Top Electric Scooter Deals Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022

The week we all have been waiting for all year. The day when most of our Christmas & Hanukkah shopping dreams come true, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here!

If you’re getting someone, or even better yourself an electric scooter this Christmas or Hanukkah. Then you don’t want to miss out on these hot electric scooter deals.

But how do you find the best price drops during the crazy shopping festival that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Well, at EnvyRide of course! We’ve scanned the internet and curated a list of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday electric scooter deals. Just so you don’t miss out on a bargain. I might be taking home one or two deals myself this weekend.

Here’s the simple deals list, you can read more in depth specifics and information to ease your choice below.

We will be here 24-hrs a day and update the list throughout these wonderful days of pure Christmas & Hanukkah shopping spirit. One of the frustrating things about Black Friday and Cyber Monday electric scooter deals is that you’ve got to be ready to buy as soon as you see a deal.  With the pandemic over and supplies in short order, if you find a deal — pounce on it before it’s too late.

You can always find more information and recommendations in our electric scooter review section.

Remember that many of the larger sites combine these two great shopping days into a weekend-frenzy where new deals are published every hour. Amazon is the largest platform for finding electric scooters right now and therefore you might want to check out their deals hub here.

Best Black Friday deals on Electric scooters 11/26/21

TurboAnt x7 – Most value(and speed) for your money

 E10We just came in from testing the Turboant x7 and I must say its 350w motor is far stronger than any other I’ve tested so far. It just pulls you away leaving skid marks on the ground. With a top speed of 19 mph and a distance of 15.5 miles per charge it provides a fantastic city ride experience. Top notch acceleration and hill climbing abilities, along with a removable battery so you can have an extra, or just take it with you and make the scooter less prone to theft while locked somewhere. Right now you can the Turboant X7 for its Black Friday special at $399, down marked from $599.

Turboant X7 Scooter Battery CompartmentGotrax GXL V2 – Best budget ride you can get

GoTrax GLX V2We have reviewed quite a lot of Gotrax scooters and nothing can come close to the Gotrax GXL V2 when it comes to what you get at this price. Not saying many haven’t tried and failed to deliver great value. But Gotrax really does. The GXL V2 gives you 8.5″ pneumatic tires for comfortable riding, a high 15.5 mph top speed, and about an 9-12 miles per charge.

You won’t find anything with as much value as the GXL V2 for $248. Period.

Segway – Black Friday deals on all Ninebot/Segway scooters

Segway Ninebot ScooterRight now Segway is having a great sale on many of their most popular scooters. Right now, for Black Friday, the ES2 is down 35% from $589.  Check out the ES2 price for Black Friday.

Including their latest addition to the line-up the Segway Max that has large 10″ self-sealant pneumatic tires, a top speed of 18.6 mph and a maximum riding distance of amazing 40.4 miles per charge.

All this makes for a sweet and comfortable long hauling scooter. However, sadly, it is not on sale for Black Friday.

PS, we loved the Max during our testing. Really great performance and the large tires are amazing.

Electric Scooter LED lightsAt the same time they are having deals on their popular ES4(ES2 + extra battery) for 35% off.  Check out the ES4 price here. The standard ES2 is also heavily discounted today (11/20/21) and their newly updated 2nd generation ES1L scooters has a hefty discount today as well.  Check out the ES1L price on Amazon.

We did a detailed review of the new Segway Zing E10 and why it is the best kids scooter.  That scooter is also on a big sale today.  Check out the Segway Ninebot Zing E10 price for black Friday.

You can see our detailed comparison between all their different models for a better idea on which might be a good fit for you.

All Segway Black Friday deals can be found on Amazon.

We have also linked to one of our other partners to show you their deals today.  Check out the Share a Sale Black Friday deals.

Fluidfreeride – Black Friday steal deals on premium scooters & Planting trees

Fluidfreeride will have not only some fantastic deals, combos and price drops during this years shopping festival.

No they will also do something good for locals around the world and our planet. For every deal sold they will plant 100 trees. One could only wish that this can inspire our youngsters that whining and crying won’t get you anywhere.

Fluidfreeride WidewheelFluidfreeride Widewheel – The impressive and popular

The Widewheel has as it says large wide wheels that provide great grip and comfort. It is equipped with 2 x 500w motors and a 13.4Ah battery that provides a  top speed of up to 25 mph and a maximum riding distance of 20+ miles. A lot of power and fun packed in a good and unique looking package for $899, down from $1,199.

Premium deals on premium scooters from Fluidfreeride

All their scooters are premium quality ones and all are on sale right now.

Whether you need a ride for your basic commute or you want something more serious and insane. Like the wolfs 5400w and 50 mph, or Mantis 40 mph and 45 miles. Fluidfreeride has deals on all their electric scooters right now, so this is the time to hit get yours.

Check all their deals here.

Let the bargain hunt begin. The doors to Black Friday has been opened and we are on the hunt for the greatest steals of the year.

Even though price drops are an important factor to take into account when buying. It’s not everything. Being too cheap might ruin Christmas for you or someone you love.

We don’t want Santa to disappoint someone this year, would we?

So make sure you read up on the performance of each electric scooter, better yet our reviews on them, before jumping the rope.

Best Cyber Monday deals on electric scooters 11/29/21

After the weekend passes its time for Cyber Monday, initially created for the online markets where Black Friday was more of a brick and mortar store promotion day.

Things quickly got out of hand and these days most stores smash both together into a crazy weekend of falling prices on everything you love, and that, of course, includes electric scooters.

Below we have created a list of all the greatest and best electric scooter deals that our robots and we have found while searching the internet like the Santa’s little helpers we are.

Not started yet

Everything just to make it a ton easier for you to find these deals and take one home before its too late. So even though you should do your research before pulling the plunge. Don’t wait for too long as the most bang for your buck models is quickly sold out. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for e-rides since back in 2015.

Good luck and happy hunting!

If you can’t decide, remember that we have a ton of different guides for buying electric rides.

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