Razor E300/S Review – Are Razor’s teenage scooter any good?

Razors E300 model is an electric scooter aimed at pre-teenagers with its higher top speed and sturdier build. It is available with a seat (E300S) and without (E300). The only difference between them is the price and the fact that a seat can be mounted onto its footpad giving you a more luxurious ride. Other than that they’re the same model.

A good and powerful electric scooter that cater to the needs of teenagers.

Let’s just jump straight in and see what it has to offer!


The E300 comes with the same specifics as most Razor scooters when it comes to runtime. Sure there are some PC (power core) models available now that utilizes a hub motor and therefore lets you ride 50% longer. But their main models are still chain-driven motors mounted in the rear of the scooter. You get around 40 minutes of riding out of it together with a good top speed of 15 mph. The mileage landed around 7-10 miles on a single charge.

In comparison with the E100, the E300 comes with a variable twist-grip throttle providing a smoother acceleration and easier speed control. It has a rear mounted handbrake which could use some tension in order to get it to make it more effective. Another thing it has is pneumatic 10″ tires both in the front and rear giving you superior grip and a smoother ride.

7.7 Total Score
Cheap teen scooter

The E300/E300S has been one of the most popular scooters of all time among 8-14 year-olds. But later years there are better options available for use. Even though, the E300 does deliver a good balance between speed, distance, and functionallity.

  • Quality parts and build
  • Can be equipped with a seat
  • Good speed
  • Great price
  • Variable twistgrip
  • Good distance
  • Great pneumatic tire both back and front
  • As with all Razor scooters, charging time of 12 hrs
  • Heavy
  • They’ve started using other slimmer tires
  • No lights or reflector
  • Handbrake could need some adjusting
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Riding experience

For this one, only my 6-year-old boy got to test it out by himself and then I do consider the speed to be a bit too much for his age even though he handled it very well. The 15 mph top speed makes me think that the appropriate age range would be somewhere pre-teen. It does work well for adults and teenagers too, but it is still too much of a toy for my own taste.

The pneumatic front tire is 10” and it really handles bumps perfectly. It is my opinion that the E300 is one of the best all-around electric scooters that Razor has made throughout the years. Riding it myself I can understand why it has and still are such a popular e-scooter.

The power of the motor is enough for pre-teens to enjoy themselves and be able to ride through grass and up and down smaller hills without any issues. It has a lot of space on the footpad so that they can comfortably stand with a bit of distance between each leg to further improve the stability.

I tested the E300S before and remember that it was wide enough to have your feet side by side while sitting down and that the seat itself was very comfortable to sit on even for longer times.

I do hate the charging times on Razor’s scooters. I myself have a hard time not going for a spare battery even when using lithiums on my electric skateboard I always want an extra full charge in my backpack or at home. It’s no problem to buy another pack of the 24V battery(2×12) and have them left at home charging. The only annoying thing is there are at least 6 screws to take care off before you can actually make the swap.

Overall it’s a great ride and my kids love it even if they too aren’t happy about its charging time.

Features of the E300

  • You can get a seat for a more comfortable ride
  • Variable twist-grip throttle for exact speed acceleration
  • Large 10” pneumatic tires for shock reduction
  • Rear handbrake

Our review test data

Razors E300 ModelDistance: 7.8 miles

Speed: 14.6 mph

Avg speed: 7.8 mph

Battery Consumption: 100% to 0%

Surface: Uneven roads with some elevation

Last words of recommendation

As I said I really recommend the E300 to pre-teens around age 8-14. After that, I would strongly recommend you to go with one of the lighter more stripped down models. As always the recharge time is a big no-no for me. But you do get a good 6-8 miles out of it on a single charge which is often enough for my kids. I would also suggest that you buy a horn and some reflectors including a simple clip-on LED-light for safety as it has nothing of this as standard.

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