Want the Best Electric Scooter for Kids? We Choose Our Favorites for Kids of Every Age  

There are tons of scooters on the market. In this article, we will explore the best electric scooter for kids of every age! Scooters are fun, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Kids can ride them to and from school or use them for local adventures around the neighborhood. Over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in kids’ electric scooter models, and today, millions of kids are using them.

The best electric kick scooter for kids should provide safety, convenience, reliability, and adventure. 

A proper braking system, powerful battery capacity, long-range, security features, and motor power are also great features for a kid’s scooter.

Let’s explore the world of kids’ electric scooters of all ages and highlight the best.

Best Electric Scooter for Kids (Kids 6 and Under) 

Adventurous kids below the recommended age of six are lucky to have some electric scooters they can use to explore. The best electric scooter options for kids below six years include the following.

GoTrax GKS

GKS for kids


The GoTrax GKS introduces a new style and vibe for kids aged six years and below. In addition, its features scream convenience and reliability. It features a compact 25.2V battery and a 150 Watt electronic motor, ensuring your kids have ample entertainment time. 

The scooter’s speed can be locked, enabling one to regulate kids’ maximum speed as they have fun. Additionally, the tires are fitted with rubber, absorbing vibrations and allowing the GoTrax GKS to glide seamlessly on cement, rough or paved roads.

  • Has a Safe Start Technology: The safe start technology requires both feet to be securely placed on the deck before the motor engages. The placement ensures a child under six is in a good position before driving off.
  • It Has a Lightweight Frame: A lightweight frame ensures that kids can easily carry the scooter along, load them into cars, or carry them upstairs. It is considered the lightest electric scooter for kids as it only weighs 17lbs.e
  • It Has an Incredible Color Combination and Dynamic Lights: The impeccable lights and color combination arouses the kid’s enthusiasm and style.
  • The battery takes a lot of time to charge and does not last long enough as one would wish.

Other Electric Scooters for Kids 6 and Under

Below are some scooters you can consider for your kids.

Razor e100

Electric Scooter for kids e100

Razor e100 introduces a whole new style for kids! With a design purposely configured to help kids under six years enjoy their first motorized scooter.

The Razor e100 electric scooter is the best choice if your child enjoys speed. It comes with a creative hand-operated throttle, brake controls, and 100-watt motor to ensure young riders have a thrill of speed and simply enjoy it. It is also light compared to its counterpart, the Razor RX200, which is 16 pounds heavier.

Best Electric Scooter for Kids (7-12 Year-Olds) 

Do you want to know the best gift to give your child (7-12 years)? Of course, a scooter is the best gift for them. Let’s look at some options that they will love.

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing e10

Zing E10 for kids


Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing e10 delivers for kids between 7-12 years old. The convenience and reliability the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing e10 offers carry the day even better than the Zing e8. It has a high-performance three-safety braking system, which includes a handbrake system with an EBS energy recovery brake, hand brake, and a rear fender brake. All these brakes offer extra safety preventive measures for your kids. Additionally, they increase the scooter’s stability and ease its control for beginners.

The cruise mode lets kids focus more on fun without worrying about the throttle. The thermoplastic rubber handle ensures kids have a grip while riding the scooter. Additionally, it offers massive anti- skid traction, giving even kids with very slippery hands a firm grip.

The range is an important consideration when buying electric scooters for kids. Fortunately, the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing e10 has a range of 6.2 miles, allowing kids to explore the neighborhood sufficiently.

  • Brake Performance: Safety is paramount in any motor-driven vehicle, and this scooter has established a reliable and efficient braking system.
  • The Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing e10 boasts three independent brakes. A regenerative brake, handbrake, and foot brake, thus allowing your kid to choose the best braking system that works for them.
  • An Integrated Battery Design: Featuring a slimmer and compact design, the battery pack is on the footpad and gives enough power. Its 150 W battery power ensures reliability and up to 40 minutes for kids to explore their adventures.
  • The scooter lacks headlights which limit its use to only in the daytime. This is disappointing if you want to have fun with your child late in the day. 

Other Scooters to Consider for Kids 7 to 12 Years Old

These are other scooters best for kids between 7 to 12 years.

GoTrax G2 


The GoTrax G2 is one of the best options for kids between 7- 12 years currently available in the market. Its fair market price is an addition. Features are perfect for beginners.

Its lightness and thinness are among the favorite features kids love about it. It features a light, elegant, casual deck, giving it a distinctive design and look. The deck has ample space for the kids to stand on and enhances a powerful grip that prevents the kids from sliding.

