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MacWheel MX1 Review – Stronger & Better than the M365?

So for about 2 months now I’ve been testing the MacWheel MX1 throughout the Costa del sol and I’d like to think so.

Get it now and I promise you won’t regret it.


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I’ve done everything on this scooter. From grocery shopping to off-road riding and mountain riding. And everything has been done in order to determine what you as a customer can expect from this scooter upon purchase. 

The MX1 is produced by a fairly new brand called MacWheel. The design follows the standard that the Xiaomi m365 put into place in 2018.

In fact, the MX1 has a lot in common with the M365 in terms of appearance and functionality, but how about whats on the inside?

Let’s see what the MX1 has to offer.

An extensive look at the Mx1.


The MX1 is a really nice electric scooter and right now it’s priced a bit below the Xiaomi M365. The scooter comes with a strong 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery that can throttle you up to 18.6 miles on a single charge. 

It boasts more power thanks to the powerful front mounted 350W motor which can provide a good speed up to 15.6 mph. It will easily take on inclines as steep as 14 degrees although I bet I did even steeper climbs than that at times.

If you need to stop you just use the disc/electrical combo-break. This brake engages both the rear disc brake and the electrical hub motor brake at the same time to give you a soft stop while still providing great braking power.

It has two 8.5” foam filled puncture free tires which means you don’t have to worry about getting a flat mid-riding. This has been crucial to me as the streets here are pretty bad and I rather have a bumpier ride then getting a flat all of the time.

A sturdy and well-built model that can accommodate riders of up to 256 lbs.


Speed up to 15.6 mph

A distance of up to 18.6 miles per charge

350W hub motor

Lithium-ion 36V/7.8Ah(270Wh)

Weight 28.35 lbs

Ground Clearance 90mm

8.5” solid rubber

Maximum user weight allowed of 256 lbs

Can tackle slopes up to 14 degrees

Up to 4 hours recharge time

Macwheel Electric Scooter, 17 Miles Long Range Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, 8" Non-Pneumatic Tires, Portable and Folding Commuter Electric...

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Riding Experience

The scooter is as reliable as a train on its tracks and for once I must say that a scooter holds true to pretty much all of its acclaimed specifics.

On flat ground and with a full battery I had no problem with my 173 lbs to reach the 15.6 mph capped top speed and I did so fairly fast. Just remember, as battery power goes down, so does the scooters top speed. At around 30% to 0% battery you can expect a top speed of around 11-12 mph. Maybe even less at the very last 10%.

The 36V 7.8Ah(270Wh) battery, if drained completely, can be recharged again within a couple of hours. About 4 to be more precise and this gets you up and running again in no time. 

The 8.5” foam-filled indestructible tires are said to provide some suspension although they feel very similar to a solid rubber one to me. So on very uneven terrain it gets a bit bumpy. Should you want to, there are honeycomb tires available for this model that you can change to for increased suspension. If this scooter would have had pneumatic tires I would probably have gotten about 15 flats by now, and that’s a low guess.

battery and motor internal macwheel mx1

Riding on various terrain this scooter really outperforms any other scooter in the same price range that I have tested so far.

If I haven’t broken this scooter yet after the intense and horrible roads I’ve been forced to ride it on. You’ll probably have to throw it off a cliff to brake it. Just hear me out. The road I have to take to the store doesn’t even deserve to be called a path. Filled with 3 inch stones, potholes and debris. Just horrible, but the MX1 is by far the best commute I’ve had along these roads so far and it even made it fun to go to the store.

The scooters low weight being only about 28 lbs makes it possible to jump up and down pavements and other obstacles.

I took it up to the mountain one day where it is fairly steep around 20% and I didn’t have to help it up, It didn’t go fast though but it conquered the hill nonetheless. Just remember I always recommend you do a couple of help kicks while starting out and going uphill as it greatly increases the distance you get out of a single charge.

Riding on flat and good roads the scooter does really well. No shaking and the tires provides it with good grip even during wet conditions.

