Segway ES4 Review: The Scooter That Can Do it All

SPEED18.6 mph
RANGE – 28 mi
WEIGHT – 30 lbs.

If you are looking for a new electric scooter, you may be thinking about going with the Segway Ninebot ES4 scooter. The Segway ES4 scooter is known for its dual suspension tires, it’s easy handling and straightforward features that make a great for beginners. What do you need to know about the Segway Ninebot ES4? Take a look at our Segway Ninebot ES4 review, and see if this scooter is right for you!

Who Should Buy the Segway ES4?

This Segway scooter is ideal for beginners. It isn’t spectacular at anything; however, it does everything pretty well. It is easy to use, very safe, and it is perfect for beginners. It doesn’t have a lot of over-the-top features, meaning that it will not take very long for people to learn it. It has been built well, is fairly durable, and is fast enough to keep up with other scooters on the market. It comes with standard batteries, has a decent range, and can stand up to routine wear and tear. Therefore, it is great for anyone who is looking for a straightforward scooter or for people who are learning how to ride one for the first time. 

Segway ES4 Scooter Specs

Weight 30 lbs.
Dimension40 x 17 x 45 inches
Speed 18.6 mph
Battery size 17 x 5 x 5 inches
Range 28 mi
Foldable Yes
Seat No
Wheel size8″(F)/7.5″(R) Large Solid Non-Pneumatic Tire
Taillights LED lights
Speed control OEM Speed Controller FLASHED
Security SystemOne-step Folding System | Dual Suspension System | Smart Battery Management System

Features of the Segway ES4 Scooter

A few of the features to note of the Segway ES4 scooter include:


Deck Segway ES4

The deck is solidly built. It is topped with a thin layer of rubber. It has been textured to prevent you from slipping. Even though the deck is a bit short, it is right in the middle when it comes to its width. It is approximately 17 inches long and 6 inches wide. It sits approximately 3.5 inches off the ground. Even though you can move around a little bit, there isn’t a lot of room to spread out. Even though you should be comfortable on the deck, you may feel like you are a bit limited if you are riding this scooter for an extended amount of time. 

Handlebars / Information Center / Tech Stack 


The handlebars are easy to grip. They are comfortable if you are riding for a long amount of time. They are also connected via a simple plug-and-play system. This means that they are easy to assemble and disassemble. There is also a display that is very easy to read. You can toggle through riding modes and turn on the lights from the information center and tech stack. There is a simple thumb control for the break on the front, and you can control the throttle easily from the handlebars. This does give a comfortable ride. 


Tire  Segway ES4

The tires of this scooter leave something to be desired. They use solid tires, which are among the oldest out there. The tires are very stiff when you go over bumps. This means that you feel everything. In addition, the treads are relatively shallow. This means they wear out quickly and do not have great traction. 

My personal preference is to have a scooter with pneumatic tires. I feel like air-filled tires provide maximum rider comfort and wish the ninebot es4 used pneumatic tires over solid tires. It’s a shame too — this scooter packs a lot of punch and has all the bells and whistles but we wish they didn’t use a solid tire system. 


Even though the suspension system itself is pretty beefy, the tires certainly impact the overall suspension of the scooter. This scooter has been made with something called a dual suspension system. The does take a lot of the bumpiness away from the tires by providing rear shock absorption, but the scooter still makes quite a bit of noise when going over bumps.

Even though the overall ergonomics are good, you will feel everything when you go over the bumps. The suspension system itself is solid and will stand up to routine wear and tear. We feel the rear shock absorption system is adequate but having pneumatic tires would provide a smoother ride.


light Segway ES4

There are a lot of fun lights that come with this Segway es4 electric scooter. It makes it a joy to ride at night. There are LED lights mounted high on the front, a brake light mounted on the back, and even a set of LED lights underneath the deck. 

Some people also call them swag lights. You can also change these lights to a variety of colors through the ninebot app. 

There are reflectors all over the scooter, increasing safety. Even though the LED headlight itself is not super bright, there are so many LED lights on the scooter that you will be easy to spot. You should have a lot of fun rotating the various colors of the LED lights during the night. 



The braking system is solid. It comes with an electric brake (front wheel) and a mechanical brake (on the rear wheel). This means that the brakes are very durable and easy to use. If you are going at high speed, it will take approximately it doesn’t take much to come to a complete stop. In fact, the segway electric scooter will stop in just 13 inches if you’re going at a maximum speed of 12.4 mph. 

