Electric Scooter Reviews – Detailed, in-depth & hands-on

Want to find out more about a specific electric scooter model that’s caught your interest?

In our in-depth, well-researched reviews, you won’t just get to read about the brand specifics and the performance that they have produced under optimal conditions. No, you will get to know exactly how well it performs in a real-life situation. We test ride the units so that you can get that valuable real-life data that you need in order to make a knowledgeable purchase and to find the perfect electric scooter for your needs.

When we review a scooter we value them after many different variables, you can read more about our testing here. Many electric scooters may look similar, but what they deliver in terms of riding capabilities might be very far apart. 

If you have a hard time deciding, makes sure to check out our buying guides here

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