Razor E100 review – How good is the cheap Razor electric scooter

Razor’s E100 model has been one of their best selling electric scooter model for kids all over the world for years now.

Can it still meet the needs of today’s kids with all these other brands and models that have been emerging through the years?

We know so – The E100 still has a lot to offer kids who like to dip their toes into the electric scooter area. The affordable price makes all the difference.  It’s a simple model that has everything a younger person might need in moderation. Something that we think is great with this model is the handbrake which most kids are used to from their ordinary bikes and the twistgrip throttle is easy for them to handle.


The E100 comes with a decent speed of 10 mph and I would recommend it for kids around 6 to 10 years old because of the top speed. According to Razor, you should get a good 40 minutes (4-6 miles) of riding out of it if you’re a child. Just remember that it varies a lot depending on rider weight and terrain.

I do not like that they use lead-acid batteries as they have a far lengthier recharge time than lithiums and are much heavier. But at this price, you can’t ask for much more. The recharge time is 8-12 hours and I recommend you to get a pack of extra batteries ( 2 x 12v). Otherwise, you better cover your ears because there will be complaints from your kids.

7.7 Total Score
For the youngsters

The E100 is a good electric scooter for younger kids. It possesses a good balance between speed and distance although the recharge time takes forever it makes up for it for being affordable. A good ride if you're on a budget but really want to get your kid a scooter to ride on.

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Safe and durable
  • Kickstart function reduces the risk of accidental take-offs
  • Affordable price tag
  • Perfect speed for the age in mind
  • Cheap spare parts available
  • The weight of the rider plays a big role so give that some extra thought
  • Chain guard might scrape the ground while turning
  • Twist throttle does not have variable speed, full speed straight off the bat makes it jolt slightly
  • Long recharge time of 8-12 hrs
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Riding experience

I do love Razor for building great quality stuff, but comparing these old chain-driven scooters to a new hub motor scooter is just not fair. The E100’s chain makes a lot of noise in comparison, and it doesn’t handle inclines too well thanks to its low output. But you can always help it out with a few kicks and the price makes up for its flaws. If you want more power, longer ride time, and a quieter ride they’ve launched an upgrade called Power Core E100 that has a built-in maintenance-free 100W hub motor instead.

I weigh in at around 77 kilos and can easily ride it together with my 4-year-old who weigh around 15 kilos so the quality of the scooter is just fantastic. It might not go fast though and only on flat surfaces.

The front wheel is subject to flats as it has inflatable 8” wheels, they do however give you a more comfortable ride given the shock reduction they provide. It comes with a kick-stand so your kids don’t have to toss it around and damage the handlebar. It is a simple scooter that does it for most younger kids. The riding experience overall is very good and my kids like to ride it a lot. The kick to start function prevents accidental take-offs very well.

I’ve never felt uncomfortable letting them ride it on their own since it doesn’t go too fast and it is really easy to learn.

Features of the E100

  • The kick-to-start function that means you have to kick the scooter to 2-3 mph before you can actually use the throttle helps reduce the risk of accidental take-offs
  • Pneumatic 8” tire at the front gives you some shock-reduction
  • A small kickstand so that your kids can park easily without throwing it to the ground and damaging it
  • Twist grip throttle that makes riding easier for kids

Our review test data

An inside look of the razor e100Runtime: 38 minutes

Distance: 5.2 miles

Speed: 10 mph

Avg speed: 6.7 mph

Battery Consumption: 100% to 0%

Surface: Uneven roads with minor elevation

Last words of recommendation

So as I said before I wouldn’t recommend the E100 to kids older than around 10-12 years as the speed and acceleration won’t be thrilling enough for those older. For kids around 6-10 years it’s the perfect scoot in my opinion. Priced at an affordable price you get a lot of electric scooter for your money and there is always spare parts available for just a few bucks thanks to Razor’s mass production of these scooters.

Learning how to ride and master it is easy. The only downside is that it has a two lead acid batteries giving it a recharge time of around 8-12 hours which in kid-time is forever. So either go with a setup of two spare 12v batteries or get yourself some earplugs because there will be complaints.

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