Qiewa Q1 hummer – Who is it for and how good is it really?

The Qiewa Q1 Hummer has some of the best specifics on paper.

But how good is it really?

We’ve done an extensive test-ride on it over the course of a week and finally have all the juicy information written down on paper. So let’s jump straight into the review part of this article and see if it really is one of the greatest electric scooters out there right now.


Straight out of the box the scooter feels pretty heavy. Heavy in a good quality and stable frame way. I don’t mind the extra weight of a more durable electric scooter as long as you get a lot more when it comes to performance and quality.

It’s a hard thing to balance quality and performance vs weight. After riding this thing for a week I can say that performance does outweigh the few extra pounds that a larger motor and battery adds to the scooter.

The insane 60 miles per charge and 35 mph are very similar to what the Speedway IV and I have had a hard time picking a favorite here. Although the Speedway scooter is a couple of hundred bucks more I don’t see much of a major difference. That will just come down to personal taste in design and minor features.

It has two headlights mounted on the handle and a tail light for increased visibility. It boasts the same dual spring shock system as the Qiewa Qmini, two in the back and two in the front. Though they seem to do a much better job.

In order to increase comfort even further, they’ve gone ahead with 10” pneumatic tires for an even smoother ride.

But speed and riding comfortably isn’t everything, you want safety too. Therefore they’ve equipped the Qiewa Q1 Hummer with both a front and a rear disc brake, unfortunately, you will be needing to adjust them every once in a while in order to get good and responsive braking.

braking system q1


Speed up to 35 mph

Distance up towards 60 miles per charge

Hub motor 800W

Lithium-ion 48V 26Ah

Weight 55 lbs

10″ pneumatic tires

9.4 Total Score

The Qiewa Q1 works excellent in both urban and off-road terrain. Suitable for adults and responsible teens above 16. One of the most enjoyable electric scooter rides of my life so far. The high speed gives you the ability to go from the sidewalk, to bike lane, and then onto the road. This way it'll get you where ever you want to go fast. Driving it economically on second gear on flat service will almost exactly deliver you those 60 miles per charge.

9.4Expert Score
9.4User's score
  • Insane performance
  • Accurate distance per charge
  • Great shock absorption
  • Excellent torque
  • Folding is a snap
  • Bottom plate that protects the battery have had thicker metal
  • Long charge time with the standard charger
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Riding experience

As I haven’t tested too many off-road electric scooters yet I decided to take it to our own private little dirt track. It did do a fantastic job getting through the course without me having to stop a single time. The shocks and pneumatic tires really do a good job of absorbing shocks from bumps and potholes.

It’s one of few electric scooters with an IP6 waterproof design which lets you ride it in any weather. A very good thing considering this scooter isn’t just a last mile solution, it’s built to take you to work even if work means going to the other side of town. The splash guards might not protect you too well though.

Riding around town was a blast and I could really feel all those eyes starting to glance my way. You know how much I love attention. With this speed, I could easily just zig-zag through all the cars on my way back home.

Folding mechanism works very well and it shouldn’t take you more than 10 seconds to get it fully folded after a few practice folds.

Only a few issues I see with this scooter is the 55 lbs weight which might be a bit much for some. It doesn’t really reach that 35 mph, not even on a flat surface. I didn’t reach more than 30 mph going flat with my 178 lbs. However, I did go around 42 mph downhill which felt insanely fast on an e-scooter.

We use 5 different GPS trackers at the same time to get the accurate value of miles per hour and distance. The speedometer that comes with the scooter show you a 20-25% higher speed.

It takes care of uphills like a king and there is a lot of torque to go around in this 800W motor.

Qiewa Q1 hummer screenFeatures

  • Zero maintenance 800W hub motor.
  • Four great spring shocks that work very well at absorbing bumps.
  • An anti-theft alarm that is loud and works well.
  • A massive amount of torque for riding uphill.
  • Dual disc brake system.
  • Three different speed-modes to choose from.
  • Headlights, tail-lights, and side-lights for greater visibility.

The review test data

Distance: 45 miles

Speed: 30.4 mph

Avg speed: 16.8 mph

Battery Consumption: 100% to 0%

Surface: Flat with minor hills

Speed-mode: 90% second gear, 9% third, 1% first

Last words

I am very impressed with the quality and attention to detail of the Qiewa Q1. It provides a far more comfortable ride than its little brother, the Qmini. The motor takes on most steep hills and even though it drains the battery pretty fast I would say not as fast as on many other scooters. I which it would have been a bit lighter but with the performance, you get that might be close to impossible.

I recommend the Qiewa Q1 Hummer to people above 16 years old, but since this is not a toy like the Razor E200 models, I would first and foremost say it’s built for adults. A responsible teen will be able to handle it safely in second gear. If you want a good alternative to taking the car that provides you with hours of riding time if you choose to ride economically(Which nobody does since riding this thing is so fun) I would say, just go for it.

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  1. 4.7

    Superb scooter. I bought two and love them both. The only caution I have is that it is tough to find someone to work on them when issues come up. One of the scooters had a flat tire and I watched a seasoned pro take 30 mins to get the tire off to expose and change the inner tube. The team from the seller can provide answers to questions but there is a language barrier. Sometimes the response doesn’t answer the question and sometimes it just makes no sense in the English translation.

    + PROS: Awesome scooter...a blast to ride.
    - CONS: No adequate support for issues as they arise. The rating bars lack one for service and support so I’ll state that would be 1 Star.
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  2. How was the speed measured in the review? There are some customers complaining the speedometer is not calibrated.

    • The speed was measured with two different mobile GPS applications that we use and the speedometer is a few mph too high in my opinion. However, the speed in our review data is correct according to both applications.

  3. How much snow could you ride this scooter over? I plan on using it to commute to work (1.5 miles) in Boston in the winter. Do you think the battery would have trouble in sub-zero temps?

    I also see that it is waterproof. Any trouble riding it through puddles or in a downpour?

    • In terms of the temperature, I would say no problem. Been riding lots of electric things while I lived in Sweden with -5 to -10 during the winter season. You do get less range but if you store them in a warm place riding 1.5 miles would be no biggie.
      Riding in winter you want to keep the battery warm and while riding you keep both the motor and battery warm. Its if you stop and let it stay still in the cold that you will start to see some issues. But we’re talking hours to days then.
      Downpour is never something I recommend. Sure some rain or puddles rarely create problems, but large amounts are always a no go for me because these rides are so expensive 🙂

  4. […] A fast electric scooter that provides a comfortable ride no matter what surface you’re riding on. If you want something with even more distance and comfort I would highly recommend that you read our review of the Speedway IV. or its older brother, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer. […]

  5. 4.7

    Can anybody please help identifying make, number and manufacturer of the 10″ inner tube for Q1? Thank you

    + PROS: Distance, load
    - CONS: Weight for carrying it around, putting into a trunk
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