While that’s pretty impressive, so is that of many other scooters. The stopping on this segway scooter puts it right in the middle compared to other scooters that are on the market. The brakes should stand up well to routine wear and tear. Overall, the braking system of this scooter is one of the top benefits. 

Segway ES4 Max Speed

The maximum speed of the Segway Ninebot ES4 is 18.6 miles per hour. This is in the middle of a lot of other scooters on the market. For example, it is slightly faster than the Segway Ninebot Max; however, it is significantly slower than the Inokim Light 2, which is one of the fastest scooters on the market. Because the Segway Ninebot ES4 has been built well, it does accelerate relatively quickly. The maximum speed is also going to be impacted by the battery life, the weight of the rider, and the incline of the road. Overall, the maximum speed for the price point is quite good.

Seg ES4 Speed Modes

The ES4 comes with three different speed modes. Speed limit mode, standard mode, and sport mode. They’re pretty self explanatory but basically, if you want to get a longer range, you will need to use the speed limit mode or the standard speed mode. Using the cruise control option with the standard speed mode will also help you save battery life. To switch the ES4 speed mode from one to another, all you need to do is press the power button twice.


The maximum range of the segway kickscooter es4 is 28 miles. Keep in mind that this range is going to be impacted by a variety of factors including the top speed, how quickly you accelerate, how heavy you are, and how many hills you tackle. If you accelerate a lot, break a lot, and go up a lot of hills, your range could be less than 20 miles. Keep this in mind if you are using this scooter for commuting purposes. One way to extend range is to have controlled acceleration. Slamming on the throttle to get it up to high speed as fast as possible is a sure-fire way to decrease overall battery life and range.

This scooter has a longer range than the ES2 because of the extra battery. If you’ve got a longer commute having an external battery is very helpful.

Segway ES4 Battery System 


There is a dual battery system with the Segway ES4 scooter. The internal battery is located in the stem instead of the deck, making this different from a lot of other scooters on the market today. There is also an external battery, which should increase its range; however, it does make the scooter feel front-heavy.

Overall, the scooter has 374 Wh of overall battery capacity while nominal power is 300 watts thanks to the combination of an internal and external battery. There’s no question that the ninebot es4 scooter has a lot of juice!

A few pros include:

  • The charging port is at the top
  • The battery is easier to charge
  • The battery is screwed in, so it can’t be stolen

A few drawbacks include:

  • If the battery is removed, it doesn’t go as far
  • The scooter feels front-heavy
  • The battery is not swappable

These are important points to keep in mind when you are learning how to ride this scooter. 

If you already have an ES4 electric scooter and your external battery is getting older you might be noticing that high-speed mode isn’t as fast as it was when the scooter is new. 

It is likely that you’re not getting peak power out of the external battery anymore and it’s probably time to replace the external battery pack. 

Here is a link to a replacement of the external battery on the ninebot es4 scooter:

Water Resistance

Overall, the scooter is rated at an IP54 water resistance level. This means that it should be able to stand up to routine showers; however, you should not submerge the scooter in water. This water resistance rating is similar to other scooters on the market today. At the same time, it is important for you to protect the stem of the scooter from water damage. Earlier versions of the scooter may be vulnerable to water exposure in the stem; however, later scooters have an added plastic guard that increases the water resistance of the Segway ES4 scooter. 


One of the biggest benefits of riding the scooter is that you are going to have a lot of colors from which to choose. There are plenty of fun color schemes and patterns you can play with, particularly since you can control the colors of the lights beneath the deck. There is also a Bluetooth app you can use to control all of the colors. 

Portability & Weight 


This is one of the most portable scooters on the market. It has a fairly lightweight build, coming in at just over 30 lb. It is going to feel very light when you are moving around. Keep in mind that this time does bold, making it easier to transport; however, the handlebars do not fold. Overall, the handlebars are pretty narrow. Therefore, you should be able to move this around easily. If you fold the entire scooter down, it is approximately 45 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 14 inches tall. 

Quality of Construction

Overall, the quality of the Segway Ninebot ES4’s construction is solid. This is a durable scooter that can stand up the routine wear and tear. The scooter is easy to ride, comfortable in your hands, and should last for a long time as long as you take care of it. The one downside to the construction is the tires. The solid tires wear out quickly, do not absorb the bumps well, and can make for a bumpy ride. Furthermore, the scooter can have some issues if you are going up hills. It has a decent top speed and decent range under normal riding conditions. 

