Hiboy Max 3: An Inexpensive Commuter Scooter with Pro Features


18.6 mph


17 mi


weighing scale
40 lbs

Who Should Buy the Hiboy Max 3?

Hiboy Max 3

The Hiboy Max 3 is a great entry-level electric scooter at an affordable price.  It offers a nice stable platform and a decent max speed of 15.5 mph.  It’s a great commuter scooter with an overall range of 17 miles and would work well for people that only need to travel a few miles to and from work.

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Hiboy Max 3 Specs

Range17 miles
Speed18.6 mph
HeadlightsDual LED headlights
TaillightsLED rear brake light
Water resistanceIPX4 water resistance rating
SuspensionNo suspension
Product weight40 lbs
Maximum Rider Weight220 lbs
Tires10 inch pneumatic front tire and 10 inch solid rear tire
BrakesFront electric brake and rear disc brake
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Hiboy Max 3 – Hiboy’s Ultimate Commuter Scooter

There are lots of different HiBoy scooters on the market.  However, if you want the grandaddy of the commuter lineup, the Hiboy Max 3 is it!

The first in the “Max” series, the HiBoy Max 3 differs from the S2 and KS4 lineup.  The Hiboy S2 scooters and the KS4 series both have models that can be used as a commuter but neither that provides the same level of comfort as the Max 3.

So, what makes the Hiboy Max 3 such a great commuter scooter?   I’ll tell ya’, deck width, off-road pneumatic tire but most important bang for your buck.

While it’s super comfortable to ride and will get you to and from work it doesn’t have a massive range.  There are other models that beat out the Max3’s 17-mile range.

Similarly, it’s fast but not super fast.  The Max 3 has a max speed of 18.6 mph.

I think the HiBoy Max 3 is a great entry-level commuter scooter.  The price is really hard to beat given all of the features they’ve packed into this model.  Let’s look below for more.

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Range of the Hiboy Max 3

As mentioned, the overall range of the Hiboy Max 3 is 17 miles.  Depending on where you live, the Hiboy Max 3 should be able to provide plenty of range. 

For reference, take a look at this study that shows the average commute distance by the state in the U.S.

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Hiboy Max 3 Deck

I love the fact that Hiboy put a fat deck on the Hiboy Max 3.  They produce other scooters that can be used as commuters in their S2 and KS4 model lineup but, none of them feature the wide deck that you’ll find on the Max3.

Why does a wide deck matter?  Safety and comfort.

When it rains, it’s more difficult for your foot to slip off the scooter.  As for comfort, depending on your standing position, both feet can fit on the deck without hanging off. 

This gives the Hiboy Max 3 a really stable feeling to the rider.

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TBH, pretty standard stuff here.  The handlebars feature a bell and hand lever brake on the left side of the handlebars.  And, as with most scooter models, it has a thumb throttle on the right side of the handlebars.  Don’t worry, it’s a commuter scooter so cruise control is built in.  Cruise control is accessible from the Hiboy Bluetooth app.

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LED Screen / Tech Stack


While I like the LED screen on the Hiboy Max 3, I wish they would have made it bigger.  Some people aren’t fans of the big, beefy LED screen but I love it.  Personal preference I guess.

On the LED screen, you have all the necessities.  Headlight indicator, speed and battery.  Just the basics…and that’s ok!

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Love them.  This is another differentiator for the Max 3 vs. Hiboy S2 models or even the KS4 models.  The Hiboy Max 3 features a 10-inch pneumatic front tire and a solid rear tire. 

What I like is that the front pneumatic tire is an upgraded offroad tire.  It’s a fat tire with a nice tread that provides stability if you have to go across uneven terrain or rough roads.

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HiBoy Max 3 Suspension – Or, lack thereof I should say

Ok, so this is kind of a big missing for me.  You’ve got a cool commuter scooter, with all the right stuff on it, good range and speed but no suspension.  I get why Hiboy didn’t put a suspension on it. 

