp has been replaced by a new, improved folding mechanism in the Ghost 2022. The redesigned mechanism prevents stem wobble and is more straightforward and secure.
  • Due to the introduction of two motors, the rims of the Ghost 2022 have been reinforced to accommodate the more robust motors. As a result, the rims are now 50% stronger and more resistant to splits and crack.
  • The Apollo Ghost 2022 has a new and more robust stem that is 50% stronger than the previous model. Besides the geometrically designed revamp, the new reinforced design eliminates the instability and wobble at speed.
  • Fast acceleration rate
  • Capable of high speeds
  • Excellent brakes
  • Supports a heavy rider up to 300 lbs
  • Dual spring suspension and big tires allow a quality ride.
  • Bright LED display
  • IP54 water-resistance rating
  • Powerful dual motor featuring 52v and 1000w
  • Swanky deck lights
  • Good value for money
  • The kickstand is weak
  • Additional lighting is required for night rides.
  • Key-lock ignition is outdated and can better be replaced by a straightforward start button.

Other Scooters to Consider

Kaabo Mantis V2

Kaabo Mantis Pro Apollo Ghost

Look, if you don’t mind spending more than the Apollo Ghost, the Kaabo Mantis is a worth component. It’s a dual motorscooter with a top speed of 40 mph and it has an overall range of about 33 miles. We like the deck lighting and large LED display on the Apollo Ghost but the Kaabo Mantis V2 is certainly worth a look.

Apollo Phantom

Apollo Phantom

The Apollo Phantom 60v is a worthy competitor to the Apollo Ghost. If you are looking for a bit more top end speed, 43 mph, more range (40 miles) and don’t mind paying a little more, check it out!

Apollo Explore

Apollo Explore

If you are on a bit of a budget and the Apollo Ghost and Apollo Phantom are just too much, the Apollo Scooter company certainly has other models. Once such model is in their “commuter” lineup instead of their “professional” line up like the Ghost and Phantom. The Apollo Explore has a top speed of 31 mph and overall range of about 37 miles. This is a true commuter scooter. It’s lightweight, quick, and one of the most portable of the Apollo scooters.


For someone seeking cutting-edge electric motor scooters to substitute for their gas guzzlers, the Apollo Ghost 2023 might be a wise purchase. 

This scooter is appropriate for traveling on flat surfaces and city streets because it has a solid dual motor and battery, comfortable grips and deck, a well-finished exterior, and a solid design. Storage is also simple because of the built-in folding handlebars. While it isn’t the fastest scooter on the market, it still packs a big punch. It’s got a durable forged aluminium frame that will hold up for years even if you’re a heavy rider! We love this scooter and you will too.

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