Pulse Performance Electric Scooter: A Great, Cheap Electric Scooter?

Pulse Performance Products (PPP) began in 2007 with the Kick’ N Go Performance Scooter launch. Since then, they have developed unique and innovative products, including the Charger Electric Scooter and the Slither Drift Scooter. In addition, Pulse Performance Products has established razor-sharp, groundbreaking trends in scooter development, such as the CDT or Composite Deck Traction, a deck with modern in-mold graphics and in-traction molding to set their products apart from their competitors. 

The Pulse Performance electric scooter is popular for kids and teenagers who want an affordable, fun way to get around. It has a maximum speed of 10 mph and can travel up to 40 minutes on a single charge. The scooter features a chain-driven motor, twist-grip throttle control, and hand-operated rear brake for easy maneuverability. It also has a sturdy steel frame, a wide deck with grip tape for stability, and pneumatic tires that provide smooth rides even on rough terrain. The scooter comes in various colors and designs to suit different preferences.

Pulse Performance Products prides itself on its design, testing, and delivery of the most innovative scooters in the world – because that is what they do best. To ensure your child has a safe ride, the Pulse Performance Electric Scooter has a heavy-duty, contoured stem, handlebars for comfort, and a steel frame that provides durability and extra protection. 

The electric kid’s scooter is designed with age-appropriate features to keep them safe. As with any kid’s electric scooter, there is an element of risk at the same level as that associated with a manual scooter or bicycle. The rider’s safety can be improved by ensuring they wear protective clothing and a helmet while riding to protect them against falls.

Who Should Buy the Pulse Performance Electric Scooter?

The Pulse Electric Scooter is designed for riders eight years of age and older, with a maximum weight of 120 lbs. As independence is essential for kids, a junior-level, preschool, or more petite version of a kick scooter is a good beginning for them. Scooter safety and performance are the next factors to consider when they are ready for an electric model. 

The minimum recommended age for an electric scooter is eight years old. An electric scooter for kids is a fun and inexpensive way for them to enjoy the outdoors. With warm weather approaching, prying them away from their iPad, computer, or television is a perfect way. Like electric scooters for adults, the kids’ scooters have a motor and battery, limiting the top speed and range, so they cannot go too far or too fast. 

One thing to note is that a little kid’s electric scooter lacks bells or lights. Therefore, they should only be ridden during daylight hours and away from the danger of busy roads and traffic. Although it is not mandated, be sure to get your child a helmet and make sure they wear it. This is a safety measure that cannot be stressed too much.

Features of the Pulse Performance Electric Scooter

Here is some information about the various features of the scooter, emphasizing its construction, safety features, and durability.


Pulse Performance Deck

While you ride, the deck is the foundation upon which you stand. It is made of rubber to provide better traction for the rider. The deck of the scooter is like a skateboard. Some electric scooters have a battery pack housed in the deck. 

Many of the scooter decks have a type of textured finish, providing a better grip between the shoes and the scooter. At the same time, others have a sloped deck, which provides more space for the feet, making the deck more comfortable. The typical size of a scooter deck is 14″ by 5″ and provides a few inches of ground clearance.


Surrounded by a sturdy metal frame, the two tires for this Pulse Performance Electric Scooter are maintenance-free polyurethane tires, measured at 140mm x 30mm, and come supported with the newest innovations for safe stopping and push-to-go technology (i.e., ABEC-5 bearings). The materials of this electric scooter’s tires promise a smooth and safe ride at speeds up to 8 MPH, or 50 minutes of ride time. 



A quality braking system is needed to stay in control and safe while riding the electric scooter. Our electric scooter is manufactured with an integrated rear foot brake that warrants the same, if not a higher, standard of safety than that claimed for other electric scooters equivalent in performance, longevity, and construction. 

Speed Controller

The dual-wheeled electric scooter features a chain-driven motor of 80 watts with speeds up to eight miles per hour. The speed controller powers the motor based on pressure from the accelerator. An electric component buried deep inside the scooter controls the current flow from the battery to the motor. 

The controller looks like a rectangular metal can with many wires in it. The metal enclosure serves as heat sync, receiving inputs from the accelerator and electronic brake controls and translating them into a current sent to the motor. The speed controllers are rated based on the voltage and current they regulate. Scooters with powerful motors will have controllers with higher max current ratings and voltage. 

Controllers are the most under-appreciated parts of the electric scooter. Most of the time, they do their job very well. But they can be aggravating when things go wrong. On poorly designed scooters, controllers can malfunction or fail.

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The handlebars are the primary connection to the scooter. They house the controls, which include the brakes and accelerator. The Pulse Performance Electric Scooter has folding handlebars, which reduces the width, making the scooter a very portable, transportable, and storable size. Above all, this electric scooter provides extra protection and durability with its robust stem, rise bars, and steel frame. 

