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Today’s electric scooters are far removed from the bulky, slow-moving versions that were popular in the early 2000s. Electric scooters are sleeker and much faster, with a battery life that lasts longer than a few short rides.

Finding things that fit you can be challenging if you’re a big person. 

Clothes, cars, and furniture tend to be built with smaller people. However, there are some things out there that are designed for every size and shape. 

An electric scooter might not seem like something that would work well for a heavier person, but it can be a great choice. The best electric scooter for heavy adults is sturdy, can handle more than 250 lbs, has a decent range, and has a battery that lasts.

If you are a larger or heavier adult looking for an electric scooter that meets your requirements, read on. 

In this article, I’ll cover the best electric scooter for heavy adults on the market right now and a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Turboant X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter

Turboant X7 Pro Folding electric scooter for heavy adults

The X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter by Turboant is an electric scooter powered by a 36V, Brushless Motor—providing around 3 to 5 years of longevity. 

The electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 32 km/h, thanks to its 10Ah battery, and it comes with a 10-inch pneumatic tire which gives the rider great traction for both on- and off-road use. 

The X7 Pro has a suspension system that makes riding on uneven terrain much easier. 

This model also has an adjustable seat, so riders of any size will have a comfortable ride. It’s lightweight (15kg), so it’s easy to transport and powerful enough to accelerate when needed, thanks to its 350W motor. 

The scooter features a very comfortable and stable riding mode and shock absorption, making it very easy to travel no matter how tired you are. And with a maximum load of 275 lbs, it can accommodate even the biggest riders. Plus, the spacious deck offers plenty of room for both feet so that you can ride in comfort.

With a great combination of speed and comfort, the X7 Pro is the perfect scooter for anyone looking for a high-quality ride with a lot of power. Thanks to its powerful motor and folding frame, you can easily go wherever you want, short or long distances. 

This scooter also has excellent maneuverability, making it very easy to turn and stop while keeping control of your speed. 

All in all, this is an excellent commuting scooter that’s perfect for the heavier rider looking for a high-quality electric scooter that offers a lot of power at an affordable price.

Voro Motors EMOVE Cruiser 52V 1600W Dual Suspension – Long Range Electric Scooter

electric scooter for heavy adults

The Voro Motors Cruiser 52V Series has the highest weight limit (352 lbs) on the market and features a uniquely designed dual suspension with an integrated rear wheel suspension and front fork suspension. This gives the scooter more stability while reducing the weight and increasing the range between charges. 

The EMOVE Cruiser is a long-range electric scooter with a powerful 52V lithium-ion 30Ah battery, which provides up to 62 miles of riding on a single charge and six levels of torque to provide the power you need for hills. 

There are also features on the EMOVE Cruiser designed to help riders stay comfortable and upright on the road. 

The scooter comes with LED headlights, brake lights, and signal lights with integrated LEDs that will help riders stay safe while riding.

This sleek and stylish scooter, available in 5 colors: white, black, red, orange, and purple, provides smooth, quiet ride quality making it perfect for zipping around town, and it’s packed with awesome features. 

It’s ideal for adults up to 352 lbs and has a powerful electric motor that will take up to 53 km/h. 

The Cruiser has foldable handlebars for easy storage, hybrid XTECH hydraulic brakes for maximum braking power, and a key start ignition for convenience. Plus, it comes with turn signals for safety and a slew of other features to make your commute a breeze.

Swagger 5 Elite Electric SMART Scooter, Folding City Commuter

Swagger 5 Elite Electric SMART Scooter

Swagtron 5 elite is one of the best on the market for budget shoppers. With a 250W motor, it’s one of the least powerful scooters on this list, but at a hefty 320 lb maximum load capacity, it’s ideal for heavy adults looking for a cheaper alternative. 

It still packs a punch in terms of top speed, which comes in at 29 km/h, so it’s no surprise that the Swagger 5 has become a top pick for commuters everywhere. 

This scooter has all the features you’re looking for, including adjustable seat height and suspension and an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to ride and easy to control while on the road. Plus, it folds up small enough to fit into your car or storage locker. 

