Best Electric Scooter for Adults

In the last few years, electric scooter for adults have exploded in popularity given the fact that they provide another way to get from point A to point B while avoiding heavy traffic. This is why you typically see a lot of city dwellers riding electric scooters around. 

If you’re in the market for a scooter, you are probably wondering what is the best electric scooter for adults? With that said, not all adult electric scooters are created equal. If you’re looking for the best adult electric scooter on the market, you might find it difficult to make a decision. The scooter you choose needs to be sturdy and durable while also being portable and compact. Additionally, it should also be simple to ride and maintain while providing enough speed and range

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best adult electric scooters available to help you narrow down your search. Once you’re done reading this list, you should be able to purchase an electric scooter with confidence; knowing you’re going to be able to commute with ease while having fun at the same time.

Top 4 Best Adult Electric Scooters You Can Buy

1. EcoReco M5 Scooter (The Best Adult Electric Scooter)

We’re starting off with our pick for the best adult electric scooter on the market: the EcoReco M5. This scooter can easily be carried around, as its light frame is only 28.2 pounds. You’ll appreciate the three simplistic stages of folding: handlebar to the front bar and the stepping deck. 

Since the M5 is collapsible, it makes carrying on public transit or storing it in a car a breeze. The M5 also features a sleek LCD display showing the distance traveled, speed, and battery life. You’ll be able to change the speed with the throttle on the right hand. The scooter’s throttle only requires a simple pull and release for the desired speed. The left handlebar houses the brake.

You’ll never have to worry about a runaway scooter with its built-in safety features that only power the scooter when it is mounted and the rider starts pushing from the ground. The push helps the scooter’s mechanisms kick in to start rolling. If you’re looking for cargo space, they also offer accessories like the popular cargo trailer! The M5 also offers a 6-month battery warranty and a 2-year frame warranty. 

However, like most other scooters, the EcoReco M5 does not offer any head or tail lights. This may not be ideal if you plan on a lot of nighttime rides. It may feel heavy if you are not comfortable with carrying that amount of weight. Additionally, you’ll need to readjust a bit in order to properly read the LCD display as its positioning is not ideal. 

When all is said and done, the M5 is the superior choice in electric scooters. It offers users a comfortable ride while remaining extremely portable. Plus the powerful lithium-ion battery, DC motor, and high charge cycles are an added bonus. Ideal for folks who need a quick daily commute. 

2. Mercane WideWheel (Best Commuting Electric Scooter)

If you’re looking for performance, speed, style, and comfort, the Mercane WideWheel may be a great fit. It’s perfect for commuting and just having a good time on the street. The ultra-wide wheel design is a unique look that is sure to turn heads. The dual monitor system is intense, delivering 1000W.

WideWheel Adult Electric Scooter Features:

  • Single motor (500W) or dual motor (1000W)
  • Around 15-20 miles of range, depending on the motor you go with
  • 48V battery and 8.8 Ah (single motor) or 13.4 Ah (dual motor) 
  • Up to 25 mph
  • 45 lb (dual motor), 37.9 lb (single motor)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Can load up to 220 lb
  • Front and rear suspension
  • 8″ x 3.9″ airless tires

Just a single press of the throttle will take rides on a fun journey. This scooter can handle some difficult terrain with its powerful motor and wheels. The scooter is also able to carry someone that weighs up to 220 pounds. The 48V battery allows riders to travel around 20 miles on a single charge. Slight inclines should be no problem for the WideWheel.

While the 8 inch tires are able to handle some rough patches, large potholes should still be avoided. Steep hills and emergencies can be avoided with the mechanical rear disc brakes.. At only 37.5 lbs, the WideWheel is a foldable scooter that makes commuting easier. 

Unfortunately, when compared to its competitors, the WideWheels folding mechanism isn’t as straightforward. You’ll have to turn it roughly 5 or 6 times to be able to start the folding process. 

At least this minor inconvenience allows for some added peace of mind when riding, as it will not fold when moving. However, you may be frustrated when twisting the screw and fold at the same time. 

