Gotrax XR vs XR Ultra – Side-by-Side Comparison & Review

Gotrax XR vs XR Ultra Review: Overview

We just concluded our full test of the latest electric scooters from Gotrax, the XR, and the XR Ultra. These two very capable scooters fit perfectly for urban day-to-day users.

While the XR ultra focuses on power with a stronger motor(300w) and a better larger battery(LG 7.0Ah), the standard XR is more focused on delivering a more short distance oriented scooter at a lower cost.

They both share the same frame structure, and there is not much new to its appearance in comparison to our bang-for-the-buck electric scooter pick, the Gotrax GXL v2, which these two are said to replace except for a few cosmetic improvements and the implementation of a safer folding mechanism.

With any of these two models, you can expect to get a well-functioning and reliable ride that will withstand the test of time.

Gotrax XR vs XR Ultra Side-by-Side Comparison

For a more accurate view of what you can expect to get out of these scooters in real life. We do extensive testing of each scooter we review in order to thin out the heard and only find the top of the cream when it comes to electric scooters.

This data is far more reliable than the manufacturer’s own specifications, which are produced under optimal conditions, which we all know doesn’t reflect real life.

DetailsGotrax XRXR Ultra
Speed14.8 mph14.8 mph
Range8.5 mi14.2 mi
Acceleration8 sec6.5 sec
Brake Distance15.3 ft15.3 ft
Climbing Ability10% incline 17.4 sec10% incline 12.3 sec

full frontal view of the xr

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There are two key differences between the two: the size of both their motor and the battery. The standard model comes with a 250w motor, while the Ultra has a slightly more powerful 300w motor.

The second big upgrade that the Ultra has is the increased battery power, 7.8Ah, in comparison to the standard XR’s 5.2Ah battery.

This gives the Ultra far better torque to handle hills and heavier users without suffering too much in terms of top speed and also gives you a greater distance per charge of 18 over 12(Gotrax own claims).

Gotrax XR/XR Ultra Review

Overall riding experience

Overall I would say both scooters perform very well in an urban setting. If you got lots of hills in your city, then you can expect a drastic decrease in range and top speed as they didn’t handle steeper hills too well.

Other than that, the scooters have the features you want in a portable model, and it performs very well for a scooter in their price range.

Braking power

the gotrax xr's brake mechanic

Both models come with a dual braking system combining a front regenerative motor brake and a disc brake providing the scooter with sufficient braking power even while riding down steep slopes.

In our brake test, the XR and XR Ultra did really well with a 15.3 ft braking distance. As a reference, most of the models we test range between 15-30 ft in braking distance. We didn’t even have to tinker with the rear disc brake before testing. Everything worked nice, smooth, and reactive straight out of the box.

Range test

Gotrax’s own test gives the XR and XR Ultra a 12 respective 18 miles maximum distance per charge.

During our test ride, we got 8.5 miles out of the XR and the ultra, lasting a bit further at 14.2 miles.

During testing range, we use a rider weight of 165 lbs who rides the same rut with a couple of hills and a few starts/stops in the least energy-efficient mode(fastest).

Nothing surprising here; just what we expected from both models. The Ultra, of course, came out on top with its higher-capacity battery and high-quality LG battery cells. If you need to cover even greater distances, we made a comparison on the Segway Max and Xiaomi Pro; both are a price class above the XR scooters, but they boast a lot more power.

Speed performance

Although Gotrax’s specifics state the scooters should be able to reach 15.5 mph, we didn’t find that to be true.

With our sports grade GPS, they both fell a bit short. But they both landed on a solid 14.8 mph top speed which is close to what is promised.

Acceleration test

The XR is a bit slow at accelerating and reached its top speed of 14.8 mph in roughly 8 seconds with our 165 lbs test rider. For inexperienced users, the scooter will still be fun to use.

For us geeks, on the other hand, we will probably be eyeballing the XR Ultra instead, which reached the same top speed of 14.8 mph in 6.5 seconds.

For reference, most of the scooters we test have a 15 mph or around top speed, and they usually reach it within 5-6 seconds. 

Hill Climbing ability

The XR doesn’t have a lot to brag about when it comes to its hill-climbing abilities. It reached the top of our 100ft test hill in 17.4 seconds at an average speed of 4.3 mph, which is pretty slow. 

The XR Ultra, on the other hand, did the same test in 12.3 seconds, with an average speed of 5.7 mph. Still not the best in class if you compare it with a similar scooter like the mi m365, which completed the same test in just above 10 seconds with an average speed of 6.7 mph.

Build quality

Gotrax has always had good quality in their products, I remember that from the hoverboard era when I first tested a Gotrax Product. 

