Razor Electric Dirt Bike Comparison: A Detailed Guide

If you want to ride like Jeremy McGrath, a razor electric dirt bike is a great way to go! Razor electric dirt bikes are the perfect choice for kids who don’t want the hassle of a gas-powered dirt bike. 

This guide will help you pick from some of the best dirt bikes out there. Let’s take a close look at some of the most popular choices for picking an electric dirt bike for kids and see what makes each model different. 

About Razor Dirt Bikes

MODELSX350 SX500MX125MX350MX400 MX500 MX650
MAX SPEED14 mph15 mph08 mph14 mph14 mph15 mph17 mph
RANGE7 mi10 mi5 mi7 mi14 mi 17 mi11 mi
WEIGHT48.26 lbs96.7 lbs29 lbs48.92 lbs62.6 lbs112 lbs94.51 lbs
MAX RIDER WEIGHT140 lbs175 lbs110 lbs140 lbs140 lbs175 lbs220 lbs
MOTOR250W, single speed500W, variable speed100W, high-torque250W, single speed350W, electrical motor650W, high-torque650W, variable speed
BATTERY24V, lead-acid36V, lead-acid 12V, lead-acid24V, lead-acid24V, lead acid36V, lead acid36V, lead-acid
TIRE SIZE12" pneumatic14" pneumatic12” pneumatic12" pneumatic12” pneumatic16" pneumatic front,
14" pneumatic rear
16" pneumatic front,
14" pneumatic rear

Razor was founded in 2000 by Caltron Calvin. The first Razor products to hit the market were the brand’s iconic Razor scooters, but ride-on vehicles were soon to follow. 

Razor is now making waves by creating affordable, but feature-packed, electric dirt bikes for kids. Razor electric dirtbikes give parents-and kids-and environmentally friendly way to ride and help younger riders level up to the much more powerful gas dirt bike. 

Each Razor dirt bike comes with different features and capabilities. There are entry-level models perfect for budget-conscious parents and first time riders as well as higher-end dirt bikes that let more experienced kids go offroad longer and with more speed. 

How To Choose The Right Razor Electric Dirt Bike

There’s a few big things you want to consider before you buy a Razor electric dirt bike for your kids. The biggest factors we are going to look at are the age of your child, the speed and power of the dirt bike, and budget.

Your child’s age will be the biggest factor to consider when buying an electric dirtbike for them. You might need to buy a larger and more powerful model to accommodate an older child. While they might not be ready for adult bikes, having the right size bike means that they can safely stay in control of the vehicle.

You’ll also want to consider the overall power of the Razor dirt bike. This includes how fast the bike can go and how long your child can ride in between charges. Beginner riders should stick with slower dirt bikes that have a more modest range and increase speed and range as they become more comfortable riding.

The last thing to consider is more for the parents. You have a few budget options when it comes to Razor electric dirtbikes. The good news is, overall Razor offers affordable electric dirt bikes that aren’t going to come in at too much of a hit to your wallet. 

Razor Dirt Bikes: SX Series

Electric Dirt Bikes

The Razor SX series is designed in partnership with “King of Supercross” Jeremey McGrath. They feature Mcgrath’s signature dirt bike design as well as authentic dirt bike geometry and features. 

These dirt bikes are great for fans of Mcgrath and riders who want something a bit more “official” as they work towards their first adult dirt bike. 

Razor SX350 Vs. SX500: Major Differences 

There are a few major differences between the Razor SX350 and the SX500. 

The SX350 is the lighter model designed for younger riders. It’s got a maximum rider weight of 140 pounds which makes it a solid choice for smaller kids. The SX350 also has a total weight of just over 48 pounds. 

The SX500, on the other hand, is designed for children 14 and older. This e-dirt bike can support riders up to 175 pounds. The SX500 also weighs a whopping 95 pounds which might be a bit much for smaller riders to handle. This electric dirt bike has a maximum speed of 15 mph which is only one mph faster than the SX350. 

Battery questions are going to be at the top of the list for riders debating between these two bikes. The SX350 has a maximum ride time of 30 minutes inbetween full charges while the SX500 gives 40 minutes of ride time on a full charge. 

Both bikes will take a minimum of 12 hours to fully recharge. Howeve, Razor recommends letting them charge for a full 24 hours before taking them out for another ride. 

Another major difference between these two dirt bikes is their style. The SX500 is designed to look a little bit more mature than the SX350. The SX500 also has a larger overall frame which is perfect for riders who are a bit taller. 

SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath

SX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bikes

The SX350 is inspired by legendary motocross champion Jeremy McGrath. This is the entry-level model of the electric dirt bikes made by Razor and Mcgrath. However, it’s got enough features to help young riders master the art, and skill, of riding a dirt bike. 

