Best electric scooter models for kids, teens & toddlers in 2023

Looking for a fun and safe electric scooter ride for your kid?

As a parent of three of natures wonders myself, I know that our kid’s safety is always a top priority. Hence, I have gone through the various models me and my kids have tested throughout the years and created a list of the best electric scooter models for kids from toddlers at the age of 2, all the way up to teenagers around age 16.

All these models have passed the UL(Underwriters Laboratories) safety test for electric vehicles and are considered to be safe.

In order to assure you that this is a somewhat impartial guide, I try to be as transparent as possible with the fact that I have my own shop back in Sweden. On the contrary, you should consider the deep understanding and knowledge I have accumulated on these types of products over the years. All that knowledge is what helped me choose which scooters actually make the cut and ended up on our list.

All products have been tested by me and/or my kids, except the baby. She’s only 5 months old and mom did not approve.

Top 6 Best Electric scooters for kids

Last update was on: March 28, 2023 11:21 pm

Note: All these products are reviewed separately. We have the intended user in mind when setting the score that determines what total score it should receive. The total score is the median of the scooter’s overall performance and riding experience.

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Turboant M10 Lite: Best Bang for Your Buck

The TurboAnt M10 Lite is an amazing, inexpensive electric scooter.

The Turboant M10 Lite is packed with features. To be perfectly honest, I think the M10 Lite is the best scooter on this list because of everything you get with this cheap electric scooter for kids.

The scooter features pneumatic tires which are great for a nice smooth ride. It’s got a great tech stack featuring a large LED display that shows you the scooter speed, the speed mode you are in and your overall battery life.

However, there are a couple of features the M10 Lite has that other scooters don’t. First, they are the only scooter company I know of that has a USB charging port! That’s right – if your phone is dying or about to die and you need some juice, just plug your phone into the M10 Lite and you’ll be able to charge the phone. Really cool.

Also, one thing that amps up safety are the red LED tail lights. The M10 Lite is the only scooter on this list that features taillights. So, if your kids are going to be riding at night, I would highly suggest buying this scooter.

I like the M10 Lite for kids because it can grow with them. This electric scooter model has two speed modes, eco mode and sport mode. Eco mode allows the scooter to go a maximum speed of 9 mph while Sport mode will allow your kids to ride 16 mph which is the scooter’s maximum speed. Having two speed modes is important for kids. They can start out slow and then as they get older and more comfortable, they can just change speed modes!

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Gotrax Glider: Best electric scooter for teenagers

For kids or shall I say, teenagers, 12+ I really think the Gotrax Glider is the best choice. My oldest is 6 years and uses one set to speed mode 1. This gives him a top speed of 11 mph, going full speed in second gear will give you a top speed of 17 mph.

The best part of the ability to limit the top speed is that when they grow the scooter will grow with them.

Another great thing about limiting the speed is that in first gear you’ll get a lot more distance per charge than you would be riding full throttle in second gear.

It’s a lightweight unit of 17 lbs and my kid has no problem folding it together and putting it away on his own.

Should you ever need to change the battery after a few years this process takes less than a two minutes and are only 2 screws away.

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Razor Power Core E90: Great option for 5-10 year-olds

Razor has always been able to deliver good motorized ride-ons to our kids and with a good track record of quality and safety, you know that what you buy is worth the price you pay for it.

Nothing has changed and the new upgraded E90 has a new maintenance free hub motor instead of that old noisy chain-driven motor.

It is equipped with a 12V/7Ah battery that gives you a top speed of 10 mph and a maximum distance of around 8-13 miles or 80 minutes if you ask Razor.

A very good first scooter choice that will deliver hours upon hours of riding fun to kids around age 5-10. After that, you might want to upgrade to something with a bit more watt for increased torque, speed, and overall better riding experience.

Note: Distance per charge depends on the user’s weight and the riding conditions. My youngest(33 lbs) got 13 miles out of a full charge. As with many Razors scooters, the E90 PC included, it does not have a variable throttle.

