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GoTrax Vibe Scooter – Overview 

GoTrax has perhaps been one of the most visible brands in the electric scooter industry for many years. In addition to scooters, GoTrax has a broad selection of adult, teen and kids electric scooters from which to choose, as well as a wide range of other devices such as electric bicycles and hoverboards. However of note is the new electric scooter from GoTrax — the Vibe, which is being touted as the best electric scooter for teenager riders. It’s also an ideal kids electric scooter. The Vibe is a better edition of the prominent G2 electric kick scooter and, unlike the G2 kick scooter, the Vibe comes with four color options.

Colors aside, the new GoTrax Vibe comes with a range of unique features that are perfect for people on the go who aren’t yet of legal driving age. This awesome electric kick scooter is a perfect start to a new hobby because it is highly configurable in terms of design, feature, as well as convenience. 

Furthermore, GoTrax’s modern electric scooter for teenagers provides a fun way for your kids to get outside, spend time with friends, and stay engaged on a daily basis. 

Continue reading this GoTrax Vibe electric scooter review for in-depth details on this new scooter that has already begun creating waves.

Who Should Buy GoTrax Vibe Scooter

GoTrax Vibe Electric Scooter

The GoTrax is the perfect kids electric scooter but is probably the best electric scooter for teenager riders to get to school, to and from the bus stop, the playground, after school activities, weekend jobs, or just have fun with friends in their community. 

College students can get around campus quite comfortably and quickly, without worrying about being late for class and not break any speed restrictions as, according to the manual, the Vibe has a max speed of 12 mph (even though the official website says 15.5.mph, more on that topic later). 

The GoTrax Vibe is the Perfect Folding Scooter for Teens

It’s easy to handle, and the speed is appropriate for recreational riders that age range. The scooter is easy to fold and carry; therefore, it won’t be a humbug to take along with their other school supplies. 

It will fit neatly into their locker under their desk or, surprisingly, in a large backpack or pull over bag.

The folding process is very quick and easy, so there won’t be a delay, getting into a school bus, catching the train, or getting to work on time. 

Because it has a one-touch closing system, smaller kids will have no issues when they’re playing with friends and maybe want to fold the scooter and walk back home with their friends.

Whether work or play, this scooter is ideal for someone seeking something simple yet sleek and efficient. 

Since it can go up to seven miles on a single charge, this is perfect for youngsters to travel within a three and a half-mile radius of their home and back without worrying that they’ll get stranded. If you’re looking for other GoTrax models that provide a longer range, check out the GXL V2 Scooter.

GoTrax Vibe Scooter Specs

Riding Distance7 mi
Max Weight220 lbs
Motor200 Watts
Battery24 V
Tire Size6.5 in solid rubber
Waterproof RatingIPX4 waterproof ranking

Features Of The GoTrax Vibe Electric Scooter


gotrax vibe - deck

The deck has a vertical height of 36.6 inches from the handlebars, which is a nice balance for kids and teens. The actual deck is made to handle maximum rider capacity of 220 pounds, even though the scooter weighs in at 21 pounds.

This GoTrax electric scooter for teens has a sturdy deck that comes with a kickstand to keep the scooter balanced when parked. It also has a rear fender, which acts as a foot brake for faster stopping. If your teenager has big feet or is just a larger person, you might want to check out the GoTrax XR Elite which has a significantly wider deck than the GoTrax Vibe — and, it’s faster (but, of course, more expensive).

The deck, also known as the platform, is for balancing and is made with a skid-resistant material to help riders stay intact. Since the deck of most GoTrax models, this one included, has a rubberized deck, it’s pretty easy to clean.


The handlebar and console make up the upper section of the scooter and is where a large portion of the action takes place. The handlebars themselves have a nice knobby grip which are comfortable for the rider but also won’t allow your hands to slip easily if they are sweaty or wet.

On the right handlebar, you’ll find the accelerator (throttle) which is activated with the thumb, while on the left handlebar, you’ll find the brake (left thumb throttle). The folks over at GoTrax also made the thumb button on the left handlebar red to correspond with braking. Clever.

Information Center / Tech Stack

gotrax vibe - information center

The console, which comprises the charger port, is just beneath the handles. The console can also be referred to as the information center. Press and hold the red button for just a second to turn the scooter on. 

Press and hold the same red button, this time for five seconds, when you want to turn the scooter off. The red button plays another role, which is to turn on the LED headlight if you press it for a second while the scooter is on.

Also, on the console, you’ll see what we refer to as the information center or tech stack. There is an LED display that allows you to see the speed you’re traveling at in MPH, the headlight symbol (when the LED headlight is on), and the battery indicator are all on the display. One thing we’d really like to see on this scooter is the ability to show an odometer. This feature is standard on more expensive models like the GoTrax G4 and the GoTrax GMAX Ultra but not a standard feature on the Vibe (or on comparable teen scooters like the GoTrax GXL or GXL V2)


GoTrax Vibe - Tire

Parents and their children alike will be happy with the broad tires that come with the new Vibe Scooter. The 6.5″ solid rubber tire size offers both safety and relative comfort to the rider. 