The SX350 lets riders reach a top speed of 14 mph and a total riding time of 30 minutes of continuous use. The pneumatic tires also handle mixed terrain fairly well, but might not have enough grip for serious off-road mud and loose gravel on an incline. 

Young riders are going to love the twist grip throttle that puts them in direct control over the chain driven motor. The rear brake is also controlled right from the handlebar. Overall, it’s an incredibly accurate scaling of an adult dirt bike for younger riders. 

It’s also durable enough to put parents at ease. The fairings are made of shatter resistant plastic and the overall design of the dirt bike includes metal footpegs and high build quality. The adjustable handlebards help kids get the right fit on this mini bike. 

SX500 Dirt Rocket McGrath

SX500 Dirt Rocket

The SX500 is a dirt bike for older rides. This mini bike has a larger overall frame which can be a bit intimidating for younger riders although kids who are tall for their age could graduate to this electric bike ahead of the recommended age of 14 and up. 

A rider of this bike is going to find tons of professional features straight from one of Mcgrath’s own bikes. This electric dirt bike has a retractable kickstand, a dual suspension, and a maximum speed that will tear past any old electric scooter

The top speed of this electric bike is 15 mph. With this speed, it is perfect for riding trails or even tackling beginner courses. The run time is 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. Razor says you can get away with a 12 hour charge. However, you should always opt for a full 24 hours. Waiting a full 24 hours to ride will help to preserve the battery’s long-term usability. 

As far as pocket bikes go, this one weighs more than usual. It comes in at just under 100 pounds which is heavy for Razor dirt bikes. Your kids are going to need protective gear when riding at these speeds and with a bike of this weight. Opt for something more than just a helmet and use this as a chance to introduce them to full dirt biking gear. 

This bike does have enough features to keep up with its boosted power. The pneumatic knobby tires are larger than the SX350 and are perfect for handling rough terrain. 

Razor Dirt Bikes: MX Series 

The Razor MX Dirt Rocket line is Razor’s flagship electric dirt bike product range. This covers everything from the MX125. This e-dirt bike line is great for young children all the way to the MX650 which even adults can enjoy! 

It’s important to note that the SX350 and the SX500 are rebranded versions of the MX350 and MX500. Essentially, you’re paying a few dollars more for a different style and the Mcgrath branding with the SX series. 

Razor MX125, Razor MX350, Razor MX400, Razor MX500, Razor MX650: Major Differences 

There are some major differences between each of the Razor MX dirt bikes. This is the premier line of electric dirt bikes from Razor and each model scales up in power, capability, and the age and size of the rider it is for. Let’s take a look at the major differences between each different model of dirt bike.

The first thing we need to talk about is the run time of each of these electric dirt bikes. Every single one of these electric dirt bikes has a maximum continuous use run time of 40 minutes with the exception of one. The MX350 has only a maximum run time of 30 minutes.

Each of these bikes can be recharged in just a 12 hour charge time, but Razor recommends charging them for a full 24 hours to ensure that you protect the battery life.

We should compare the top speed of each of these bikes. The MX125 has a modest 8 mph top speed while the MX350 and MX400 have a 14 mph maximum speed. Things speed up with a 15 mph top speed on the MX500. The MX650 really opens up the speed potential with a 17 mph top speed. 

Rider weight is a big factor when comparing these electric dirt bikes. The MX125 is designed for smaller riders and has a max weight of 110 pounds. The MX350 and MX400 share the same max rider weight of 140 pounds. 

The next two have higher rider weight limits. The MX500 has a limit of 175 pounds and the MX650 has the highest weight rating of all at 220 pounds. 

As you might have guessed, each of these scooters is designed for a different age range. The MX125 is built for the youngest riders at 7 and up. The MX350 and MX400 both have a minimum rider age of 14. The MX500 takes things up a year to 15 years old. The MX650 is built for the most mature riders at 16 and up. This edirt bike is also suitable for some adult rides

MX125 Dirt Rocket

MX125 Dirt Rocket

The MX125 Dirt Rocket is the definition of an ideal entry-level model for electric dirt bikes.

This is built for riders that are 7 years and older and weigh no more than 110 lbs. It’s got a top speed of 8 miles an hour. The pneumatic tires are great for riding on well-maintained park trails and your local sidewalk.

Your kids probably won’t be taking this dirt bike onto any trails or courses, but that’s even better considering that this is for the youngest children who are just getting started riding electric dirt bikes. 

MX350 Dirt Rocket

MX350 Dirt Rocket

The MX350 Dirt Rocket was built for riders that are 13 years old and older and can handle a maximum rider weight of 140lbs. This electric dirt bike takes things up a notch.

The maximum speed jumps to 14 miles an hour and the knobby tires are great for handling trails, courses, and even muddy terrain. This makes this an ideal dirt bike for riders who are stepping things up from sidewalks to obstacle courses.

