Electric Bike Locks & Electric Scooter Locks & How to Use Them

Electric scooter locks are, unfortunately, a must in the urban environment. Anything that looks relatively useful or fun tends to disappear quickly as those who like to steal take advantage of any opportunity they can to add to their belongings at someone else’s expense. As a result, anyone with an electric scooter in working condition is also going to have to invest in some basic security tools to keep it in place when not standing right next to the vehicle. The electric scooter lock that makes the most sense tends to be the same for bikes and motorcycles. Locks for electric scooter security include:

And simply using a lock on an extended part of a scooter is not enough. The lock needs to be substantial enough that it makes trying to steal the electric scooter or parts of absolutely a pain in the rear and not worth the trouble. Otherwise, even aftermarket thieves will strip a scooter down for anything they can disconnect if the parts can be resold for spares. That means just locking a wheel is a bad idea. The frame and wheel of the scooter needs to be locked so the thief doesn’t have much reward for a lot of effort.

Choosing the Right Type of Lock

A lot depends on what you have to carry the lock with. U-locks are particularly easy as they can fit right over the neck of the scooter when not in use. Chains are more substantial but they are heavy and a beast to carry. Cables are the lightest but they are also the easiest to overcome with cable-cutters. And yes, opportunistic thieves do drive around with cable-cutters, believe it or not. Choosing the right lock is a bit of a balance on how you will carry it, the neighborhood reputation for where you will drive the scooter, and how long you will leave the scooter on its own. The longer and tougher the locale, the stronger a lock you need.

How to Lock Electric Scooters

Electric Scooter Lock

Again, just locking a single part of your scooter is a bad idea. If you just lock the front wheel, you may find nothing left but the front wheel when you return. At a minimum, the lock you choose should be enough to secure the front wheel and frame to a solid object that won’t move. The point is to make things difficult.

The Best Electric Scooter Lock: Memory or Key?

The choice of a combination lock or a key really depends on which you’re more comfortable with. If you trust your memory well, a combination lock is very good and works fine, until you forget your combo. A key is ideal and can be carried with other keys, but it can also get lost if you misplace it or your bag or jacket get lost. There is no perfect solution; pick what works for you and stick with the same consistently.

5 Lock for Electric Scooter Choices that Really Make Sense to Use

Here are handful of scooter locks that really work well, were designed for big city use, and hold up under extreme testing:

The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain Lock
New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 – Kryptonite lock

The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain Lock

This is our pick for the best electric scooter lock. Designed for the streets of New York and Chicago, this chain style lock is robust and won’t be easy to cut through, even if one has the time to work on it seriously. The chain uses hardened steel and the lock is a brute to break. The downside of this choice, however, is that the chain can be bulky to carry, even when strapped to your scooter. Another downsid is that it’s the most expensive on our list. However, my father always told me, you (generally) always get what you pay for! The weight of this lock for electric scooter is substantial, which is the trade-off for the protection. See it on Amazon .

The Sportneer 5-Digit Combo Lock
Sportneer 5-digit Combination Chain Cable

The Sportneer 5-Digit Combo Lock

Designed for those who don’t want to carry a key, the Sportneer can be reprogrammed, uses a cable design, and works for lightweight security needs. Unfortunately, the outer cover is material and will become a sopping mess in the wet season. The cable is supposed to be cut-resistant, which means it will last a bit longer than normal to cable cutters, at least enough to be good prevention. See it on Amazon.

The Sigtuna Heavy Duty Bike Lock
Sigtuna Bike Lock Guide

The Sigtuna Heavy Duty Bike Lock

Call it a U-lock or a D-lock, the basic principle is the same. The Sigtuna provides a loop that connects to a locking bar and the related steel is hardened and thick. It will be enough to go through a wheel and a front frame neck or fork as well. The D shape gives a user a bit more room to work with than a standard, slimmer U-lock as well. See it on Amazon.

The Via Velo Heavy Duty U-Lock
Via Velo U Lock with Cable

The Via Velo Heavy Duty U-Lock

Alternatively, a standard U-lock can work fine too, especially if you want the key option. Because the lock is PVC-covered, it holds up well in wet weather and won’t corrode, a known problem with steel chain locks. U-locks are at their weakest, however, at the lock junction, which can be snapped with a hefty yank via a crowbar. See it on Amazon.

The Titanker Combo Bike Lock
Titanker 4-Feet Combination Bike Lock Cable

The Titanker Combo Bike Lock

This beaut is a hefty six feet in length, which gives a user far more wrapping ability to secure a scooter. It uses a cable design wrapped in PVC, and there’s no key to fiddle with or prevent from losing. A couple of wraps of this lock will make sure a scooter won’t go anywhere until the cable cutter from hell arrives. Those instances are indeed rare. See it on Amazon.

Got an electric scooter? Great! Now make sure it doesn’t disappear by getting a good security lock for it as well, especially if you live in the city.

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