Segway Ninebot Zing E10: Electric Scooter for Kids

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter Zing E10, Electric Kick Scooter for Boys and Girls, Lightweight and Foldable

The Ninebot Zing E10 is a fantastic new scooter from Segway. Like other Segway scooters, the quality of the frame, wheels and other components is second to none (well, maybe the Xiaomi Mi Electric scooter).

This is the perfect scooter for kids over 8 years old and teens.  It has a maximum weight capacity of 132lbs and suited for those that are 4’3” – 5’3” tall.  And, this foldable kids scooter is perfect for taking wherever you want to go.  It’s slim and lightweight frame is easy to fold, only weighs 18.7lbs and will easily fold and fit in the trunk of your car.

Plus, you can feel confident your child will be safe on this kids electric scooter because it has a high-performance handbrake system and an EBS energy recovery brake function in the front and a fender brake in the back. What is an EBS energy recovery brake function?  This regenerative braking system allows the scooter to utilize the kinetic energy produced when the scooter is in motion.  This is one of the reasons why it can have a ride distance of more than 6 miles!

Max speeds reach 10 mph and at that speed you’ll get a maximum range of 6.3 miles thanks to the 18650 high-rate batteries with have a discharge capacity twice that of ordinary batteries you’d find in a scooter.  It’ll ride smoothly with the Segway 40mm shock absorption system and tubeless, anti-skid solid rubber tires, your kids will have a smooth and comfortable ride!

If you live in an area that has some hills, this scooter has the ability to climb a 7% hill grade making it suitable for most places!

Plus, there are three riding modes for your peace of mind.  These riding modes have preset speed limits.  Safe mode (6.6 mph maximum speed), cruise mode (8 mph maximum speed) and turbo mode (10 mph max speed). Speaking of safety, while the Ninebot Zing E10 has 3M reflective stickers and LED rear light so that your child can been seen riding at night, there’s an extra added layer of safety (and cool-factor) with the ambient light that runs along the bottom of the chassis.  Check out the image gallery below.  Very cool!

While this isn’t a long-range kids scooter, it is lightweight and very portable making it an ideal scooter for boys and girls.

Segway Ninebot Zing E10 Specs:

Speed: 6.6 mph in beginner mode, 10 mph in cruise mode (16 kph)
Distance: 6.3 miles
Motor: 150W, 100-240V
Battery: Lithium-ion battery pack with 18650 high-rate batteries (not swappable)
Weight: 18.7 lbs
Frame: (LxWxH) Folded: 38.6 x 15.7 x 12.6 inches – Unfolded: 36  x 15.7 x 37.4 inches
Brake: Handbrake system with EBS energy recovery and rear fender brake.
Tire: Patented Anti-Skid Tubeless Tires
Max weight: 132lbs
Incline: 7%
Recharge time: 4 hours
Extra: Portable, lightweight, multiple riding modes, cool ambient lighting, kickstand, mechanical braking and regenerative braking.

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Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E10 Electric Kick Scooter for Kids...

The Review

Distance: 6 miles
Speed: 10 mph
Avg speed: 8 mph
Battery Consumption: 100%
Surface: Flat surface, with minor elevation
Rider: 178 lbs, 102 lbs, 87 lbs and 66 lbs. (four different riders)

First of all, this is a very cool little scooter.  Not only will your kids love it but it’s very well built and you’ll feel great with them riding it because it’s a sturdy platform that’s brought to you by arguably one of the best household names in electric mobility — Segway.

Shhh….Don’t tell anyone….

To be perfectly honest with you, the manufacturer says that the scooters max weight capacity is 132 lbs but, this afternoon, I took the E10 for about a 25 minute ride and I weigh 178 lbs.  There were zero issues with the scooter and I loved every minute of it!

Throttle Responsiveness

The throttle is responsive but the scooter isn’t going to accelerate too quickly where it’s dangerous.  It felt like the scooter reached top speed about 50 feet after I began riding.  For your kids, presumably, they don’t weigh as much as I do so they’ll hit top speed sooner!

Speed Modes

My youngest son has utilized the beginner speed mode to cruise around the neighborhood.  This is great for kids that are just getting started with an electric scooter.  However, at 8 years old and with a number of scooter tests under his belt, my son wants to ride the scooter on full speed – and he loves it!

Ninebot E10 Shock Absorption and Suspension

One thing that that you can’t really see on this scooter is the shock absorption system.  The shocks on the E10 scooter are excellent.  I found that the ride was very smooth, even on rough asphalt.  Couple this suspension system with the solid tires and it’s really quite nice.  The only way I could think the ride could get much better is if they utilized pneumatic tires but, as you can read in my tire review post, those tires require more maintenance but they do offer a smoother ride.


As for braking, there is a hand break and a fender break.  I found that the hand break slows the scooter but shouldn’t be used alone to stop the scooter.  The fastest way to stop the scooter (obviously) is to utilize the hand brake and the fender brake at the same time.  By utilizing both brakes I was able to stop extremely quick.

Battery Life

 I thought the battery life was great.  Some scooters begin to slow down about 15 – 20 minutes after riding them.  The Zing E10 battery lasted quite a while and even when you get down to the end, the scooter seems to hold top end speed really well.  Good to the last drop of electric juice!  

Last words of recommendation

This scooter is great if your kids want to have a solid scooter platform with a non-skid deck, cool looks, solid rubber (non-skid) tires that you can fold and take on the go.  It’s very versatile and can be used almost anywhere.  It’s quick, easy to use and while it’s not a long range kids scooter, it certainly packs a lot of fun into a cool looking scooter.

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