But it will become muscle memory in no time! The Mercane WideWheel is designed for comfort and practicality. It’s the perfect option for individuals who are patient enough to learn its folding mechanism.

Swagtron Swagger electric scooter for adults
Swagtron Swagger – World’s lightest electric scooter.

3. Swagtron Swagger (The Most Lightweight Electric Scooter)

Coming in at third place for a best electric and foldable scooter is the Swagtron Swagger. Its best feature is just how light the frame actually is – at only 17.26 pounds it can easily be carried one-handed. Even with its premium carbon fiber, the Swagtron is a steal of a price.

Swagtron Swagger Features:

  • 17.26 pounds
  • Hold up to 250 pounds
  • Recommended riders are between 4’3” and 6’6”. 
  • Foldable
  • Battery voltage power: 29.4 V 
  • 100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz 2A charging voltage
  • 15 mph max speed
  • 50-250 W motor
  • 1 and a half hours to fully charge
  • Size: 39.37” x 36.2” x 15.9” (unfolded) – 39” x 15.9” x 9.25” (folded)
  • 10% max slope
  • LED display with speedometer, odometer and simple battery management
  • Cruise control and speed control
  • Collapsible carbon fiber frame 

The Swagger is a great option for riders who are looking for a medium and compact scooter. Even better for riders who are on a budget! Be sure to avoid steep slopes, but the Swagtron is able to handle easy terrain. 

Compared to the M5, the Swagtron is bumpier since it does not have the same suspensions. It’s best to be careful and avoid difficult terrain. Assembly is simple, and it even includes an LED headlight for any nighttime riders. 

The throttle, handbrake and LCD display are located on the scooter’s handlebar. You’ll find 3 buttons by display for the power button along with the up-and-down button for changing gears. On the display you can see the gear you’re currently in along with the odometer, speed, time spent traveling, rotation speed, and other useful symbols.

This adult electric scooter from Swagtron allows its riders to shift between the 5 different gears speeds. Gears 1, 2, 3, and 5 correspond to the speed of 5 miles per hour, 7.5 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour, 12.5 miles per hour, and 15 miles per hour respectively. 

The motor can carry an average person easily on flat surfaces. You may have to use your feet to push from the ground if you encounter a steeper slope that the Swagtron cannot handle on its own. The Swagger’s smaller wheels are designed for smoother surfaces. It’s best to slow down when approaching rough terrain or potholes in the road as it lacks the suspensions to cushion the blow.

4. Razor E300 E-Scooter (Most Affordable Electric Scooter)

The fourth and final best electric scooter for adults is this battery powered and updated razor scooter. While the weight capacity is 220 lbs, it does not have the most powerful motor, making it usable for appropriately seized children. There is minimal assembly and then you just need to push the power button and rev the throttle to zoom through the streets! 

Razor E300 E-Scooter Features: 

  • 46 lbs
  • Up to 220 lbs
  • Recommended height for riders is between 4’2″ – 6’8″
  • Does not fold
  • Max speed of 15 mph
  • Hand operated rear disc brakes 
  • No suspension 
  • 250W motor
  • Charging Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz 2A
  • Lead acid rechargeable battery
  •  24V battery voltage 
  • 12 hours to charge
  • Max slope of 10%
  • Not recommended for flights
  • Backlit LED display, odometer, speedometer, and simple battery management
  • Cruise control and speed control
  • Durable tubular steel frame

The E-300 offers 10” pneumatic air tires with a decent grip and stability. The tires double as shock absorbers for any rough patches on the road. In comparison, this scooter is better at cushioning bumps than the Swagtron Swagger. There is a stepping deck that is high enough from the ground to avoid some other bumps.

The Razor E300 goes up to 15 mph and performs well with minor slopes and downhill. This scooter offers easy fun at a reasonable price – in fact, it’s the most affordable on this list! You’ll love the reliable frame and comfortable design. The wide pneumatic tires allow you to handle a wide variety of terrains with ease. Definitely a bang for your buck! 

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