The motor has a rear wheel drive train which gives much more control. It also gives lots of power for helping riders navigate more difficult courses. 

MX400 Dirt Rocket

MX400 Dirt Rocket

Razor talks about the MX400 as a scaled-down dirt bike for riders who are looking to get their first miles logged on trails and courses.

If you’ve got an older child, or a child who’s hit their growth spurt sooner than expected, this might be the perfect first electric dirt bike for them. If they didn’t get experience on either of the other entry models for an electric dirt bike, this is a good first-time choice for older kids who are just getting into the sport.

This Dirt Rocket has genuine dirt bike geometry as well as a powerful motor and adjustable handlebars. You can think about this as scaling down all of the essential features that a rider is going to need to master before they can graduate to more mature dirt bikes. 

MX500 Dirt Rocket

MX500 Dirt Rocket

The MX500 Dirt Rocket has large pneumatic tires, hand disc brakes, And a high torque variable speed motor. This dirtbike has a top speed of 15 miles an hour and is designed for riders who are 15 years of age and older and way up to 175 lb.

Now we’re talkin about serious dirt biking potential. The 40 minute continuous running time of the battery allows riders to log some serious time at their favorite dirt bike courses and trails. 

MX650 Dirt Rocket

MX650 Dirt Rocket

The MX650 Dirt Rocket is a full-on electric motocross bike. This is great for children who are in their older teens and can handle the rider weight up to 220 lbs. This means that even mom and dad can get a ride on the MX650 Dirt Rocket and have a great time.

The top speed of 17 miles an hour and the 40 minute continuous running time means that your teens can really get experience with motocross on this electric dirt bike. It’s got substantial power as well as a true-to-life motocross feel. 

Final Words about Razor Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric dirt bikes are a great way for your kids to get outdoors and have some fun without worrying about spending all that money filling up the dirt bikes gas.

Razor offers electric dirt bikes for everyone from the youngest riders who are enjoying their first motor powered bicycle all the way over to older riders and even some adults. There’s an electric dirt bike on this list that’s great for your kids in terms of safety as well as fun. 

There’s two more things that we need to talk about before we wrap up our conversation on Razor’s electric dirt bikes. We have to talk about why speed is so important for electric dirt bikes and the safety gear your kids are going to need to ride safely. 

How Fast Does A Razor Electric Dirt Bike Go? 

The speed of your electric dirt bike is one of the most powerful stats to consider when making your purchase. You want to get a riding speed that’s going to be fun for your kids while still making sure that they’re not going too fast to pose a safety hazard.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the speeds of Razor’s electric dirt bikes. 

SX 350 McGrath14 MPH
SX500 McGrath15 MPH
MX125 Dirt Rocket 8 MPH
MX350 Dirt Rocket14 MPH
MX400 Dirt Rocket14 MPH
MX500 Dirt Rocket15 MPH
MX650 Dirt Rocket 17 MPH

Electric Dirt Bike Safety Gear 

To wrap things up, we should talk about the safety gear you’re going to need to ride an electric dirt bike. This safety gear is essential for all riders. In the same way that you need a helmet to safely ride a bicycle, you also need some protective equipment to ride a dirt bike.

The first thing we want to mention here is that the dirt bike itself is part of the safety equipment. A dirtbike with a sturdy steel frame and a seat height that is right for the rider is going to do a lot to help protect your health and safety while riding.

With that said, let’s run through some of the basic safety gear you’re going to need while riding. The first thing, and you probably guess this one, is that you’re going to need a dirt bike helmet. These are different from bicycle helmets and are designed to handle more hazardous impacts.

You’re also going to need an MX jacket. These are protective jackets that have body armor built in that help riders handle any difficult impacts that can happen while riding on trails or dirt bike courses.

You also want to pick up a pair of MX boots. These are boots that are specially designed to offer more protective aspects while securing the ankle. By securing the ankle you can dramatically reduce the types of injuries you can experience while enjoying motocross sports.

Then there’s some general safety equipment you’re going to want to invest in. A pair of safety gloves are an absolute must for protecting the hands while riding. You should also invest in some motocross pants and a jersey to look cool and stay comfortable while riding safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers!

How fast does a Razor electric dirt bike go?

The MX650 wins over all of the Razor electric dirt bikes with a top speed of 17 miles an hour It’s got substantial power as well as a true-to-life motocross feel.

Which Razor electric dirt bike is the best for heavy riders?

The MX 650 can accommodate riders up to 220 lbs.

Which dirt bikes provide the best performance?

Razor MX650 and MX500 are high performance motocross bikes that runs on electricity — no gas means you’ll go green while you go fast.

Can you ride a razor electric dirt bike on the road?

No, you cannot ride a razor electric dirt bike on the road. Only street legal dirt bikes are allowed on paved roads. Razor electric scooters are not legal street dirt bikes so they cannot go on roads.

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