Razor E200/E200S VS RX200 review – Which one is the better pick?

We got a duel on our hands here between the Razor E200 and the RX200. Two similar scooters where the RX model has gotten a few upgrades and tweaks in order to make it more off-road friendly.

The question is: Which one is the best pick for your kid?

SpecificationsRazor RX200Razor E200
Distance per charge 9-10 miles9-10 miles
Battery2 x 12v Lead-acid2 x 12v Lead-acid
Tires8” pneumatic tires 8” pneumatic tires
Weight limit154 lbs154 lbs
Top speed12 mph12 mph

Their differences

As you can see in the performance specifications above both of these scooters have the same specifics.

You’re probably thinking, why make two of the same model?

Well, to start with, the E200 and E200S have been very popular scooters throughout the years, and in order to advance, I think that Razor wanted a model that was more off-road friendly. Out came the Razor RX200, a slightly modified E200 scooter.

There are a few differences between them and below we’ve listed these differences:

  • Handlebar, The RX200 has a more bike-like handlebar for rougher riding.
  • Motor, Same motors except for the new gear ratio for the RX200 gives it higher-torque to be able to handle off-road terrain.
  • Brake, The E200 has a simple hand-brake where the RX200 comes with a disc brake. Not like it makes a lot of difference at this speed.
  • Tires, The E200 has slick tires for street riding and the RX200 is equipped with off-road tires for superior grip on rough terrain.

Those are the differences between the scooters and as you can see there are no major ones. There are a few small adjustments and one or two design improvements in order to make it more appealing.

For example, they’ve gone with the army green color to create a feeling of a cooler more badass scooter.

But is it?


Let’s kick some dirt with these scooters and see what they’re all about. We are going to start out with the RX200 and then go over to reviewing the E200. After we’ve gone through them separately we will compare them to each other and see which one will come out on top. For more knowledge, you can read our article on how an electric scooter works.


The RX200 is a good scooter with many things in moderation. I like the idea of having a new set of tires to enable riding on rougher terrain whilst still being able to handle streets just as well.

The new gear ratio is a small improvement but nothing major in my opinion. It does feel a bit stronger and the acceleration of the scooter has improved with that.

Off-road riding wise it’s nothing spectacular and if I wanted to get my kids something for dirt riding I’ll probably not choose the RX200. But if I would get them a multitask scooter that could handle riding on grass, gravel, and so on I would have no problem paying the small amount of money that this scooter cost.

The 8” inflatable tires give it some decent shock-reducing benefits while also providing good grip on most surfaces.

I also like the new style of the handlebar which in my opinion improves rideability, is far more stable, and reduces the risk of it getting bent upon a throwdown.

As with all Razor scooters, it did provide a nice scooter ride for a cheap buck, and even though I didn’t feel it had anything groundbreaking. However, my kids seemed to love being able to go round our dirt track in the backyard.

It had some issues with the steeper and longer hill climbs but one or two kicks and they were over.


The E200 is a popular scooter among 6-12 year-olds and it was first introduced years ago. It’s still a very popular scooter even after so many years it keeps entertaining kids and providing them with great value for the small amount of cash you’d spend on one.

It has the same performance in terms of speed and distance as the RX200. But there is one thing the RX200 doesn’t have and that is the add-on seat. You can get the seat by purchasing the modified model E200S, where S stands for Seat.

A pretty comfortable seat where you have the option to just unmount it and only use it as a standing scooter if you prefer to do that. There aren’t a lot of differences when it comes to price, a few more bucks and you will have this option. If they ride the full 40 minutes or take it for a spin to a friend’s house I think the seat is a great modification to an already good scooter.

Other than the seat there isn’t a lot of things special about this model.

It is important to remember that the scooters Razor built is for kids like toys and not transportation per se.

My kids love the E200 and thought that being able to sit while riding was a lot of fun, just like riding a bicycle. The 8” pneumatic tires work great on most surfaces except for grass I would say. They work well under wet conditions, even though I do not recommend that you ride when it’s wet outside. We did give it a test run in the rain and it wasn’t too slippery.

So which is the best option?

No time to sugarcoat things here. I would definitely pick the RX200 even though I did like the seat option for the E200S the RX200 opened up a world of possibilities for my kids in terms of riding various terrains. I’ve always been a bit angry at Razor about their torque and even though they did improve that with a hub motor on some models, like the Power core E90. The RX200 has much more strength to deliver and the kids didn’t have to help kick the scooter up slopes as much as with the standard model.

A simple choice for me is the RX200 since it handles street riding just as well as it does off-road, whilst the E200 didn’t do much good on the dirt track. If I didn’t want the off-road availability I would go for the Powercore E100 or Powercore E90.

If you have any questions leave a comment below or ask us on social media!

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