GoTrax GKS Pro: The Best Electric Scooter for Young Kids?

TOP SPEED – 9mph.
RANGE – 5mi.
WEIGHT – 19lbs.

Are you looking for the best electric scooter for kids, but don’t know where to start?

The GoTrax GKS Pro is a great upgrade to your kid’s previous scooter as well as an ideal first electric scooter for pre-teens and bigger kids. This little kids electric scooter is built for kids who aren’t so little anymore. GoTrax upgraded pretty much everything about this scooter to accommodate the needs of growing kids. 

Let’s take a look at what makes this upgraded GoTrax scooter worth it. 

GoTrax GKS Pro Scooter Overview

When it comes to finding a scooter for our kids, we want nothing short of the best electric scooter for kids on the market. It’s pretty easy to make the case that the GoTrax GKS Pro is the best scooter for pre-teens and growing kids out there. 

This scooter is an upgraded take on the standard GKS scooter for kids. They upgraded the frame, capacity, speed, and pretty much everything else about this scooter. This makes it the ideal model for growing kids both physically and in terms of their increased responsibility and maturity. Parents will also enjoy the safety features and improved build quality knowing that their kids are riding an electric scooter more appropriate for their age. You wouldn’t stick a kid with the same size bicycle as they age, right? 

So, who is the GoTrax GKS Pro for? 

Who Should Buy the GoTrax GKS Pro

The short answer to this is who doesn’t want the best kids electric scooter?

The GoTrax GKS Pro is an upgrade to their standard model electric scooter for kids, the GKS electric scooter. This one has been upgraded with older kids in mind. If you’ve got some kids in your life that are rounding that corner into their teenage years, this scooter is the ideal model to help them make the jump. 

This scooter features a larger frame which accommodates growing kids. The boosted motor and battery life also means that pre-teens can get more out of this electric scooter than they could the older model. The Pro also features a more mature style than the standard model which is great for kids increasingly concerned with their style and social scene. 

If you’ve got a kid in your life that has recently hit a growth spurt or is coming on their pre-teen years, the GoTrax GKS Pro is the ideal scooter for them. This scooter will help them make the journey to their teenage years in style.  

GoTrax GKS Pro Electric Scooter Specs

gks pro specification

What makes this the best kids electric scooter? It’s the specs. This company put the full weight of their electric scooter expertise into designing this new model. The GKS Pro comes with all of the features that parents, guardians, and their kids are going to be looking for. 

We’ll take a deep dive into just what makes this scooter the best in a second, but here’s a taste of its standout features:

  • Upgraded 24-volt 150-watt motor
  • Enhanced 5-mile range
  • 9-mph top speed
  • Larger frame suitable for pre-teens
  • Cool new designs
  • Better battery life
  • Larger wheels 
  • IP54 waterproof rating 

Differences between the GKS and the GoTrax GKS Pro

GoTrax GKS

This kids electric scooter is a solid and meaningful upgrade from its original model, the GoTrax GKS electric scooter. If your kid is looking for something that can either handle their recent growth spurt or offer a little more power for more mature riders, this is your go-to scooter. 

Here’s what sets these two models apart. 

First off, let’s talk about motors and power. The Gotrax GKS Pro boosts not only the power of the engine, but also the range. The regular model only hits 7.5-mph with a 4-mile range while the GKS Pro tops out at 9-mph with a 5-mile range. That might look modest on paper, but kids looking for a performance upgrade that matches their age are going to notice and appreciate this upgrade. 

The biggest change that everyone will notice right off the bat is the size of this scooter. The GoTrax GKS electric scooter (not the pro version) features a smaller frame that weighs just 17.8-pounds as well as tires that are just 6-inches. The new model pumps it up to 19-pounds and 6.5-inch tires. This boosted size and capacity means older riders will feel much more comfortable on the Pro model.

The Upgrade to the GKS Pro

Upgrade of GKS Pro

In order to handle all of these upgrades, the battery has been given an extra 25% capacity which translates into more range for your kids to travel. It also means that this motor keeps running longer than the standard model scooter. 

Let’s take a second to talk about an upgrade that we adults might glance over. The Gotrax GKS Pro looks much more impressive than the standard model. The larger frame, more pronounced design on the deck, and a few extra touches here and there make this look less like a child’s toy and more like a serious ride for pre-teens. 

Think back to your early teen years. Style matters, and the Gotrax GKS Pro delivers. Older kids are going to grow out of the standard model just like they would grow out of kids clothes and other toys. Upgrading to the Gotrax GKS Pro is a great way to help them express their growing individuality and maturity. 

No matter how you slice it, the GKS Pro is a solid upgrade over the GoTrax GKS electric scooter.   



Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter7.5 mph4 mi17.8 lbs
Segway Ninebot Zing E1010.0 mph6.3 mi18.7 lbs
Razor Pocket Mod Euro15.0 mph10 mi50.5 lbs
GoTrax Vibe Electric Scooter12 mph7 mi21 lbs

Features of the GoTrax GKS Pro 

This little kids electric scooter has been redesigned for slightly less “little” kids. If your little scooter racer has recently hit a growth spurt or they are getting on to their pre-teen years, upgrading to the Pro could be the right move. 

Here’s what makes the GoTrax GKS Pro stand out. 


GoTrax GKS Pro

This kids GoTrax scooter features a stellar deck complete with energy as well as built-in controls for the motor. 