GoTrax Vibe 

Gotrax Vibes

If you’re looking for a sleek and light electric scooter for kids aged 7-12, then the Go Trax Vibe may be the option.

The GoTrax Vibe offers a powerful 200W motor, enabling it to reach 12MPH easily. It also has an upgraded LED headlight allowing the kids to explore adventures at night. Furthermore, it is a foldable electric scooter and is very portable.

Best Electric Scooter for Teenagers (13+)

Below are the best scooters for your teenagers:

GoTrax GXL V2

Electric Scooter for kids

Specs (Speed, range, weight) 

Be the coolest teenager in the hood with the GoTrax GXL V2. The Go Traz GXL V2 offers a reliable and exciting ride. It is perfect for kids ages 13 years and above who want an all-around super fun scooter. It might be costly, but the kids can get around quickly and comfortably.

The GoTrax GXL V2 features excellent quality and extensive battery power to allow you to explore adventures without fear of a power crisis. It comes with a powerful 250W front motor that enables your kid to reach a speed of 15.5MPH. In addition, it has 8.5 air-filled tires, perfect for bumpy roads.

  • It Has a Portable Design: The GoTrax is designed to be portable. It can easily be picked up, moved around, and into spaces the teenager might need.
  • It Has a Long-Lasting Battery
  • On a single charge, the GoTrax GXL V3 range is 12 miles. 
  • The height of the GoTrax GXL V2 is not adjustable; hence it cannot be used by kids in case you have younger kids with whom you want to share the scooter with their teen sibling.

Other Scooters to Consider for Teenagers, 13 Years Old+

For teenagers, here are some other scooter options to consider.

Segway Ninebot ES1L 

Electric Scooter for kids

The Segway Ninebot ES1L is a preference for young riders looking for speed, dopamine, and adrenaline rush. It’s a good option, but one must sacrifice to part with more cash than the less pricey options.

Unique features include:

Segway Ninebot ES1L has an integrated body manufactured with Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The delicate aluminum powder improves the anti-corrosion ability and ensures the surface texture is smooth when touched.

It also incorporates a superior and innovative technology that equips a custom high-end brushless and hapless motor that ensures power saving and increases the electric scooter’s life.

Razor e300

Electric Scooter for kids

The Razor e300 is a decent model and will get the basics done. However, it has a long way to go before it ranks in the same class as other models, such as Ninebot ES1l, which has superior quality but outperforms the Razor e125 electric scooter.

The Razor e300 electric scooter features a super-sized deck, single-speed, chain-driven motor, and speeds up to 15mphs.

Best Electric Scooter With Seat for Kids 

Want an authentic styled electric scooter for your kids? Then you should probably consider a seated electric scooter. Your kids will love and enjoy riding them. They’re more comfortable to ride than a regular electric kick scooter.

Below are some options for the best electric scooter with seats for kids you may want to consider.

Razor Pocket Mod

Electric Scooter for kids


Explore the city-style with the Razor Pocket mod specifically designed with a seat. This kids scooter has a design that was an inspiration from the classic euro scooter.

The Razor model comes with uncompromised quality, guaranteeing you a quality, safe and dependent ride. Some of its features include the following.

It has a single battery that can reach speeds of up to 15mph on a single charge. Seats have pads, thus increasing the comfort for your child. Under the seats, there is a secret compartment where kids can put their essentials, such as notepads, water bottles, or wallets.

This kids scooter has 305 mm spooked wheels with pneumatic tires that give a smooth ride. Also, a dual kickstand and hand-operated break give a fantastic ride for your kids.

  • Fantastic riding experience for young riders with top-notch comfort
  • Batteries are easily replaced when required.
  • Easy to assemble all parts, the process takes around 20 minutes, and your children can start their adventures.
  • There have been instances of dried-out batteries upon delivery.

Other Kids Electric Scooters With Seats to Consider

Below are some scooters with seats you may also consider:

Maxtra E120 Electric Scooter With Seat 

Electric Scooter for kids

The Maxtra E120 simply shouts exquisiteness! It is one of the best electric scooters on the market, with a removable seat and adjustable handlebar for kids. With the Maxtra E120, kids are spoiled for whether to ride while sitting or standing.

In addition, kids can enjoy long battery life that provides up to 60 minutes on a single battery charge.

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Kids 

As a parent, you may worry that an electric kick scooter will not accommodate your child’s weight. Read on to explore some options best suited for heavy kids.