They’re trying to keep the price down and make it an inexpensive scooter for commuters.  But, it would have been nice to have some kind of suspension on either the front or rear tire.

One saving grace in terms of ride quality is the oversized 10-inch pneumatic front tire that’s an offroad tire.  That’s helpful at least.

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Pretty standard stuff here for a scooter that’s got a max speed below 20 mph.  You’ll find an electronic brake (regenerative brake) on the front tire and a disc brake on the rear tire. 

Ultimately, it’s the disc brake that provides most of the stopping power but it’s nice to get a little juice replenishment from the regenerative brake on the front tire.

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One super bright headlight on the front of the HiBoy Max 3.  Sometimes scooters have an LED but it’s so wimpy that it doesn’t really illuminate the road. 

That’s not the case here with the Hiboy Max 3 headlight.  It’s big, bright and definitely lights up the road in front of you.

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Tail Lights and Deck Light

It’s got one but not the other!  The Hiboy Max 3 has a nice set of big, bright tail lights.  These lights illuminate more brightly when the hand lever brake is depressed. 

These lights help make you visible on your commute home in the dark. 

The only other way to make the scooter more visible would be to have LED deck lighting around the perimeter of the deck.  They haven’t added these lights.  However, I understand why.  Again, they’re trying to keep the costs down so they don’t include those “cool factor” features like deck lights.

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Portability and Weight of the Hiboy Max 3

She’s a big girl for a commuter scooter.  Weighing in a 40lbs, the HiBoy Max 3 isn’t considered a lightweight electric scooter. 

However, while it’s a few pounds heavier than some of the other scooters in her class, The Hiboy Max 3 isn’t “heavy.”  It’s only heavy if you need to carry it up a couple of flights of steps.

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HiBoy Max 3 Maximum Weight Capacity

The Hiboy Max 3 has a max rider weight of 220 lbs.  This is pretty standard for other commuter scooters in this price range.

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Quality of Construction

Quality constructions

I like the quality of construction on the Hiboy Max 3.  They use an aluminum frame that’s a bit wider in diameter than some of the other scooter manufacturers.  The aluminum tubes are bigger and it makes the scooter feel more substantial in my opinion.

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Waterproof Rating

The Max 3 has an IPX4 rating.  This means the scooter can withstand water splashes in any direction.  This doesn’t mean “low-pressure water jet spray” (as in a water hose) because that would mean IPX5.  Just be sure you don’t intentionally spray the scooter or submerged it.

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Battery and Charging Time

The battery on the Hiboy Max 3 is a li-ion (lithium-ion) rechargeable battery.  Unlike some Segway scooters where there is a detachable battery, this scooter model only has one battery that cannot be removed.  It is a 36V battery with a capacity of 7.5 ah.  Typically, this scooter takes approximately 3-4 hours to get to a full charge.

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Hiboy Scooter Bluetooth App

So, I have a real issue with scooter brands that have multiple scooters, great ones but don’t have an app.  Thankfully, that’s not the case here!  Hiboy has a Bluetooth app that will allow you to control your scooter from your smartphone.  It lets you see speed, and distance-ridden, set cruise control, lock the scooter, and turn on the light.  Basically, it’s a very simple app that provides what you would expect.  I’m happy with their effort here.

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Hiboy Scooter Warranty

Hiboy offers a 12-month warranty for the scooter itself and 6 months on the battery.  Check out the Hiboy Return Policy and Refund policy here.



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  • Great budget scooter
  • An oversized front pneumatic tire is great for rough terrain
  • A wide deck is great for overall stability
  • Bluetooth app to control features of the scooter
  • Overall speed – wish it was a bit faster
  • It’s a bit heavy to lug up a flight of stairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers!

How do you turn on the headlight on the HiBoy Max3?

Double tap the power button.  This will turn the headlight on and off.

How fast is the Hiboy Max 3?

The Hiboy Max 3 has a top speed of 15.5mph.

What’s the range of the Hiboy Max 3?

The Hiboy Max 3 has an overall range of 17 miles on a single charge

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