Hoverstar Electric Scooter Review – A good model for the young ones?

Hoverstar’s first electric scooter model is aimed at the younger riders. It looks like a very solid choice right off the bat and if the specifics hold true to what they say I can imagine that this one might fly off the shelves quickly.


Hoverstar as a brand has a good standing in terms of customer service and brand loyalty. They’ve been around for a while and from what I can see seem to honor their warranty.

The scooter is built for the real youngsters with a good speed cap at 6 mph, which is good for kids around 4-10. After that, they will probably want a model with better speed and distance per charge due to them becoming heavier. It has no problem handling a total weight of up to 120 lbs.

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The Hoverstar Electric scooter really does a good job and is highly suitable for kids around ages 4 to 8. A moderate speed combined with smooth acceleration and a decent max distance per charge. The best part is that its price will fit most parents wallets.

  • Lightweight
  • Moderate speed
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Easy to use
  • Reports of it shutting down and having to change a fuse has been made
  • Doesn't fold
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Performance wise

The scooter performs as expected very well for our 5-year-old test rider. He thought it was very easy to both use and carry for short distances or up obstacles.

It has a fixed height so you can’t adjust it which is a bit sad. But unfortunately, this is very common when it comes to electric scooters for both kids and adults.

The motor is powerful enough to handle small inclines without halting to a stop, but it does not work well on either grass or gravel due to its small and slick wheels


  • Speed up to 6 mph
  • A distance of up to 5 miles per charge
  • 12v Lead Acid
  • Age 6-16(My recommendation 4-10y)
  • Max rider weight 120 lbs
  • Up to 12 hours recharge time

Riding Experience

He rode it for almost 50 minutes until the battery was low. He accumulated about 5 miles which is exactly the distance advertised. He was riding on smooth terrain with very little elevation. The maximum speed of 6 mph is just perfect for kids this age and it lets them zoom around without us parents having to get a heart attack.

The scooters acceleration is smooth so there were no jerky handling.

For most kids this will be their first electric scooter and going from a kick-scooter to an electric one can be a bit of an adjustment. On this model, there is no foot brake which means they have to get used to braking with a handbrake like on most bicycles.

He had no problem carrying it up a couple of steps but needed help to get it all the way up to the second floor without an elevator. Not being able to hold it together didn’t help either.

He loved it though and overall I’d say it is definitely a favorite. No fuss, just a plain simple and fun scooter that can be easily learned and maneuvered by a kid in literally minutes from opening the package.

The review test data

Distance: 5.2 miles (44 lbs rider)

Speed: 6 mph

Avg speed: 3 mph

Battery Consumption: 100% to 0%

Surface: Flat surface and some minor elevation

Last words of recommendation

This model from Hoverstar is really good for the younger kids of the family. For under a hundred bucks you get a really well-built scooter that has a perfect speed limit for kids around 4-10 years. The steering bar is at a good height and it has an easy to use the handbrake.

A very appealing design which comes in multiple colors. No extra things, just a simple and cheap model that fits perfectly into the category of being someone’s first electric scooter.

If you want some more speed and distance per charge have a look at the Razor E90 review here.

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