The GoTrax XR Elite Vs. the GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have come a long way over the past several years. Not so long ago, consumers had only a few choices. Now, there are so many electric scooters for adults that it can be hard to pick out the one that’s right for you. That’s why we’re going to take a look at a comparison of the GoTrax XR Elite vs. GoTrax G4 to help you decide which of these two scooters you should pick up.

Let’s start this off by saying that both the XR Elite and the G4 are among the best adult electric scooters from a reputable scooter company. If you’ve already picked one model or the other up, you’ll likely enjoy your ride. Given their names, you might think that the GoTrax XR Elite is the premium motorized scooter here.

However, the GoTrax G4 is actually newer, faster, offers more features, has better range and has a larger electric motor. That said, the GoTrax G4 also usually carries a heftier price tag. Let’s jump into a side-by-side GoTrax kick scooter comparison so you can decide which one is right for you. If you would like to see our complete in-depth review of the GoTrax XR Elite go here.  We also did a long review of the GoTrax G4 here

GoTrax XR Elite vs. the GoTrax G4: Side-by-Side Comparison

Let’s get started with our GoTrax XR Elite vs. GoTrax G4 comparison. Both the GoTrax XR Elite and the GoTrax G4 feature small, relatively thin, compact bodies and both are foldable electric scooters and feature air-filled, pneumatic tires (our preference over solid tires). That said, the GoTrax G4 is a bit more sleek and refined.

Both scooters also feature a 36v battery, although the GoTrax XR elites is rated for 7.8AH while the GoTrax G4 is rated for 10.4AH. You’ll get better battery life out of the G4 because of its 10.4 AH rating. Interestingly, both scooters feature the same max rider weight capacity, set at 220 lbs. Both scooters also have the same waterproof rating, set at IP54, which provides limited protection from dust and is also water sprayed from any direction.

DetailsGoTrax XR EliteGoTrax G4
Top Speed15.5 mph20 mph
Range16.5 mi25 mi
Motor300 Watt350 Watt
Acceleration15.5 mph in 7.6 seconds20 mph in 6.3 seconds
Battery36V / 7.8AH36V / 10.4 AH
Brake Distance14.75 ft21.5 ft
Climbing ability 23.9 seconds to climb the 60 meters, 10% grade incline at an average speed of 9.2 km19.6 seconds to climb the 60 meters, 10% grade incline at an average speed of 11.1 km

GoTrax XR Elite vs. the GoTrax G4 Differences

While the GoTrax XR Elite and the GoTrax G4 have a lot in common, there are also some important differences for e scooter riders to note. We’ll dig into the details shortly, but the G4 features faster acceleration, a max speed, and a longer range.

This should come as no surprise since the G4 enjoys a 350-watt motor to the XR Elite’s 300-watt electric motor. The G4 also sports a newer and more refined design and advanced features, including built-in security features, an odometer, a larger display, a brake light, and pedestrian mode. Two different speed settings allow you to set a top speed of either 15.5 miles or 20 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, the XR Elite features smaller 8.5″ pneumatic tires to the G4’s 10″ pneumatic tires and as a result, the G4 enjoys a smoother ride. For those that don’t know, pneumatic tires mean that it is air-filled instead of having solid tires. 


Specification and Reviews

GoTrax G420 mph25 mi36 lbs
GoTrax XR Elite15.5 mph18 mi31.88 lbs
GoTrax GXL V215.5 mph9-12 mi26.4 lbs
GoTrax GXL15.5 mph12.5 mi26.5 lbs

In-Depth GoTrax Comparison: XR Elite Versus The GoTrax G4

Overall riding experience

GoTrax G4 vs. GoTrax XR Elite Comparison

Numbers don’t tell us everything, and at the end of the day, the rider experience is often the most important factor. Both the GoTrax XR Elite and the GoTrax G4 are solid e scooter platforms and may suit your needs. If you want a cheaper GoTrax model that still does the job, check out our review if the GoTrax gxl v2.

That said, the GoTrax G4 is a newer scooter, and many riders feel that it improves on the overall ride experience compared to the XR Elite. Both of these GoTrax scooters will perform well in urban settings. As for the great outdoors, these aren’t really off-road scooters. Out of the two, the GoTrax G4 provides the best ride experience on rough surfaces.

