Top 6 Best Lightweight & Portable Electric Scooters

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, in fact, when it comes to electric scooters I would argue there are more cases where a foldable & lightweight model would outperform a performance-focused model in terms of user experience.

Portable foldable models like the Xiaomi m365, Segway and TurboAnt X7 among others have far more users than faster more robust models like those from NanRobot or Zero & Turbowheel.
Because of this, we’ve done some extensive testing in order to find you the best, lightest and most portable models that money can buy. Well, we’ve also made sure they’re reasonably priced so don’t worry. 

These rides will be your perfect companion on your everyday commutes.

Best foldable lightweight electric scooter models

ModelMegawheels S10Glion DollyXiaomi m365 Gotrax GXL v2Razor E PrimeSegway ES Max
Net Weight(lbs)26.72826.9272141
Power(nominal watt)250250250250250350
BrakesElectrical Electrical + Foot Electric + Disc Electrical + DiscElectricalElectrical + Disc
Tire type8" Solid rear + Pneumatic front8" Solid 8.5" Pneumatic8.5" Pneumatic8" Solid10" Pneumatic
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1. Megawheels S10 – Powerful, portable and priceworthy electric scooter

Electric lightweight scooter fit perfectly in a standard car trunk

The new S10 from Megawheels is a stylish and powerful electric scooter that has all the necessities you want to find in a lightweight portable model.

At only 26.7lbs you get a bright and very good headlight, folding feature and a bright easy to use LED display. It allows you to check battery level, speed, headlight indicator and allows for switching between the scooters 3 different speed modes.

It comes with a 250W rear-mounted motor and a 7500mAh battery with a 4 hr recharge time. It can reach a top speed of up to 15.5 mph(25km/h) and you can expect a distance of about 9-12 miles on a single charge.

The motor is found in the rear wheel, this really improves the smoothness of braking and gives your tires a longer lifespan due to less slip when accelerating.

There are two different types of tires, in the front you find a pneumatic tire and in the rear(driving wheel) you find a solid rubber tire.

Luckily they’ve gone ahead and changed the horrible folding function that we saw on the Megawheels S5. It was robust but very hard to unlock. The new one does the job fast and easy.

The only thing I would have changed is to add a disc brake, or a footbrake just as an extra if the motor or battery were to fail. But an old school shoe to the ground will get you to slow down fast enough I guess.

The main reason we have the S10 as our winner in the lightweight electric scooter bracket is because of its price tag. Megawheels have managed to create a very priceworthy scooter that has a good amount of power and an appealing outer.

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2. Glion Dolly – Best last-mile solution for your commute

Glion Dolly
Glion Dolly
Weight: 28 lbs / Speed: 15 mph / Distance: 15 miles

The Glion Dolly is a reliable traveling companion for anyone who wants to combine it with other means of transportations like a bus, train or subway. Mainly thanks to its dolly feature that lets you drag it along with you without having to carry it. It’s also self-standing which is pretty neat in public crowded places. All in a package of 28lbs(12.7kg).

There are a few other models out there with this feature but none fit the lightweight category.

The Glion is equipped with the most standard motor size for the lightweight category which is a 250W hub motor. It can reach a top speed of 15mph(25kmh) and has a 7.8Ah battery that delivers a maximum distance of up to 15 miles. 

It has a super simple foot folding system that lets you just press the lever with your foot and it folds together into a neat package. A strong headlight enables night time riding and a front suspension removes a lot of the bumpiness that you otherwise experience with hard rubber tires.

A solid choice for anyone who wants to put some fun in their daily commute and make it a lot less stressful. Find our in-depth review here.

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3. Xiaomi m365 – The most sold lightweight electric scooter in the world

Feeling like a scratched vinyl record every time I mention the Xiaomi M365. But it is the most bought electric scooter in the world and that is for good reasons. 

The m365 is equipped with a powerful 250W front-mounted motor with excellent torque that can deliver a top speed of up to 15.5 mph(25Kmh). A powerful 7.8Ah battery is mounted in the footpad giving the scooter a well-balanced weight of 26.9lbs(12.2kg) and a maximum reach of 18.6 miles(30km).

It’s a very solid scooter and will fit most people’s commute needs. It has a robust and thin stem that fits nicely in your hand when carrying the scooter folded. The folding system is secure and probably the easiest one around to use. You get a good regenerative electric brake in combination with a rear disc brake that gives you plenty of braking power.

 Although it has some minor drawbacks such as the stem getting a bit loose after heavy use. These things are often just a simple 1-day delivery Amazon order away and they rarely cost more than a couple of dollars to fix. They can also be prevented by getting the addons we talk about in our comparison between m365 and the pro model.

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4. Gotrax GXL v2  – The cheapest portable model

Gotrax GXL V2
Weight: 27 lbs / Speed: 15.5 mph / Distance: 9-12 miles

Gotrax GXL v2 is the Gotrax flagship model and they continuously improve upon the concept. It has a 250W front-mounted hub motor that delivers a top speed of up to 15.5 mph(25kmh). The lithium battery on the Gotrax GXL is found in its stem making it front heavy but nothing that interferes with the riding experience. It’s a 5.2Ah battery of 36V and can deliver a maximum riding distance of around 9-12 miles(14-20km) per charge. The battery needs about 4 hours for a full recharge. 