Swagtron Swagger 5 

Electric Scooter for kids


The Swagtron Swagger 5 is all about inclusivity. It considers kids weighing more and can accommodate up to 320 lbs!

It has a punchy acceleration and an 18 mph maximum speed, giving heavy kids the thrill they crave. It also has a built-in LED information display that allows the rider to see important ride statistics like speed and battery life remaining.

The Swagtron Swagger 5 has a rear wheel brake and an electronic brake on the front wheel which enhances the scooter’s energy and efficiency.

  • The brake lever feels cheap and tends to drag when you pull down on it.

Best Blue Electric Scooter for Kids

So, your kid wants an electric scooter. But, not just any scooter. If your kids are like mine, they are very specific about what they want. So, if your child wants a blue electric scooter, here’s our pick for the best blue electric scooter for kids.

GoTrax Vibe

Electric Scooter for kids


The GoTrax vibe is a small and sleek electric scooter suited for younger kids. It has an LED headlight, where a kid just needs to press the power button twice to power it on. With a 200W motor, The GoTrax Vibe boasts a top speed of 12mph, enabling kidsto reach seven miles on a single charge. This is a folding electric scooter, making it easier to fold and store in school.

  • Features an electronic Anti-lock brake system that helps achieve safe braking.
  • Very durable and sturdy electric scooter
  • Perfect speed for teenagers
  • The battery runs out after short use.

Best Pink Electric Scooter for Kids

Most electric scooters come in one color. However, some come in a couple of colors. If you are looking for the best pink electric scooter, this is our best pick!

Hiboy NEX 

Hiboy NEX pink


The Hiboy NEX pink electric scooter wows many kids that are 8-15 years old. It is a foldable electric scooter and hence easily portable. 

Your kids will enjoy a maximum speed of up to 9 mph giving them thrilling speed but at an acceptable price. This Hiboy Nex model has dual brakes and 6.5-inch tires that facilitate top-notch ride quality.

It boasts a long-range battery that can go up to 12 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, it’s paired with a 150W brushless motor for stable and reliable power.

Also, Hiboy as a brand produces really high-quality scooters. They have a nice fit and finish and use materials that you typically see on more expensive scooter models.

  • A smart LED display indicates battery capacity and speed on the dashboard.
  • Has a charging time of between 4 to 6 hours.
  • The Hiboy NEX is not the cheapest pink scooter available on the market. But, in our opinion, it’s worth the price.

Thinking of buying a kids electric scooter?

There are a ton of other scooters on the market. Check out some of the other popular models.

Razor Electric Scooter T2515.5 mph18 mi27 lbs
GoTrax Apex15.5 mph15 mi32.1 lbs
GoTrax XR Elite15.5 mph18 mi31.88 lbs
GoTrax GXL V215.5 mph9-12 mi 26.4 lbs
GoTrax G420 mph25 mi36 lbs
Hiboy S2 Pro19 mph25 mi 33 lbs
The Kugoo M2 Pro20 mph18.6 mi34 lbs
Segway Ninebot ES418.6 mph28 mi30 lbs
Segway ES1 L12.4 mph12.4 mi24.9 lbs
Segway E4518.6 mph28 mi36.2 lbs
Segway Ninebot E2212.4 mph13.7 mi29.8 lbs

How to choose the right scooter for your kids?

Knowing the right factors to consider when choosing the right scooter for your kids is paramount. You need to get the elements right to ensure safety, reliability, economic value, and satisfy your kid’s adventurous side.

Age of your child

When choosing a scooter, take into account the age of your kids. The older your child is, the more capable of a scooter they need. In addition, the size of the scooter ensures the scooter can accommodate the kid’s weight and minimize accidents.

Speed – How Fast Do You Want Them to Go?

Your kid probably wants to roll out in style as he showcases his electric scooter; the excitement may make them want to go faster than their capacity allows.

However, most electric scooters for kids top out at an average of 10 miles an hour. The controlled maximum speed ensures the safety of your kids as they are having fun.


How will your kids use the scooter? Tooling around the neighborhood, or will they commute a couple of miles to and from school?It would be disappointing to take your electric scooter for a ride, which dies on you midway through your errands.

The range of electric scooters varies with different models; some suit long distances, such as commuting a couple of miles to and from school. Other models are used to tool around the neighborhood and explore local adventures.

Weight – Do They Have to Carry It? The average weight of kids’ electric scooters ranges from 15 – 30 pounds. Models such as Xiaomi m365, Gotrax Vibe, and Gotrax gas electric scooter are very portable. Light models are a true gem since kids can carry them around.