In order to get this scooter going, kids will have to have both feet firmly planted on the deck to engage the motor. This is the kind of built-in safety feature we look for in the scooter world’s best of the best. 

The Pro is designed to accommodate larger kids and pre-teens which means that the overall size of this scooter is larger. This deck supports up to 154-pounds of weight from riders and whatever they might take with them on their adventures. 


The handlebars on this GoTrax scooter come in a variety of eye-catching colors including blue, green, and red. They are made of a soft yet durable rubber material which makes riding more comfortable and helps kids stay in control of the scooter. 

Tires and Brakes


This scooter has a traditional rear brake system. All kids need to do is press down on the heel brake over the back tire and the scooter will safely come to a stop. Speaking of the back tire. 

This is where the motor is housed. The 24-volt, 150-watt electric motor gives this scooter some real punch when getting up to its 9 mph maximum speed. The 6′ solid rubber tires feature plastic rims and a durable rubber tread that can handle countless rides on the 5-mile range of this electric motor.  On nice smooth paved roads, you can expect a smooth ride. If you’re on older streets or on brick or cobblestone, just know there’s not much suspension on this model.

Portability and Weight


Gotra GKS Pro electric scooter comes in at just 19-pounds. As this model is designed for taller and older kids, this weight should be no problem. Kids won’t have any trouble folding this scooter up and carrying it when they need to. 

The folded length of this scooter is 39-inches which makes it incredibly easy to toss in the car when taking the kids out for the day. The folding design includes a clip that prevents the scooter from freely popping open which is great for both convenience and safety while kids are hauling this scooter around.

The weight makes this a perfect commuting scooter — if you’re a kid! This e scooter isn’t for adults.

Quality of Construction

This is a bigger scooter built for bigger kids. 

The extra two pounds of weight over the standard model comes down to the frame size. Bigger kids will be able to fully enjoy this Pro model where they might not have been able to get as much fun out of the standard edition. 

This scooter is given a waterproof rating of IP54, but what does this mean. IP54 is rated for low-pressure water exposure. This means that some exposure to rain and puddles shouldn’t harm this scooter at all, but take care not to park it in free-standing water and bring it back inside when you’re done riding. 

Charging Time

Charging time and battery

The GoTrax GKS Pro boasts a decent charge time of 5-hours for a full recharge. This might sound like a lot, but for a battery this size it’s actually pretty good. 

To get the most out of charge cycles, have your kids get in the habit of charging up their scooters when they get home from a day of riding around and unplug them once they are done charging. This will make sure they’ve always got full batteries for the next day! 


This non-transferable warranty covers parts and repairs for manufacturing defects. The warranty is good for 90-days after purchase from an approved retail seller of GKS kids scooter products. 

The warranty is voided if the scooter is used for commercial purposes or for a competition such as a formal race. Odds are your kid’s Gotrax GKS Proo won’t come under those two conditions, so you’re safe there. 

GoTrax GKS Pro Review

Whether you’re upgrading because of your kid’s age or because they’ve just gotten bigger, when your kids need an upgraded scooter, it’s hard to go wrong with the GoTrax GKS Pro. In our view, this is the best electric scooter for little kids. We’re not talking 5-year-olds — what I mean is that it’s a great scooter for kids that are 6-8 years old who are going to be riding during the day. One con for me on this model is that it doesn’t have an LED headlight. 

A couple of things to be aware of with the GoTrax GKS Pro

Another thing to note, and it’s more of an observation, is the brake over the rear wheel is a heel brake. Heel brakes are fine, but, when your kids age they are going to want a hand brake instead of a heel brake. Then, you’re looking at either electric braking or, our preference, a disc brake. A rear disc brake on a kids scooter is a little overkill but, that’s what I prefer. 

If you were comparing scooters, you would want to match this against the Segway e10. The Segway has a few more cool bells and whistles (LED lights on the under side of the deck) but you should take a close look at both models. Our comparison article showing you the differences will come soon!

And, while you’re at it, if you are looking at other scooters, it’s probably not a bad idea to check out the GoTrax GXL V2. This is a killer all around scooter and is great for kids. However, I’d say it’s best suited for kids that are 10 years of age or older simply because of the size and maximum speed (15.5 mph). 

If you are looking for a competitor that’s got a bit more “fun” to it, check out the GoTrax GKS Lumios. Great scooter. It’s the perfect for your daughter, just pick your little girls favorite color. With the light up wheels and bright color she’ll be easy to spot cruising the neighborhood streets!

This scooter offers more performance, a more comfortable, safer ride for bigger kids, and some fun style upgrades.  

Your kids are sure to love this electric scooter.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers

How fast is the GoTrax GKS Pro?

The 24-volt, 150 watt electric motor gives this scooter some real punch when getting up to it’s 9 mph maximum speed.

What’s the overall range of the GoTrax GKS Pro?

The 6′ solid rubber tires feature plastic rims and a durable rubber tread that can handle countless rides on the 5-mile range of this electric motor.

How much does the GoTrax GKS Pro weigh?

Gotrax GKS Pro electric scooter comes in at just 19-pounds. As this model is designed for taller and older kids, this weight should be no problem.

Is the GoTrax GKS Pro Scooter Waterproof?

This scooter is given a waterproof rating of IP54, but what does this mean. IP54 is rated for low-pressure water exposure.
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