Charging Outlet and Charging Time

In order to charge the scooter, you need to take the included charger from the scooter and plug it into the wall. The lights on the base of the charger will start the blank. The lights will stay lit as it reaches that specific charging level. Once all of the lights are lit up on the charger, you know the scooter has been fully charged. 

Overall, it will take approximately three to four hours to charge the scooter completely. The battery itself should last between three and five years before it has to be replaced. Remember that there are two batteries on the scooter. Because there are two batteries, it does take a bit longer to charge this scooter all the way. Therefore, you may want to plug the scooter in a long time before you need to use it. 

Bluetooth Ninebot App

It is possible for you to pair this scooter to your mobile device via Bluetooth through the Ninebot app. In order to do this, you need to download the Ninebot app from the Google Play store or the Apple app store. 

Then, you can open the ninebot app and pair it with your scooter. When the scooter has been connected to your mobile device, an icon will light up on the screen. 

You can do a lot through this application. For example, you can run a variety of set functions, run firmware updates to make sure your scooter is protected, and lock the scooter. 

In addition, you can also control a lot of the LED lights that are underneath the deck of the scooter. That way, you can rotate the colors at night, adding a bit more fun to the ride. 

There are several other features you can take advantage of through this application if you play around with it. The application is intuitively designed, so it shouldn’t take long to learn.


Before you purchase a scooter, you should check with the seller for the latest information on the warranty. Typically, the Segway ES4 scooter comes with a 1-year warranty on the vehicle body, a 180 day warranty on other components (such as the battery charger, battery pack, electronic throttle, and electronic brake), and a 90-day warranty on all components subject to wear, such as the wheels, headlights, fenders, strips, and kickstand. Make sure you check with the manufacturer for updated information on the warranty, as this could be subject to change. 


Overall, the Segway ES4 scooter is a very safe ride. It has a decent top speed, accelerates at a decent rate, and is easy to control. It has a very short learning curve, meaning that beginners should be able to take control of the scooter relatively quickly. It also comes with a lot of LED lights, including reflectors, a strong headlight, and plenty of deck lights that will make the rider easy to spot at night. Even though the solid tires do create a bumpy ride, the scooter is still very easy to control. At the same time, you should make sure that you wear a helmet anytime you get on the scooter.

What’s the Difference Between the Segway ES2, ES3, and ES4?

There are a few notable differences between the Segway ES2, ES3, and ES4. These include:

  • Both the ES3 and ES4 have a top range of 28 miles, but the ES4 has a faster top speed at 18 MPH while the ES3 tops out at 15.5 MPH.
  • The ES4 also accelerates much faster than the ES3. 
  • The ES3 is lighter than the ES4, at 27 pounds versus 31 pounds, but both scooters have the dual battery system. 
  • Both the ES3 and ES4 provided a significant upgrade from the ES2 in terms of technical features, particularly what you can do from the mobile app.
  • The ES2 is comparable to the ES3 in terms of battery life, range, top speed, and weight.
  • All three scooters are covered in lights, making for a safe ride.
  • The braking system of the ES4 is superior to the ES3 and ES2.

You may want to keep these differences in mind if you are trying to figure out which one is best for you. 

Segway Ninebot E45: Worth a Little Extra?

The Segway E45 is the newer version of the Segway Ninebot ES4. Even though it is more expensive, it might be worth the extra money. A few of the upgrades include: 

  • The Segway Ninebot e45 is improved in almost every area with bigger 9-inch tires that last longer, an extra magnetic brake in the rear that shortens the stopping distance, and reflective stickers.
  • Segway also boasts that the new 9-inch tire uses a different technology which provides more shock absorption.
  • The suspension system received an upgrade, so you should not feel the bumps as much.
  • The scooter has a slightly longer average range and a slightly faster climbing time.
  • The top speed has also gotten a bit quicker.
  • The size of the deck is similar to the ES4, so you should not notice much of a difference here.
  • The lighting system can still be rotated using the mobile application.

Make sure you keep these upgrades in mind if you are trying to decide if the Segway Ninebot E45 is the right scooter for you. When it comes down to it, if you’ve got the money you might think about getting the upgraded ride! 