Read our full review on the Razor Powercore e90 here.

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A group of girls riding Best electric scooter models for kids

The Razor Pocket Mod is a bit different from all the other electric scooters. For starter, it is a seated model designed to look like a European Vespa. It is immensely popular among our young female riders much thanks to the ease of operation and the comfortable riding style.

Apart from that its fast enough to provide them with lots of high paced fun. At a top speed of 15 mph and with a driving distance of 10 miles on a fully charged battery, you can hardly go wrong.

It is easy to operate and if they feel unstable at times they can simply just put their feet down to regain balance. The large(12”) pneumatic tires and a rear suspension provides excellent riding comfort even on rough terrain.

It is said to support kids 13 years and up, but I’d say a responsible 10-year-old will have no problem whatsoever riding on the Pocket mod scooter. I’ve even read about 7 year-olds riding it without any issues. Main issues would be the fact that it goes go pretty fast. But the acceleration is very smooth and because they ride in a seated position it is much more stable than a regular electric scooter.

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Pulse Performance Safe Start: Best choice for toddlers

For the toddler, there is no better pick than the Safe Start electric scooter from pulse performance products. It provides your youngest with a thrilling yet safe ride. With a top speed of 1.75 mph they can ride it for approximately 40 minutes before you have to plug it into the charger.

It has a wide wheelbase as well as foot pad to ensure that the kids can keep their balance easy without tipping over. It is equipped with an oversteering protection system so that they do not make accidental u-turns and end up on their butt.

The small 18W motor gives them enough torque to get around but it won’t handle hills to well and also it does make a bit of a noise for something that small. Other than that this is the best electric scooter that you are going to find for your toddler.

You can read more about this 3-wheeling toddler scooter in the full review here.

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Gotrax Glider Cadet or Razor E100: Top pick for kids 6-12 years

The Glider Cadet from Gotrax and the Razor E100 are two very similar scooters. Not only do they have almost the same performance, they also look very much the same.

They are both fast enough to be fun, around 10-11 mph, but not too fast to make you as a parent feel uncomfortable letting your younger kids ride it.

They’ll be able to ride it up to 7 miles or for around 40-60 minutes depending on their weight and the terrain they ride on. Both electric scooters have a system in place for safe starting. They will have to kick once to reach 3 mph before they can engage the motor using the twist-grip throttle.

Note that they do not have variable throttles so there is only full speed ahead.

Also read: Gotrax GXL Review – A price-worthy commuter from Gotrax

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How we evaluate each scooter

These are some of the points that in combination make up our total score:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Riding experience

We use these pointers in combination with our own hands-on testing and former customers feedback.

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What to think about when buying an electric scooter for your kid

As a parent you are always concerned with the safety of your kids and buying an electric scooter isn’t going to be any different. You want to know that the new toy you’ve just bought them, for whatever the reason, is safe and will bring them hours of fun, and not a juicy hospital bill.

For this reason, I who have years of experience testing various electric rides and with my background as a retailer decided to create this guide. A complete guide to help other parents make a smart decision on what to pick depending on a few certain criteria:

  • Age of your child
  • Your kid’s personality
  • Their prior experience
  • What they need it for
  • Where will they ride
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Age recommendation

Most scooters have a recommended age set by the brand who makes them. This should be taken with a grain of salt since these brands often set a much higher recommended age than what it takes to operate the scooter. This is due to one thing only and that is that they do not want to put the recommended age too low and end up with users being disappointed due to them not being able to operate the scooter safely.

They could take it down a notch though. Many times my oldest son, soon to be 7 years, can operate the scooters recommended for kids 13+ easily.

I suggest that you evaluate your kid’s safety awareness and experience with balance and operating a ride with brakes. That is what should set the standard and everyone learns differently, some are fast learners and some like to take it a bit slower. So use your good judgment as a parent. None can evaluate your kid’s skills better than you yourself.