This high speed comes from a built-in rechargeable battery, giving you up to 12 miles of continuous use when fully charged. And mobile app connectivity enables cruise control to be controlled via Android and iPhone devices.

Swagtron is designed with commuters in mind. It is lightweight (26 lbs) and easy to carry around, making it a great option for those who want to go fast and don’t have much room to store a traditional electric scooter

It can also be charged without any tools, meaning you can power up anywhere there is an outlet and get up to 11 miles of continuous use when fully charged. 

In addition, it has a strong frame that makes it durable and solid on the road. For those who plan to use their scooter constantly for commuting and on the weekends, it might not be a good long-term investment since the battery range is not as powerful as others on the market. But, for less frequent use, this is an excellent and affordable electric scooter.

Apollo Pro 52v Electric Scooter

electric scooter for heavy adults

One of the most popular electric scooters for heavy adults is the Apollo Pro 52v.

It’s one of the heaviest frames on this list, weighing in at 77 lbs, but this makes it ready to take out on any terrain. With 10-inch pneumatic tires, the Apollo Pro is just as ready for off-roading as it is for the sidewalk.

It has a smart LG cell 22.5Ah battery with up to 10 hours of charge—if you upgrade to a fast charger or use dual chargers, it can last up to five hours—so you can get where you need to go without having to worry about constant charging. 

This slick and trendy scooter is perfect for zipping around town with a top speed of 61 km/h and can take you from point A to point B in no time. And with a range of 56 miles, you can travel far and wide without worrying about recharging. 

Additionally, this scooter can comfortably accommodate a heavy adult and can carry 330 lbs, making it the ideal way to travel. 

The Pro 52v comes with dual disc front and rear brakes, so you don’t have to worry about riding on public sidewalks or streets where pedestrians might be walking. The dual suspension makes every ride comfortable and bump-free. 

With an MSRP of $1,800, the Apollo Pro 52v is one of the most expensive options, with the Voro Motors EMOVE coming in at the top. However, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an electric scooter built to last.

Zero 10 E-Scooter

electric scooter for heavy adults

The Zero is a high-end electric scooter that boasts top-notch performance and design. It’s perfect for those who want a premium ride that looks great, handles well, and provides a smooth ride.

The Zero is also recommended for heavy riders who want to get around town quickly and safely with a maximum load of 265 lbs. The Zero is an excellent choice to get you started if you’re in the market for a beginner electric scooter and a bit of luxury. 

It can reach up to 48 km/h, travel up to 40 miles, and has an impressive battery range. It has dozens of safety features, including a reliable disk braking system for added peace of mind. 

The Zero 10 electric scooter has a telescopic stem to adjust the handlebars. It also comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires and spring suspension, which will keep you cushioned and comfortable even on rough surfaces. 

In foggy or dark conditions, LED strips will keep your surroundings well-lit. You will have plenty of stopping power thanks to the powerful disc brakes. 

And best of all, the foldable frame and handlebars make it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Although it isn’t the best on this list for off-road riding (the Apollo Pro 52v will fare better for the more adventurous rider), the Zero 10 is ideal for fans of the Zero scooter line.

It’s also a good fit for someone who needs a smooth and safe commute without draining the battery on steep inclines. This type of riding style means the battery will last longer. 

GoTrax XR Elite Electric Scooter

Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter for heavy adults

Looking for a budget-friendly way to get around town? Look no further than the Elite Electric Scooter!

This sleek scooter offers many premium features, all for a bargain price. It can support riders of up to 220 lbs, making it perfect for just about anyone. 

The GoTrax XR Elite Electric Scooter is my top pick for the best electric scooter for heavy adults. It’s very stable, comfortable to ride, and has accommodating miles per charge (18.6 miles). 

The battery is removable, and an app lets you know how much charge the battery has left. This electric scooter is easy to fold up and down, so it’s easy to store when not in use.

It has all-terrain tires to handle whatever you throw at it and a motor that isn’t as powerful as others on the market but is still robust enough for regular commuters and recreational riders. 

With a wide range of settings from acceleration to speed, it’s ideal for beginners or anyone looking for an electric scooter that’s easy to use and comfortable for long rides. And because it’s built with comfort in mind, the XR Elite will leave riders feeling refreshed and ready to take on new adventures.