Segway ES4 Scooter Review

Segway ES4 Review

Overall, the Segway ES4 Scooter is a solid scooter that does a lot of things pretty well. It accelerates at a decent rate, has a decent top speed, and has a solid range. It does have a dual battery system, which is a bit unusual but does act to increase the range. The handlebars have a textured anti-slip handle and feel great in the hands, and the lights are awesome. You can rotate the colors on the LED lights to create an enjoyable ride, particularly at night.

It is important to remember that the tires of this scooter leave a lot to be desired. They are solid tires, which means they wear out quickly and do not absorb the bumps well. However, you don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire with a solid tire system. Still, I would prefer pneumatic tires over solid tire.

Even though the dual suspension system is exceptional, it does not make up for the bumpy ride created by the tires. It is important to keep this in mind, particularly if you are planning on going up hills.

The ninebot es4 scooter is a great choice for beginners because it is very easy to learn. If you are looking for a scooter that will get you from place to place, this is probably a good choice. Even though the tires wear out quickly, the rest of the scooter stands up to routine wear-and-tear well. Even though it might not compare to some of the newer scooters on the market, this is still a solid choice. 

Pros of the Segway ES4

Some of the biggest benefits of choosing the Segway ES4 include:

  • The scooter is one of the easiest to learn how to ride. It has a straightforward design that feels great in the hands. 
  • You can rotate the colors of the LED light beneath the deck, making for a fun ride. In addition, the scooter is covered with lights, making for a very safe ride. 
  • The Bluetooth ninebot app is easy to download and install. It is also very easy to pair with the scooter, featuring a security lock that can protect the scooter. 
  • The dual suspension system can mitigate some of the bumpiness from the tires. It will also stand up to routine wear and tear. 
  • The segway es4 battery system provides execellent overall range.
  • With a maximum speed near 20 mph, this scooter packs a lot of speed for the dollars spent.

Keep this in mind as you are looking for a scooter.

Cons of the Segway ES4

At the same time, there are few drawbacks of the Segway ES4 scooter as well. These include: 

  • The traditional tires are not great. They are solid, which means they wear out quickly. Even though they do not get flat spots, they do not do well over bumps. 
  • The deck is a little bit small. You may have a hard time shifting around, making you uncomfortable on a long ride.
  • The handlebars do not bold in. Even though the scooter is relatively easy to transport, the handlebars can still be a bit awkward. 

Be sure to consider the benefits and drawbacks of this scooter before making a decision.

Other Scooters To Consider


GoTrax GMax Ultra25 mph45 mi36 lbs
Segway Ninebot Max G30P18.6 mph40.4 mi41.2 lbs
GoTrax GXL V215.5 mph9-12 mi 26.4 lbs
GoTrax G420 mph25 mi36 lbs
Hiboy S2 Pro19 mph25 mi 33 lbs
The Kugoo M2 Pro20 mph18.6 mi34 lbs
Segway Ninebot ES418.6 mph28 mi30 lbs


In the end, if you are looking for a solid scooter, then you may want to consider the Segway ES4. This is a traditional scooter that has been solidly built. This means that it will stand up to routine wear and tear. It is easy to use, comes at a decent price point, and has a solid range. The acceleration is good, and the top speed is decent. Even though it might not compare to some of the newer scooters on the market, it still makes for a fun ride. 

It is important to remember that the tires are not fantastic. The tires are solid, which means they will wear out quickly and do not do well on the bumps. Even though the suspension system is fantastic, the tires are going to have some issues. 

You can also rotate the LED light colors on this scooter, which are easy to control from a Bluetooth app. This means that you can play around with the look of the scooter, particularly during the night. It has lights all over the design, creating a very safe ride. You should take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of the scooter, comparing it to some of the other options in the market. That way, you can make the best decision to meet your needs. 


Most frequently asked questions and answers

How far can the Segway ES4 travel on a single charge?

The maximum range of the segway kickscooter es4 is 28 miles.

What's the maximum weight capacity the Segway ES4 can support?

It has a fairly lightweight build, coming in at just over 30 lb.

What type of tire does the Segway ES4 have?

They use solid tires, which are among the oldest out there. The tires are very stiff when you go over bumps.

How fast is the Segway ES4?

15.5 mph (25 km/h)* Under Sports Mode. Depends on riding style and terrain.

Where Is the first batterie locates of Segway ES4?

First battery is inside the steering tube. Second battery is attached to the back of the steering tube.

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