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Personality plays a big role

In my home we have two guys utilizing electric scooters every single day, not only for fun but to join me going to the store and such. And let me tell you. They have nothing in common when it comes to riding style.

The older is very aware of dangers and prioritizes safety very high, while the youngest doesn’t. His priority is to see as much as possible and to win the race. Because there is always a race!

Determine which rider your kid is. This can be done by looking at how he/she experienced riding a bike for the first time and how he/she is evaluating the surroundings while crossing the street. Basic things like that help you judge.
If the child is cautious you can go with a faster scooter. On the other hand, if they aren’t you should pick something that is a bit slower so they can build up their riding skill before jumping onto something more powerful.

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Prior experience

Scooters are easy to use and many kids already know how to scoot like a pro using a normal kick-scooter. For someone who already possesses the skills needed to ride a kick-scooter, there is little to no learning curve going to an electric one. All they have to get used to is that the electric one goes forward using a throttle instead of them having to push.

If they have no prior experience with kick-scooters that shouldn’t be an issue. The learning curve is steep and learning how to ride one is easy. If they have good balance you can rest assured that they will get the hang of it in a matter of minutes.

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What are their needs

Some want a scooter to go back and forth to school so that their parents don’t have to pick them up and drop them off by car every single day. An electric scooter is a great way for them to safely commute to school and home again when the bell rings out. Depending on what type of road they will be riding on and how far away their school is you must pick a scooter that can handle their daily commute and hopefully a few miles extra so they can ride a bit more just for fun or in order to follow a friend home after school.

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Where will they ride

Depending on what type of road they will be riding on whether it be gravel, dirt or asphalt, you need to take this into consideration when looking at which model to pick. There are some models that can handle the off-road terrain and grass even for kids. Perhaps you will be taking it with you to the summerhouse and all that is there is gravel and packed dirt roads. Then you want to be looking at a scooter that can handle those type of terrains. Also, consider getting something with more motor power since this type of riding often needs higher torque to get them around without any issues.

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Safety aspect – Setting the standard

Ride safely for kids Best electric scooter models for kids

Riding an electric scooter is a lot of fun, no matter what age you’re at. It provides your kid with an extended feeling of freedom, just like when you rode a bike for the first time. But there are dangers that every child should be made aware of prior to them riding.

Here are a few of the things you should teach your child before letting them operate the scooter.

  • Make sure to highlight the basic traffic rules and the importance of being aware of your surroundings while riding. Even if they are just riding close to home or on a street without traffic, knowing how to interact with others in traffic is of utmost importance.
  • Make sure they fully understand how the scooter works and operate without any issues before letting them go on their own. And by going on their own, I mean that they ride without you running beside them. You should always keep an eye on your child while riding to be able to intervene if anything happens.
  • Use proper safety gear. Buying appropriate and high-quality safety gear is just as important as buying the right scooter for your little one. I wrote a guide earlier going through the best safety gear for kids and what type of gear they should use while riding. Thee are even laws that say kids cannot operate an electric scooter without a helmet if under a certain age.
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When you’ve gone through the points above you are more than ready to pick the right model for your kid. There are a lot of good scooters out there, but I want to remind you that there are also models that don’t uphold the quality standards you want to see in an electric kids scooter. So make sure you do your own due diligence if you pick a model that hasn’t been tested by us at Envyride.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here make sure to read our other electric scooter reviews.

Here is a recap of what we suggest you should keep an extra eye on when making your decision:

  • Choose a scooter with power according to your child’s age and experience.
  • Make sure the scooter isn’t too large, nor too small for the intended user.
  • See what other parents with kids the same age as you thought about the scooter in its reviews.
  • The scooter should be easy to operate in terms of steering and speed adjustment.
  • For commuting kids, make sure it has a good enough battery to handle the distance.

Now you are more than capable to pick the best suitable electric scooter for your kid that’ll give them hours of fun. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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