The wide 6-inch anti-slip platform and 8.5-inch tires deliver a balanced and comfortable ride, while the top speed of 25 km/h will get you where you need to go in a hurry. Remember that depending on rider weight, the top mileage might not be as accurate as advertised.

Buying Tips For Heavy Riders

guy charging scooter

You should remember a few things when shopping for an electric scooter for adults. These include the scooter’s weight capacity, charge length, and tires. Let’s explore these factors in more detail. 

  • Weight capacity: The best electric scooter for heavy adults should be able to support a maximum weight capacity of between 230 and 300 pounds. This is important because your bones lose calcium as you age and become more brittle, so your scooter should be able to support your weight without bending or wobbling when you ride it. 
  • Top Speed and acceleration: You don’t need to win any races, but a high top speed will provide sufficient acceleration to get you safely up a steep incline, off the road during an emergency, and out of high-traffic situations.
  • Length of charge: Riders with a heavier load will drain their power more quickly. Look for a battery with high watt-hours (Ah). The higher the number, the longer the battery will last.
  • Condition of tires: When it comes to the condition of the tires on an adult scooter, you should look for something durable. Look for pneumatic tires with wide wheels and grippy tires, so it doesn’t get stuck on uneven ground or slide around on slick surfaces.

A Breakdown Of The 6 Best Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults, 2022

To help you navigate the options, I’ve broken down the key features you should look for before you buy an electric scooter

keep your eyes on the road

Riding Style

Several different types of electric scooters are available today, including folding and standard electric scooters. 

If you plan on taking your scooter on short trips, a folding scooter might be a good fit. However, a standard electric scooter might be better if you want something that can handle longer rides

Weight and Size 

The size of the scooter is also important. Bigger scooters will be more comfortable for short rides. However, smaller scooters are easier to maneuver and better for people who plan to take their scooters on long rides. 


Several different types of batteries are available today, including lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Lead acid batteries have been around longer than lithium-ion batteries and are cheaper upfront, but they lose power over time. 

This means that they will not last as long as lithium-ion batteries. If you are looking for a long-lasting battery, a lithium-ion battery is a good choice. Nowadays, lithium batteries are preferred by manufacturers.

Newer Models 

Newer models are usually made of thick aluminum to ensure a sturdy ride, while integrated LED lights make it easier to see at night. They also have advanced safety features, such as automatic braking systems, so you’re less likely to fall off if you let go of the handlebar. 

After considering the above options, your choice will come down to these main points: 

  • If you want to go fast, check out models with high maximum speeds.
  • If you want to ride in style, opt for a stylish model with a comfortable seat. You also want to ensure it has reliable brakes and a smooth ride.
  • If you’re looking for an affordable option, go for an electric scooter that costs less than $500.

Thinking of Buying a New Electric Scooter?

Check out these electric scooter models!

GoTrax Apex15.5 mph15 mi32.1 lbs
GoTrax XR Elite15.5 mph18 mi31.88 lbs
GoTrax GXL V215.5 mph9-12 mi26.4 lbs
GoTrax G420 mph25 mi36 lbs
Hiboy S2 Pro19 mph25 mi33 lbs
The Kugoo M2 Pro20 mph18.6 mi34 lbs
Segway Ninebot ES418.6 mph28 mi30 lbs
Segway ES1 L12.4 mph12.4 mi24.9 lbs
Segway E4518.6 mph28 mi36.2 lbs

Final Word 

Electric scooters are an increasingly popular way to get around town, but they’re not for everyone. That’s because they can be dangerous if you don’t have the correct style and build for your body type.

An electric scooter is a great choice if you’re a heavier adult who commutes on public transportation or travels a lot. 

These machines are lightweight and portable and can be used by people of all ages. 

When deciding which one to buy, remember that the best electric scooter for heavy adults will have a sturdy and reliable design and be able to support a maximum weight between 250 and 300 pounds. 

The right scooter is built specifically for those who want to ride long distances and navigate difficult terrains like sidewalks, bike paths, parking lots, and even some off-road trails. 

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