The G4’s larger 10″ air filled tires offer a smoother ride and better handling in many conditions. If your town has rough roads or it rains a lot, leaving surfaces slick, the G4 may offer a smoother, safer commuting experience.

Hill Climbing

Electric scooters often struggle with hills. This is especially true if you’re buying an entry-level electric kick scooter for adults. The G4 features solid hill climb speeds, and while it will slow with steep inclines, you’ll still zip past a lot of other scooters and maybe even a bike or two. The XR Elite struggles with steep hills. You’ll likely make it to the top so long as you have the charge, but it may take a while. Both are rated for up to 15 degrees.


GoTrax XR Elite vs GoTrax G4

Both of these electric scooters for adults feature dual braking systems. Unfortunately, the G4 could use some improvement in the braking department. The G4 features a 36 pound rear disk brake. Activated by a hand lever, the G4’s brakes can bring you from 15 mph to zero in about 20 feet. Also, for us, we started to have a squeaky brake after the 50-mile mark.

The G4’s considerably stopping distance means a rider needs to be very careful and aware of their surroundings. Quite simply, this scooter may not brake as well as other models you’ve ridden on. If you fail to take that into account, you may end up in an accident. The XR Elite also features a rear disc brake and can usually bring you from 15 miles per hour to zero in around 15 feet.

It’s hard to say just why the XR Elite is able to outperform the G4, but when it comes to stopping, the XR Elite takes the cake. Both the G4 and XR Elite offer regenerative braking. However, in practice, you won’t recover much juice for the battery. 


The GoTrax G4 is a confident, responsive motorized scooter, and offers solid performance all the way up to the maximum speed. If you’re in 20 miles per hour mode, acceleration throughout the ride is generally much quicker with the G4 compared to the XR Elite.

The XR Elite offers overall steady acceleration and takes about 8 seconds to hit 15 miles per hour. However, you may not feel too confident around cars. Some other scooters will also accelerate past you.

Speed Performance

G4 vs. XR Elite Speed Performance

The G4’s max speed, 20 miles per hour, is higher than the XR Elite’s versus max speed of 15.5 mph. The maximum speed difference is quite palatable on the road. With the G4 you can often zoom past bicyclists and others on the pathway. While with the XR Elite, you’re often not the fastest on the pavement. Still, over 15 mph feels pretty quick on an electric scooter in my opinion.

And, if you’re riding in an urban area, you don’t want too much speed because of pedestrians. It’s important to note that both scooters offer cruise control. However, one nice feature of the G4 over the XR Elite is that when cruise control is engaged, the scooter beeps, and the display flashes twice.

The cruise control on the XR Elite engages after 10 seconds so you kind of have to count to 10 before letting off the throttle to see if it has turned on.

Portability and Weight

Next up on our GoTrax XR Elite vs. GoTrax G4 comparison is weight and portability. Both scooters are quite portable and you probably won’t struggle to lug them up a few flights of stairs. That said, the XR Elite is a bit lighter at 32 pounds compared to the G4’s 36 pounds.

In real-world usage, however, those few extra pounds probably won’t make much of a difference. Not bad for e scooter riders that are larger and need the 220 lb. total weight capacity. Both the G4 and XR Elite make for a nice foldable electric scooter. In fact, the G4 can be folded up in just 5 seconds. However, the handlebars on neither scooter fold up. 

Range Test

Maximum ranges were outlined above and the GoTrax G4 clearly has the XR Elite beaten on paper. As many scooter drivers will tell you, however, real-world max ranges often fail to match up with the paper stats. That’s true for both the XR Elite and G4. You probably won’t be getting 25 miles a charge all the time on the G4, and 18.6 miles on the XR Elite is hard to hit as well.

Still, the G4 will typically have longer battery life. Even though the G4 is more swift and offers better acceleration, it also achieves a longer range. The G4 makes for a good entry-level long-range electric scooter. Riders should keep in mind that many scooters simply don’t go that far on a single charge. Zipping across campus is often no problem. A long trek across town may leave you stranded or in need of a charge on your way back.

Build Quality

GoTrax XR Elite vs GoTrax G4

 Both the XR Elite and the G4 offer excellent build quality, especially at their respective price points. Generally speaking, GoTrax offers a great motorized scooter with the great build quality for the price. The XR Elite does feature some plastic bits that might break with rough handling or during a wipe-out. Still, it’s a sturdy scooter and will likely survive some tumbles.

