The GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter for Adults: A Detailed Review


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If you are looking for an outstanding electric scooter for recreation purposes, commuting purposes, or simply as a source of entertainment, then you may have heard about the GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter, which has become one of the most popular electric scooters on the market today. Is this market right for you? In this guide, we are going to take a look at the specifications, highlights, benefits, and drawbacks of this widespread electric scooter. 

GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter Overview

This new addition from GoTrax has already become one of the most popular electric scooters around. With a speed that rivals some of the best scooters in the class along with additional security features, just about every aspect of this outstanding scooter hits the mark. Who should purchase the scooter and what are some of the benefits and drawbacks? 

Who Should Buy the GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter?

In general, this is a solid electric scooter for those who are relatively new to the market. This is a solid, durable, safe entry-level electric scooter. While it may not be great for anyone who is looking to complete races or take their electric scooter off-road, this is a great scooter for those who are considering commuting with an electric scooter for adults. It also has advanced safety features, making it even better for those who are still a bit new to riding an electric scooter. 

GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter Specs

Some of these specifications to notes about the GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter include:

  • A top speed of around 20.0 miles per hour 
  • Weighs about 36 lb 
  • Has as a standing water resistance 
  • As a long range electric scooter, the manufacturer says it will travel somewhere between 14 and 15 miles on a single charge, depending on speed and elevation changes 
  • It can hold a rider who weighs up to 220 lb 

What are some of the other features of this electric adult scooter that people should note?



GoTrax GMax Ultra25 mph45.0 mi36 lbs
GoTrax XR Elite15.5 mph18 mi31.88 lbs
GoTrax GXL V215.5 mph9-12 mi26.4 lbs
GoTrax GXL15.5 mph12.5 mi26.5 lbs
GoTrax G420 mph25 mi36 lbs
Razor Electric Scooter T2515.5 mph18 mi27 lbs

Features of the GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter

Some of the main features of this electric scooter adult include:


When compared to prior models, the deck of this scooter has gotten a little bit smaller. It is about 1.5 in shorter. On the other hand, it does still provide plenty of standing room. The deck is made out of a strong, durable, comfortable rubber material. It is about 18 in long and about 7 inches wide.

Also, the deck stands just over four inches off the ground. It has a simple, straightforward design that has a textured brand name along the center. The added texture on the deck is important because it improves your grip and traction as you use the scooter. Therefore, it should be relatively easy for you to maintain your balance as you ride the scooter from place to place. 


The handlebars are comfortable, ergonomic, and positioned at a great height. Even though they are adjustable to a certain extent, they are not foldable, which makes the scooter a bit harder to transport. There is a bright light positioned in the middle of the handlebars, which is an important safety feature. The handlebars are also durable and will stand up to routine use, even in the elements.

GoTrax has also changed the grip itself.  It’s made of these little raised dots and, yes this sounds silly, but it feels nice on your hands.  Another cool little feature, there is a hook to hang your bags.  It’s got a “door” that works like a carabiner.  This is nice because if you have a bag on the hook and you hit a bump, the bag won’t fall off. Other GoTrax scooters, like the XR Elite and the very popular GXL V2 only have a hook for your stuff.

Tires and Brakes

The tires have undergone a significant upgrade with this model. With 10.0-inch inner tube pneumatic tires, the scooter will handle exceptionally well even on poor road conditions. Therefore, the comfortability of the ride has gotten significantly more comfortable. Even though there is a risk of suffering a flat tire, the tires are pre-slimmed. This means that you are less likely to experience severe issues with punctures. There is an inner lining that will keep the tires sealed. 

Even though the brakes work well, they could be better. There are a rear disc brake and a 36-pound weight. Therefore, it does need some brake adjustment in order to stop effectively. If you are riding the scooter at about 15 miles an hour and slam on the brakes, it will take about 20 feet to come to a full stop. Even though there is both an electronic and disc brake, they are both activated by a hand lever. There is no additional drum that would otherwise bring the scooter to a stop more quickly. 