The XR is an upgraded version of their popular GXL V2 electric scooter that we reviewed earlier, and in terms of design, there are very few differences between the two. 

Consider what you must pay for one of these scooters; the build quality is fantastic. Especially if you consider that you get an IP54 water-resistant rating too, which means it can handle being caught in the rain and water puddle splashes.

Both the Gotrax XR and XR Ultra feature alloy frames that provide superior strength and durability. The use of alloy, such as aluminum, ensures a lightweight yet robust construction, allowing riders to easily maneuver their scooters while maintaining a sturdy build. The alloy frames of these scooters contribute to their longevity, making them reliable options for daily commuting and frequent use.

There are a couple of plastic pieces being used here and there, so you will want to handle it with care in order to prolong its life and make sure that nothing breaks upon mishandling it. 

Overall it’s a great piece of machinery. After having a look inside the hub motor and thoroughly checking each screw, we can surely say that it is assembled with great care with good factory quality control in place.


folding mechanism of the xr

With its 26 lbs total weight, the scooters are fairly easy to lift. Just remember that the battery is placed in the stem, so the stem is far thicker to hold on to than something like the Macwheel MX1 that has its battery in the base. This makes it less ergonomic for people with smaller hands.

If folded, the weight is nicely balanced, making it easy to carry the scooter around without feeling that it’s going to tip over one way or another. We had no problem fitting it into a Toyota Yaris, which means most cars shouldn’t have a problem having this scooter in their trunk.

The scooter folding mechanism is easy and works great. It’s similar to the one found on the GXL v2, but they’ve improved upon it in order to make it even safer with the use of a safety pin so that the folding mechanism can’t malfunction on you while riding.


As mentioned earlier, the main differences between the two models are motor power and battery size and quality. These are the most expensive parts of your scooter. Hence the XR Ultra is about $100 more than its less powerful twin brother, the XR. 

Having two different variants of the scooter makes it a viable choice for far more people.

Both those on a tight budget and those with a bit of extra cash need extended range and extra torque for their commutes.


The XR/Ultra isn’t feature-rich like many of the high-performing, far more expensive models. No, just like most other lightweight electric scooters, it has the bare necessities such as a headlight, a good display, and reflexes. But it has some unique extras, like a very neat one-foot folding system and the ability to pick between different speed modes.

On top of all that, you also have the cruise control that kicks in after you’ve held a steady speed for about 5 seconds and the kick-to-start function that makes accidental take-offs impossible.


display/cockpit of the xr ultra

The display shows you all the necessary information that you want to know while riding, like speed, battery life, and which mode you’re currently using. But it also provides you with information about any errors should they occur.

The screen itself is easy to read during the daytime if you don’t forget the plastic cover, as I did. During nighttime riding, the backlight gives you clear visibility of the display.

The scooter has two different speed modes that are easy to switch between. The first mode limits the scooter’s top speed to 9 mph and is perfect for beginners and/or young riders. The second mode unlocks the scooter’s full potential of just under 15 mph.

Last words of recommendation

So now you know all there is to know about the XR and XR Ultra. Which one will fit into your life perfectly? Well, that is all up to you to determine. Both scooters are great, but I would only consider the standard XR for either a beginner, a teenager or someone who needs a lightweight easy to maintain scooter for shorter commutes who live in a city with a low amount of hills.

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Money is always one of the big determining factors when it comes to any purchase; that’s just how it is. But make sure you put enough thought into how you will use your scooter so you don’t end up with something that won’t be able to support your needs. In this case, if you’re a heavier user or could really use those extra miles, you will definitely want to go with the Gotrax XR Ultra. 

Two great scooters that will have no problem supporting your commutes for a couple of years if you take good care of them. Should problems occur, you have a great US-based team of supporters at your disposal.

If you need an even more powerful scooter, I would recommend that you check out the Xiaomi m365 or m365 Pro.

If you are looking for a replacement charger for your GoTrax XR and XR Ultra, go here.

Manufacturers Specification

ModelGotrax XRGotrax XR Ultra
Speed*15.5 mph15.5 mph
Range*12 mi 18 mi
Weight26.5 lbs26.5 lbs
TiresPneumatic 8.5”Pneumatic 8.5”
BrakesElectric + DiscElectric + Disc
Max weight220 lbs220 lbs
IP ratingIP54IP54
Size41” x 15 x 6(folded) / 41” x 37 x 6(unfolded)
Ground clearance4.1”4.1”

*Factory testing is done under optimal conditions. They always tend to be a bit of a long shot in comparison to our real-life data that you can rely on.

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