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Quality of Construction

The construction of the Pulse Performance Electric Scooter is very durable. It has a heavy-duty stem, rise bars, and steel frame, which provide durability and extra protection. The scooter measures 31″ in length, 18″ in width, and 35″ in height. As it weighs only 26 lbs., it is also easy to carry.



The 12-volt rechargeable battery system offers your child continuous riding for up to an hour most of the time, so their ride can continue. The battery packs of an electric scooter are made up of several individual cells that are assembled together. 

The batteries are the “gas tank” of the electric scooter. They store the energy used by the electric motor and other accessories. Batteries are rated in watt-hours, which measures their capacity, and battery capacity is one of the essential factors in determining the electric scooter range. 

The initial battery charge time of the 12v battery is 14 hours, with a ten-hour charge time after the initial charge. While the scooter is not in regular use, the batteries must be charged monthly to maximize performance. 

Charging the electric scooter is very simple. Insert one end of the battery charger into the charging port on the scooter and the opposite end of the charger into a wall outlet.


safety sets

Safety equipment, especially a helmet, is a must while riding an electric scooter to avoid serious injury. Depending on the riding conditions and the speed at which the child travels, you may need more or less equipment. You should provide your child these items before allowing them to ride their scooter. 

  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Horn
  • Knee pads
  • Lights
  • Protective pants and jackets

The Push-To-Go technology, thumb-activated throttle, and rear foot brake are a Pulse Performance Electric Scooter’s bonus safety features.


Pulse Performance Products warranties this product to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from the purchase date. This limited warranty does not cover everyday use, wear and tear, cables, tires, or any damage, failure, or loss caused by incorrect assembly, maintenance, storage, or electric scooter use. The warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective parts only. You can then get a new electric scooter or get a free repair. 

Maintain your Pulse Performance Electric Scooter properly to avoid any damage not covered by the warranty. This limited warranty would be void if the product were used in a way other than for transportation or recreation, altered in any way, or used for rental use. The manufacturer will not be responsible for incidental or consequential loss or damage due indirectly or directly to the use of this product. 

Pulse Performance Products™ does not provide or offer an extended warranty. However, If you have purchased an extended warranty, the retailer from which the scooter was purchased must honor it. In order to use it, please retain your original sales receipt and product serial number for future reference.

Review of the Pulse Performance Electric Scooter 

As a result, The Pulse Performance Electric Scooter would be a great gift for any young child celebrating a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. It is easy to handle, does not have too much speed, and the battery holds a charge for almost an hour.

It has the quality and safety features necessary for a young rider. The scooter is easier to control than a bicycle while waiting in a crosswalk or crossing the street. The smooth ride is quite comfortable, and it stops and starts easily.

The frame is welded steel, with a few plastic panels attached to the frame with nuts and bolts. Underneath the plastic cover, the components are bolted to the frame. In addition, the motor, brake, steering linkage, tires, and rear axle are sturdy enough to qualify this product as an excellent buy for the money.

Any parent or grandparent should feel comfortable purchasing this for the special child in their life. It is a great way to surprise that special child or grandchild with a great gift that will be loved and enjoyed for a long time to come!

Pulse Performance Products Recalled Scooters

To avoid any kind of confusion, it is important to note that the Pulse Performance Electric Scooter we reviewed here is not the Pulse Scooter that was involved in the recall. In fact, the one in the recall isn’t even an electric scooter. The scooter involved in the Pulse recall were the Krusher Push scooters. The scooter, built in 2017, had a main tube that collapsed a few times on riders and became a fall hazard. It was good for Pulse in that they had 15 reports, so they recalled the whole line. Better safe than sorry!

If you go to the Pulse Performance Products company website, you will find information about that recall. Consumers who happen to have that particular machine will want to look for the factory code, date code and item number on the device and then contact Pulse Performance Products to report that you have a model that has a problem so you can request a full refund. When you call then, they will ask you for personal information in order to process your refund. Pretty simple.


Most frequent questions and answers

How long does it take to charge a pulse electric scooter?

Initial battery charge time- 14 hours • Recharges after initial charge-Up to 10 hours • When scooter is not in regular use batteries need to be charged on a monthly basis to maximize performance.

How do you start a pulse electric scooter?

Our Safe Start push button gradually accelerates the scooter for a smooth and gradual take-off. Releasing the button allows it to smoothly decelerate to a safe stop. Safe Start scooters are easy to assemble. Simply attach the steering tube to the base and it’s ready to go.

What is the safety equipment needed?

These are the items that you should provide your child before allowing them to ride their scooter.

Elbow pads
Knee pads
Protective pants and jackets

Does Pulse E Scooter have a speed controller?

The controller looks like a rectangular metal can with many wires from it. The metal enclosure serves as heat sync, receiving inputs from the accelerator, and electronic brake controls then translate it into a current sent to the motor.

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