Dongchuan electric scooters reviewed – Seated e-scooters for all sizes

The Dongchuan Electric scooter actually comes in 3 different models. These three models have some similarities but the thing that stands out the most is a different suspension system, motor power, max weight limit, and weight.

They created these models in order to aid people with a weight of up to 330 lbs in their daily commute.

So which of these models would fit your needs the best?

-Read the review of each of the Dongchuan models below and you will know exactly which one to pick.


Dongchuan electric scooter 350W & 330 lbs

This Dongchuan scooter needs a key to start, is operated with a twist-grip throttle for easy acceleration/deceleration. It has a well-padded seat that is very comfortable and the whole scooter, including the seat, folds together nice and tight. It fits in both small to medium-sized cars without any issues and it can handle an adult or teenager up to a maximum 330 lbs.

Apart from the seat, there are a lot of other functions that make the Dongchuan electric scooter provide you with a very comfortable and smooth ride. It has a front spring suspension system and 10” pneumatic tires that help reduce bumps even further.

You can ride it in both a standing and seated position by removing the seat structure altogether. Makes it take up less space and lowers the weight of the scooter a little.

It is equipped with two separate disk brakes one mounted in the front and one in the rear. A nice looking LCD-display is attached to the handle just by the throttle and it lets you check real-time data like speed, distance, and battery level on the fly.

The wide footpadThis somewhat large unit can travel at a speed of up to 21.5 mph and gives you a total distance of around 12-15 miles per charge. Then you’ll have to leave it plugged in for about 5-8 hrs before it’s ready for another go.

When riding you have a LED headlight mounted at the bottom of the handlebar which gives you excellent visibility at night and it is equipped with tail-lights to make you more visible from the back.

The braking system gives you good braking capabilities and the scooter provides its driver with the full package when it comes to comfort, even if you’re riding on gravel or dirt.


  • Speed up to 21.5 mph
  • A distance of up to 15 miles per charge
  • Hub motor 350W
  • Lithium-ion 36V 7.8Ah
  • Weight 50 lbs
  • 10” pneumatic tires
  • Full charge in 5-8h


  • Removable seat with adjustable height
  • Comfortable, well-padded seat
  • Front shock and 10” pneumatic tires reduce bumps
  • LED-display for easy real-time data reading

Dungchuan 350W & 265 lbs model

This one doesn’t take as much load as the heavy-duty unit mentioned above, but it still has the same kind of comfort. It uses hydraulic suspension in the front combined with the same seat which is adjustable in height from 16.5-23.6”.

It comes with the same powerful 350W hub motor that’ll take you around 12.5-15.5 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 14-15 mph. It has better acceleration and it provides you with the ability to tackle up to 15% slopes.

The motor is powered by a 36V 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery which once fully discharged takes approximately 3-6 hours to recharge.

This model comes equipped with a tad smaller wheels of 8”. The front tire is air-filled while the rear tire in which the motor is mounted is made out of solid rubber.

The seat can be removed so you can ride it in a standing position if you prefer to travel that way.

It has the same type of LCD-display providing you with real-time data on speed, distance, and battery level. The design isn’t as stylish as the more expensive 330 lbs version above but it does get to tacky.

The braking system consists of a rear drum brake which is easy to adjust if it gets too sloppy, which can be the case after a few miles of riding it the first time.

Overall I think this scooter would be the perfect fit for a teenage boy or younger adult who wants to get around campus easily. A solid choice if you’re looking for something a bit more sturdy.


  • Speed up to 15 mph
  • A distance of up to 15.5 miles per charge
  • Hub motor 350W
  • Lithium-ion 36V 7.8Ah
  • Weight 45 lbs
  • 8” pneumatic front + solid rubber rear tires
  • Full charge in 3-6h


  • Removable cushioned seat
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Adjustable in height
  • Key start/lock
  • High weight limit
  • Bright LED-headlight

Dongchuan 180W & 220 lbs model

The smallest of the Dongchuan electric scooters is the 180W model that can carry anyone up to a total of 220 lbs. The smaller hub motor of 180W has a lower weight and can be powered by a smaller battery of 24V 5.2Ah which reduces the weight of the scooter even further.

With this setup, you’ll be able to ride at a top speed of 9.3 mph and you get approximately 10 miles out of a fully charged battery.

This gives you a much lighter model that still has a comfortable seat, even if its less padded. The ride itself is a bit bumpier and I do not recommend you to take it off-road because the solid 6.5” tires won’t be able to handle it.

You get a front shock, and a rear shock mounted under the board that both helps reduce some of the bumps. The seat does provide some additional bump reduction for your bum. However, not close to the comfort of those other two models.

Younger adults/teenagers which are lighter in weight will have a far better riding experience on this scooter than heavier users would.

The stripped down body gives this model a total weight of 37 lbs which is much lighter. If you’re not in it for the increased comfort I’d recommend you to have a look at the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter. It has a bit better overall performance and it weighs less. A bit more power for your money in the same price-range.

You get the same drum brake system as on the 350W/265lbs model which does a good job at getting the scooter to stop in time.

Everything from the handlebar to the seat is adjustable in height so that you can find the most comfortable position for your riding. It comes with a small storage bag in which you can store small accessories like the assembly tools and perhaps a phone or two.

It has a small LCD-display that shows you the battery level with 3 lights and a front headlight for increased visibility.


  • Speed up to 9.3 mph
  • A distance of up to 10 miles per charge
  • Hub motor 180W
  • Lithium-ion 24V 5.2Ah
  • Weight 37 lbs
  • 6.5” solid rubber rear tires
  • Full charge in 3-5h


  • A removable cushioned seat
  • Double suspension system
  • Headlight and brake light for increased visibility
  • Footpads to place your feet while in a seated position
  • Fully folded from seat to handlebar
  • Lightweight in comparison to the other Dongchuan scooters

Who is it for

Within the Dongchuan electric scooter lineup, there is a scooter to suit almost every user. From teenagers to older people looking for a new way to get from A to B.

The distance and top speed isn’t anything extraordinary but they do have their benefits. They are comfortable, easy to use and does the job of taking you where you need to go well.

I would recommend the 330lbs/350W model to heavy-duty users and adults first and foremost as it provides a very comfortable and durable scooter, at the cost of weight.

The second model 265lbs/350W I would highly recommend for those daily commuters looking for a simple, secure and very comfortable way to commute. It is a bit lighter in weight and still provides you with a smooth ride.

The last scooter, the 220lbs/180W I’d recommend to kids, teenagers and younger adults. It’s by far no monster ride, but the shock reduction is by far the best I’ve tested on a 6.5” scooter. And having a removable seat really has its benefits.

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