A rider can easily maneuver their way over speed bumps and through small ruts without worrying about falling or even getting injured. 

Of course, one should still take every safety precaution. The large rubber tires also come with brakes that are electromagnetic and are equipped with an anti-locking system.

While the tires are suitable for this model, we prefer pneumatic tires on electric scooters in general. There is a pretty substantial difference in ride comfort with scooter models that have pneumatic tires. However, this comfort comes at a price of course and most models that feature air-filled tires are not in the same category as the Vibe.


GoTrax Vibe Electric Scooter - Lights

GoTrax has made sure that its electric scooter for teens is safe to utilize at night. They have a single LED light in the center of the handlebar that will light the way. It’s not a wide angle LED light that floods the entire roadway and generally provides just enough light to see where you are going. Obviously, the light can only be used while the scooter is on. 

To turn on the LED light, riders just need to press the red button for a second while the scooter is powered on and voila, they have the ability to see several feet ahead.

Portability & Weight – The Vibe is a Great Folding Scooter for Teens

gotrax vibe portability

The Vibe kids scooter weighs twenty-one pounds, making it easy for kids or the typical teenager to lug around for short distances.

Not only is the scooter lightweight, but it is also quite flexible. With one simple maneuver the scooter can be folded in two. It’s important to ensure that the scooter is powered off before attempting to fold it.

After the rider pulls the pin located in the stem, turn the stem clockwise, then lock it into the latch area on the rear fender. Once that’s finished, you can take this GoTrax scooter inside the bus, train, school workplace, or just about anywhere. 

Quality of Construction

While there’s not a vast number of GoTrax Vibe electric scooter for teens reviews, so far, no one seems to have any complaints about the quality of the product received. In our independent test, we felt like the Vibe provides a steady platform similar to most of the GoTrax lineup.  When you start getting up there in price on GoTrax models (like the GMax Ultra), their feeling is a bit more beefy but this model feels solid.

We feel like the GoTrax Vibe is similar in build quality to other comparable units like the Razor e100 electric scooter. However, we feel, in general, GoTrax has a better overall build quality than Razor scooter models.

The manufacturers say they have outdone themselves with this sleek design being lightweight yet strong enough to carry nearly 200 pounds in weight. I don’t think we would go as far as to say they have “outdone” themselves but we do think they’ve done a nice job with this and all GoTrax models.

Even though the GoTrax Vibe is not waterproof, it has a water resistance rating of IPX4. This means the scooter is resistant to splashes of water from any angle. However, please don’t take this to mean that your kids or teenager can go barrelling through puddles. IPX4 provides protection but the scooter isn’t water “proof.” 

Charging Outlet and Charging time

gotrax vibe charging outlet and charging time

Prior to jumping on your scooter and riding off with friends, it is essential to fully charge the 24V lithium ion battery that’s located in the stem. 

The charging port is covered by rubber just below the handlebar area in the console of the scooter. Open the port and place the charging plug inside. 

While charging the battery, the battery charger box will display a red light, and a green light will come on once completed. The overall battery charge time is 4.5-5 hours, while the power requirement is AC 100 240V ~ 50/60HZ 1.5A

The manufacturers recommend that you only use the GoTrax adaptor to charge your scooter to prevent risk of fire or damage to the equipment. To be completely honest, there’s not a whole lot of difference in the OEM battery charger in comparison to a knock off so why not just spend a few more dollars and be sure you’re not messing up the battery or your scooter. 

Charging ports must be kept close to avoid debris and dust from building and affecting the battery charging process.

Bluetooth and Rider App

The Vibe kids scooter is not equipped with Bluetooth nor does it have an app. In fact, none of the GoTrax models have bluetooth capability of any kind. We wonder when scooters in general will start to have cool toys a bluetooth speaker like you see on hover board models!

We feel like not having an App is a huge missing for GoTrax.  Most of their competitors have an app that allows you to see riding specs (odometer, trip distance, trip time, etc.) and allows you to upgrade the firmware of the scooter and see the battery level/battery life.  This is something we hope that GoTrax will develop and release soon so they can keep up with other manufacturers like Segway Ninebot and Hiboy.


Of Course, when you’re spending money on a product, outside of delivery and discount, a warranty is part of the top five things that consumers find very important. 

GoTrax offers a three-month or 90-day warranty on all GoTrax products. They also extend a 30-day return policy. 

If customers have any warranty issues regarding their GoTrax Vibe within the 90 days, they can contact the company’s United States customer service division. In our experience (yes, we have had to contact them about another scooter) their customer service is pretty good.


Multiple safety features come with the Vibe Scooter, which makes it a ride of choice. In the manual, users are warned not to ride in wet conditions as the scooter may slide from beneath them. Duh. Also, riders shouldn’t be riding this model in the rain. See the above comment about the IPX4 water rating. This e scooter isn’t meant to be ridden in the rain.

Riders are also urged not to exceed the weight limit, make sure all parts are functional, especially the brakes, after assembly and before riding. You would be surprised at the amount of people that put together their scooter and see an issue with a brake line or something else that’s clearly out of place. But, because they’re so excited to have the scooter, they ignore it and don’t take up the issue with customer service. Crazy!