The stem is a bit shaky and it gets worse the more you ride so you will have to maintain that by tightening the screws where you fold the scooter. There are also add-ons that you can buy(built for the M365 but fits perfectly on the MX1)put there to make it more sturdy. It’s not a major issue but good to know. The tools needed are provided with the scooter and it takes 10 seconds to do so once every third month or so.

Brakes was great the first few rides but after a couple of heavy brakes to test them out I decided that they would need to be tightened. On 8/10 scooters that I test I always have to tighten the disc brakes after a couple of rides. It takes about 20 second to adjust them. After that I’ve had no issues at all and the scooter did a full stop from 14.5 mph in about one to two meters.

The scooter has the same smart and simple folding feature as the M365 and the stem is thin enough to give you a good grip around while carrying. You can do the procedure with one and in a couple of seconds. We live 2 stairs up right now and I have had no issues carrying it there.

The scooter has a good combo of speed, distance, weight, and size. I can go to the store furthest away from home(about 7 miles, load my bag with 25-30kg of groceries(total load of about 110-120kg) and then ride back home and still have a comfortable amount of juice left in the battery upon arrival. And as I said earlier that’s on very bad terrain and most often with a decent amount of wind as I ride half way on the beach paths.

A big plus that it looks just like the Xiaomi m365 is that you can get spare parts for the m365 and it fits just perfectly on the MX1. Since the aforementioned scooter has been sold in millions there are a ton of both cool and necessary add-ons to be had. There are a few extras I would consider buying straight away and that’s the rear splash guard stabilizer can be attached without you having to disassemble anything and that stabilizer for the stem that I mentioned earlier. You can a combo with both products in one pack on Amazon here. They do wonders.

Here are a few things I would have loved to have changed. The tires filling could have been softer for increased suspension.

I would want the ability to turn on/off the speed cruise control as I almost crashed a few times on the narrow bridges here. The scooter barely fits on them so don’t be a douche. We’re talking 1 cm free space on each side of the handlebar.

The LCD display should be brighter. I think its either bad LED’s or a very dark plastic cover above the LCD making it hard to read on sunny days.

Kid riding the Macwheel mx1 along the beach

From a kids perspective this is a great scooter too. Both my 6 and soon to be 8-year-old have used it while in second gear. This provides them with a good riding speed for a kid with some experience. If you want them to stick to your walking pace you can keep it in gear 1 which will provide them with walking speed and you don’t have to worry about them riding off.

Good height on the handlebar makes it easy for them to maneuver the scooter and using the handbrake isn’t a problem either. They won’t be carrying it around though, that’s for sure.

If you want one or a few models that everyone can enjoy and benefit from then the Mx1 will be the perfect fit for the entire family.

Should you want to ride together with them the scooter can easily accommodate both an adult and a kid at the same time. As long as your cool with sharing foot space.


  • Very durable
  • Good price point
  • Headlight & brake light
  • Cruise control
  • High battery capacity
  • 3-speed modes to choose from
  • Puncture free large 8.5” tire
  • Great folding 
  • Kick to start feature

The review test data

Distance: 12.4 miles

Speed: 19.1 mph

Avg speed: 9.8 mph

Battery Consumption: 100% to 10%

Surface: Mainly packed dirt with good amount of ups and downs

Last words of recommendation

For less than what you would pay for the m365 you get a similar looking scooter but with even more power. It has the same distance per charge and aesthetics including their famous folding function.

This allows you to use spare parts created for the m365 on your mx1 which pretty much tells you there will be an infinite availability on cheap spare parts should you ever need it. A very important thing to consider when buying any electric vehicle.

A great all round scooter that can handle most adults needs. Whether you’re a daily commuter, riding just for fun, or will use it as your main source of transportation(Grocery shopping, errands, and so on) the MX1 from Macwheel will provide a solid choice every day of the week.

Should you need more distance you might want to check out the new Xiaomi 365 Pro.

One of the most well-built scooters I’ve tested in this price range. If I haven’t killed it now after two months of testing, yours will probably last for years because this one has been pushed to its limits for sure.

PS. it’s still going strong so just treat yourself with a quality ride.

Last update was on: May 8, 2024 3:33 am

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