The scooter has a slightly lower maximum user weight of 220lbs(100kg) compared to most others at 265lbs(120kg).

The scooter is easy to use and has features such as disc brake, regenerative braking, and a bright LCD display. All this leaves the scooter with a total weight of 27lbs(12.2kg). Folding is simple and just as the others on our list it snaps together with the rear fender giving it a much more stable folding position.

It is well worth its price and will be able to accommodate most shorter commutes without trouble.

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5. Razor E Prime – As light as it gets

The E-prime from Razor is one of the lightest electric scooters on the market that actually caters to adults. There is a downside though, by being so light it can actually only handles riders up to 176lbs(79kg).

It has a couple of led lights on its stem that shows you how much juice you got left and a regenerative electric brake but that’s about it when it comes to its features for the E-prime. Still, it’s fully foldable making it the lightest electric scooter on the list at 21lbs(9.5kg).

It comes with an 8” 250W rear-mounted hub motor that can propel you up to 15mph(23kmh). It has a 36v battery that is said to be enough to push you up to 7.5 miles on a single charge.

The two tires are 8-inch hard rubber tires that do well on flat surfaces but are less comfortable riding on when it comes to rougher terrain.

There isn’t a lot to say about the E-prime more than that it’s a small capable scooter with a matching price tag. The perfect choice for your kid’s daily commute to school.

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6. Segway ES Max – Best portable electric scooter for longer commutes

Segway Ninebot MAX
Weight: 42.1 lbs / Speed: 18.6 mph / Distance: 40 miles

The high performing ES Max from Segway is definitely not the lightest model around but compared to performance per pound this one has to make it to our list.

If you have greater distances you need cover in your daily commutes the Max will be your best buddy. This is a larger sized scooter than the above mentioned and it weighs in at 42.1lbs(19.1kg). 

It is equipped with 10” pneumatic self-sealing tires so that flats won’t be a part of your problem and has a big 350W rear hub motor that can go up to 18.6 mph. However, most of the extra weight is due to its large 15Ah battery. Put in perspective that’s twice as much power as the most powerful in our list above. Enough power to boost you up to 40 miles(65km) on a single charge. You will get a full charge within 6 hrs thanks to its fast-charge technology.

Apart from the above, the frame is very robust, it has a great headlight, mobile application and tons of other useful features. 

The scooter is also equipped with a front-mounted drum brake and regenerative braking making hasty stops no problem. You can read more about all of its features in our large comparing test.

It’s the perfect commute companion if you need to cover a lot of ground and don’t need to carry it up a large number of stairs.

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Why buy a lightweight electric scooter

There are many reasons to go for a more versatile lightweight scooter but I’ll keep it short and precise.

  1. Great for short to medium distances
  2. Portable so you can have it with you almost anywhere
  3. Simple to learn and use
  4. Priceworthy
  5. You don’t have to walk?
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Things to consider with lightweight electric scooters

If you’ve decided to get yourself a portable electric scooter there are a few things that you will want to consider before you hand over your money. Here I’ll go through the things that I feel are of most importance to think about prior to purchase.

First, you want to decide on the distance you need to travel on a single charge. Some scooters have the ability to extend their range with either an addon battery like some Segway electric scooters or have a spare battery like the TurboAnt x7. The later is a great feature if you want to keep the weight low while still being able to have a really good distance per charge. Especially if you only on rare occasions need to get a bit further.

folded scooter taken on a buss or train

Second, you want to decide on how much power you want. The really lightweight models usually have a 250W motor powering them and that works just fine for everyday use. But it does limit your ability to take on hills and you often get a lower top speed as well as acceleration. For me, acceleration is an important factor, even more so than the top speed. If a scooter doesn’t get me up to speed fast I get agitated as you will often decelerate and accelerate a lot while riding.

Also read: Travel mobility scooters – Best portable & lightweight options for travelers

Power also plays a big part in how much load the scooter can take. If you’re a young lightweight person 250W/300W isn’t that big of a difference, but as an adult that 50W increase does help a lot. You will find yourself helping out with a couple of kicks far more often on a 250W model. If you’re on the heavy side you want something more robust like these high-end models.

Third, it will be to decide on a good-sized budget so that you get what you need. There are a lot of electric scooter models available and it can be very overwhelming to a novice user to narrow it down to a favorite. Not only do many share the same design, yes I’m talking about the famous Xiaomi m365, who has far more than just a few look-alikes. That’s not a bad thing, actually its a pretty nice thing because that means there is an abundance of cheap third party spare parts available. It also tends to push the price down both for the original, but also its competitors.

Remember that even though a lot of them look just the same they might not have the same components. Some might come with a smaller or larger motor/battery. Especially the battery size can drive the price up as those are probably the most expensive part of the electric scooter. So make sure that you check each model’s specifics and don’t stare yourself blind on the price tag. Sometimes cheaper is better and sometimes expensive gets cheaper in the long run. Trust me, I’ve broken my fair share by now. If you would like a larger comparison between the best models available check out our top list.

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