This kids electric scooter packs an improved 24V battery in the shaft, which delivers protection from short & open circuiting and being overcharged or discharged. The battery also has components that allow it to resist extreme temperatures. 

The Vibe scooter gives a safer and more comfortable ride on 6.5″ tires. The LED light allows you to see clearly ahead at night, plus you have a brake system that’s anti-lock. 

Last but not least is the smart display, which enables you to initiate cruise control settings, keep abreast of battery life, and clearly see the speedometer.

GoTrax Vibe Scooter Review

gotrax vibe

The Vibe scooter is indeed an upgraded variant of the well-known GoTrax G2. The Vibe features four different, eye-catching colors for a contemporary look. 

Ideal for riding across campus or riding in the neighborhood. On a single charge, the 36V Battery can take users up to 7 miles which means this not suitable as a commuting electric scooter. The Vibe’s 200-watt electric motor allows it to achieve speeds of up to 12 mph in our tests. 

Here’s one bone we have to pick with GoTrax (and there aren’t many). They post max speed for each of their models and we have yet to have ANY of their scooters hit the max speed. This model is supposed to hit 15.5 mph but we were only able to get it to go 12 mph (as measured by two different GPS systems).

When it comes to riding on an incline or hill, the GoTrax Vibe can also handle inclines of up to fourteen degrees.

With both the Vibes 6.5″ solid tires and a LED light, you can travel relatively safely at night. The Vibe’s LED Smart Display and Anti-Locking Electromagnetic Brakes give you complete control over your journey. 

Better battery life – The Vibe travels up to 7 miles on a single charge and recharges in about 4 to 5 hours.

Strong Power – The 200 Watt Motor produces a lot of torque while using relatively little power. The Vibe has a top range of 12 miles per hour (even though the manufacturer says 15.5 mph is the max speed) and can carry riders weighing up to 220 pounds.

Comfort and safety – Commute with confidence on 6.5 “Anti-locking electromagnetic braking is used in conjunction with rubber tires.

Compact bending frame- A Vibe Framework collapses to 15″x44″x6″ when not in use “It’s convenient to pack in a car, at class, or the ice because it has locking for storage purposes.

GoTrax Vibe Scooter Test Results 

ModelGoTrax Vibe Test Results
Speed*15.5 mph
Range*12.0 mi
Motor200 W
Battery CapacityAC 100 240V ~ 50/60HZ 1.5A
Voltage 24V
Weight21 lbs.
Tires6.5″ solid tires
BrakesElectronic Brake
Max weight220 lbs.
IP ratingIPX4
Dimension15″ x 44″ x 6″
Uphill climbs14-degree slope



GoTrax GMax Ultra 25 mph45 mi36 lbs
GoTrax G420 mph25 mi36 lbs
GoTrax GXL V215.5 mph9-12 mi26.4 lbs
GoTrax XR Elite15.5 mph18 mi31.88 lbs


The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to this GoTrax Vibe review. The Vibe’s 200-watt motor has plenty of juice, pushing users forward at peak speeds of twelve mph and uphill climbs with a 14-degree slope. 

In addition, their newest scooter has an improved 24V battery pack in the stem that can ride up to 7 miles on a single charge while offering power surge and overcharging safety and even some temperature tolerance.

The Vibe will accommodate riders weighing up to 220 lbs, and the distance from handlebars to the board is 36.6″-use this knowledge to figure out if the Vibe is the best size for you and your riders. 

The modern electric scooter for teens is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 21 pounds and featuring a one-touch folding system. 

It’s the ideal commuting companion for the final leg of the journey home from either the bus terminal or railway station, with an IPX4 waterproof ranking. 

Owing to the LED headlight as well as electric anti-lock braking, you’ll have a smooth ride on 6″ tires and feel comfortable riding day or night. 

The Vibe’s smart visual interface, which enables you to access adjustments such as cruise control and monitor your power consumption and speedometer, is maybe the absolute favorite feature of ours. 

Choose one of Vibe’s four new color choices to cruise in fashion and embrace your next few rides across the neighborhood! 

Finally, their customer service team in the United States says if you have any concerns about your Vibe, contact them. GoTrax says it will take care of any problems you have with your new electric scooter and keep you going on a daily basis. We believe you can’t beat that!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answer

How far can the GoTrax Vibe Scooter travel on a single charge?

The Vibe travels up to 7 miles on a single charge and recharges in about 4 to 5 hours.

What's the maximum weight capacity the GoTrax Vibe Scooter can support?

It can carry riders weighing up to 220 pounds.

It can carry riders weighing up to 220 pounds.

It can carry riders weighing up to 220 pounds.

Can you fold this scooter and carry it in the subway?

The folding process is very quick and easy, so there won’t be a delay, getting into a school bus, catching the train, or getting to work on time.

Because it has a one-touch closing system, smaller kids will have no issues when they’re playing with friends and maybe want to fold the scooter and walk back home with their friends.

How fast is the GoTrax Vibe Scooter

The Vibe has a max speed of 12 mph (even though the official website says 15.5.mph, more on that topic later).

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