Waterproof – IPX Rating? 

Most models have a waterproof certification that protects against splashes. This means your kids can ride home from school with moderate rainfall. If you live in a wet climate, you definitely need to ensure that you check out the IPX rating of the scooter you consider.


Does It Need to Be a Specific Color? Scooters come in various colors; white and black are the most popular option. However, there are blue scooters, pink, yellow, white, and even purple. You just need to look around a bit more! 

Braking: Hand Brake or Foot Brake?

hand brake

Handbrakes are more convenient for experienced riders who can easily control the scooter while braking. While on the other hand, a footbrake suit kids just beginning to learn how to ride electric scooters.

Safety Tips for Kids Riding an Electric Scooter

Here are some tips to keep you and your kids safe when riding electric scooters.

Learn Hand Signals

  • Left turn – Extend left arm straight out in the direction of the turn, horizontally.
  • Right turn – riders arm to point in the direction of the intended turn
  • Slowing down- extend right arm horizontally with palm facing down and move the arm upwards and downwards.
  • Overtaking -Extend your right arm below shoulder level, with the arm facing forwards, and moving the arm forwards and backward

Wear a Helmet

responsible scooter rider

Your kids must, at all times, wear a helmet when riding. They may not like it, but helmets significantly reduce the number of critical injuries a kid may sustain during an accident. Check out this article where the CDC makes a strong case for scooter riders to wear a helmet.

What a Landmark Scooter Safety Study Says About Head Injuries

Before using the helmet, make sure it fits your child’s head. Parents should also ensure that the helmet is above the kid’s eyebrow to avoid blocking their line of sight.

Add LED Lights

Most electric scooter companies do not incorporate LED lights with scooters for kids. You should install them on your kid’s scooter.

An LED light will improve the rider’s visibility and make the scooter more visible to other motorists, increasing safety, especially at night.

Add a Scooter Bell


Scooter bells may be small, but they can play a huge part in ensuring the safety of your kids. When riding and approaching pedestrians, it’s more effective for kids to ring the scooter bell to avoid an accident than use their voice.

To attach the scooter bell to the electric scooter, use a silicone strap and secure it around the handlebar.

Understand Electric Scooter Laws

  • Many countries require electric scooter riders to wear helmets. Your kid should wear one regardless of what the law says.
  • In most countries, there is no form of operating license or registration required.
  • In most states, electric scooters are not subject to taxation or parking charges and can be carried on public transportation.
  • Electric scooters in the US are allowed in bicycle lanes as long as they maintain a speed limit of 25 mph.

Final Thoughts About Choosing the Right Electric Scooter for Kids

The right kid’s scooter depends on several factors. First, the parent must collaborate with their kids to establish which model fully meets their expectations and needs for how they will use the scooter. The determinants include the kid’s age, range, price, weight, colors, and braking system fitted in electric models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions people ask about electric scooters for kids.

How much is an electric scooter for kids?

Electric scooters for kids cost from $150 to around $800. Just like an adult scooter, as parents, you have several options.

What is the best electric scooter for kids? 

The Razor E100 carries the day with its in-built design, cost, and availability in the market. It will give your child riding thrills but within a reasonable limit.

How do you teach a kid to ride an electric scooter?

Safety is the priority when teaching your kid how to ride an electric scooter. Ensure they are wearing electric helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.

As you begin, show them hold the hand-break. Then let your kid place one foot on the deck, the other one on the ground, and kick start. Remember to be calm and patient as you teach them, which will boost their confidence.

How long do kid’s electric scooters last?

A standard electric scooter lasts an average of 3-5 years, though this may fluctuate with how often the electronic scooter is used. Battery life, too, may last for about 300 – 500 charging cycles.

The lifespan can increase through proper battery maintenance, lubrication, storage, and cleaning.

Is an electric scooter safe for a six-year-old?

Some models are safe for six-year-olds to ride electric scooters, such as the Razor e100. However, their design makes them perfectly suitable for beginners. Furthermore, a 6-year-old can quickly master the art of riding a scooter.

They are good to go when all safety precautions are in place, such as a braking system, bells, and helmets.

What age is an electric scooter suitable for?

From the age of three, a child can ride a scooter. However, it’s mostly safe for older kids around six because they can handle and control the scooter but not the wheel electric scooter.

Can you ride the electric scooter when the battery runs out?

If an electric scooter runs out of battery, you cannot continue riding it manually.

Are electric scooters safe in the rain?

It depends if they have water resistance features. If fitted with these features, it’s safe to use them in moderate rain.

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