Overall, this electric scooter has outstanding lighting features. It has a bright headlight that is mounted on the handlebar in addition to a taillight that is mounted on the fender. When you hit the brakes, the tail light will start the blank, getting the attention of everyone in the area. This is one of the biggest upgrades over previous models of electric scooters. 

In addition, the scooter also comes with six separate reflectors. There are reflectors located on either side of the wheels in addition to reflectors located on the front and back of the scooter. The additional lights and reflectors have made the GoTrax G4 scooter one of the safest electric scooters on the market. 

Portability and Weight

Overall, the GoTrax G4 electric scooter is one of the most portable options on the market. Arguably the best electric scooter for commuting, the G4 features compact dimensions. It measures about 42 inches long by 19 inches wide. When the scooter is folded, it measures about 20 inches tall. Furthermore, it is also exceptionally easy to fold quickly. Because the scooter only weighs 36 pounds, it is relatively easy to transport. The only downside is that the handlebars do not fold. On the other hand, if you need to fold up the scooter quickly and place it in the trunk, or carry it up a flight of stairs, you can get the job done relatively easily. 

The Quality of Construction

Overall, this electric scooter has gotten a significant upgrade when it comes to quality and durability. The battery has one of the largest capacities of any scooter that retails for less than $500. There is also exceptional cabling, allowing it to run down the deck without being exposed to the elements, which could shorten its life. 

Furthermore, the scooter also comes with exceptional tires. Even though it is true that there is a risk of getting flat, the tires have been reinforced significantly. This means that even if you puncture the tires, they will not go flat immediately and they are relatively easy to repair.

The kickstand is also exceptionally strong. You do not have to worry about the kickstand breaking or snapping off. That way, you also don’t have to worry about your scooter falling over, which would otherwise damage it.

One issue that this electric scooter is that the digital lock only works on the scooter is actually turned on.

Charging Outlet and Charging Time

The battery capacity is about 374 Wh and will charge in around four hours. The battery charging outlet is the same as prior models, featuring a 42 V and 2 A charger that comes with the scooter. Look for the light on the charging block when you first plug the block into the wall. Then, the scooter should begin charging. Depending on the age of the scooter, the age of the charger, and the exact outlet, expect the battery to be fully charged again in about 4 hours.

The Warranty

If you purchase your scooter from a place that provides you with the manufacturer’s warranty, the scooter features a 90-day limited warranty and a return policy of 30 days. If you need to reach out for assistance from the customer service team, they are primarily available using email. Phone support is relatively limited. 

You should expect your emails to be returned in somewhere between 1 and 3 business days. Overall, the warranty they provide on the scooter is competitive with others in the industry. 


Overall, this is one of the safest electric scooters on the market today. Even though you should always wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter, the scooter handles well. There is a cable lock, which is addition when compared to prior models that improve its usability. Thanks to an outstanding water resistance rating along with a rubberized deck, it is safe to ride the scooter even in light rain. The kickstand is also exceptionally durable, helping keep the scooter upright when you have it parked somewhere.

Without a doubt, the biggest safety upgrade when compared to prior models is the addition of lights. Even though prior models did feature a single light and a few reflectors, the light that accompanies the GoTrax G4 is much brighter. Furthermore, the additional taillight that flashes when hitting the brakes also gets the attention of everyone in the area. Of course, you should try to avoid riding an electric scooter at night or during poor weather; however, the safety features of the GoTrax G4 are exceptional.

GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter Review

Despite these drawbacks, the GoTrax G4 scooter is still one of the best options on the market. 

GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter Test Results

Test ResultsDetails
Acceleration:20 mph in 11.3 seconds
Top Speed:20 mph
Range:25 mi
Braking Distance:6.5 meters
Incline Hill, Climbing Ability:19.6 seconds

Conclusion: A Final Word on the GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter

Ultimately, if you are looking for a budget-friendly, long-range commuting scooter that provides exceptional safety features, and quick charging times, then this is an option that you should consider. On the other hand, if you are looking for the fastest electric kick scooter, you may be better off looking at other options. With comfortable tires, additional lights, and an exceptional range, it is easy to see what makes the GoTrax G4 scooter arguably the best electric scooter for adults.

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