The GoTrax G4 feels more premium from the get-go. Construction is very solid and you can tell that the engineers at GoTrax are serious about improving their products. The G4’s kickstand, by the way, is exceptionally strong. Both models are great for commuting and offer a solid deck, although the G4’s is a bit smaller and for some riders, it might feel more cramped. Both decks offer good grip. 


Features of the G4 vs. XR Elite

The G4 offers an advanced security setting, including a four-digit combination lock on the stem. The G4 also offers an electronic security system. If you don’t enter the right three-digit code into the display, the lights will flash on and off and the disc brake will engage, making it difficult to roll the scooter. In fact, once the security system is engaged, it’s essentially impossible to drive it. However, this system only works when the scooter is turned on.

The G4 also has a pedestrians mode that allows you to press a button and the scooter will go slow enough so you’re not overtaking those walking around you. Speaking of “on,” both scooters can be charged within about 4 hours, although the G4 can take up to five hours. Both scooters feature strong LED headlights and the appropriate reflectors to keep you safe at night. Both models are foldable electric scooters if portability is important to you.


G4 display vs. XR Elite display

The displays on the G4 and XR Elite get the job done. The LED displays are generally easy to see, even if the sun is shining directly down, or during a dark night. With both displays, you can quickly see your speed and battery life.

You can also control the headlights, set cruise control, and see that the cruise control is engaged. You can also select different speed modes through the display. In our opinion, the G4 offers a better display. Not only is it considerably larger, but it also offers an odometer and displays what speed mode you are in.


The XR Elite is often substantially cheaper than the G4. Prices may vary from retailer to retailer, but the G4 often costs $100 or more than the XR Elite. If you’re on a very tight budget, the XR Elite is a good option. On the other hand, if you have the money, the G4 justifies its premium price. 

Last Words Of Recommendation

Which is better? GoTrax G4 or XR Elite?

We covered quite a bit above in our GoTrax XR Elite vs. GoTrax G4 Comparison and the story here is pretty consistent. The G4 is, on the whole, a better electric kick scooter. Still, both are good electric scooters for adults. The G4 is perhaps the best adult electric scooter that you can find for under $500. And, GoTrax has a pretty good reputation as a scooter company too.

There are lots of benefits with the G4, including increased range, a higher maximum speed (because of the larger electric motor), and better, more consistent acceleration. The G4’s security mode and pedestrians mode are also useful features. The biggest advantage of the GoTrax G4, however, might be its overall ride and handling, especially on rough or uneven roads.

This can be attributed to larger tire sizes. Head back up to the differences section and you’ll notice that the GoTrax G4 features a 10″ tire size versus the Elite XR’s 8.5″ tire size. Once again, these are air-filled tires and not solid tires which contribute to the quality of the ride. On paper, this difference may not seem that important. On pavement, however, bigger wheels offer a better ride and more stable control.

Take the XR Elite over cobblestone or brick-laid pathways and good luck. You may wipe out, suffering a harsh reminder of why helmets and protective gear are so important for e scooter riders. Of course, if you take the G4 onto a brick road or cobblestone, you should be careful. That said, you’re more likely to remain in control.

The larger air-filled tires and other attributes of the G4 make it an overall safer e scooter for many riders. While acceleration and the top speeds are substantially faster with the G4, the difference isn’t so extreme that it’ll put many people in danger. The better handling, and indeed more consistent acceleration, may make the G4 a safer ride in our opinion but both offer a solid ride with the same weight capacity to help adults go the extra mile. The XR Elite does win out in a few areas, however.

First, the XR Elite is considerably cheaper and is among the better options at its price point. The XR Elite also offers better braking, something the G4 could improve on. Still, braking aside, the GoTrax G4 is one of the best entry-level electric scooters for adults that you can snag for under $500 and is a great option for most riders. If you’re interested in a cheaper electric kick scooter option then you should consider the GoTrax GXL V2.

Another fantastic commuting scooter with cruise control that gets over 15 mph that’s designed and manufactured by a scooter company that knows what it’s doing. If you are looking for a replacement charger for your GoTrax XR Elite and G4 go here.

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