Speedway Mini4 Pro review – A lightweight scooter with crazy speed and distance

The Mini 4 pro is another electric scooter from Speedway/Minimotors that has just insane performance packed into a small and lightweight package. It weighs in at just above 16 lbs and has a top speed of 28+ mph with a distance per charge just around 40 miles. You heard me right 40 miles on a single charge. However, it will cost you about 2-3 times more than those normal scooters that take you 5-7 miles per charge.

Here you get 5 times the distance per charge at around 2-3 times the speed, and then we haven’t even gone into those juicy details and features that will blow those last mile solution electric scooters away.

Let us not wait any longer, I say we get down and dirty with our Speedway mini 4 pro review.

Speedway Mini4 Pro Review

A neat little package shows up to my door, I sign it off and put it straight on the floor in our living room. Like a child on Christmas, I just rip that box to shreds, I did have the time to notice it was very well packed.

In there I find this 36 lbs little monster of an electric scooter. We had around 50% battery at delivery so I had to charge it for almost 2-3 hours before taking it out for its first spin.

First off we did a little jump test to see how the suspension was working. Check image below.

Jump test to see how the suspension was working.

Like most scooters today the Speedway mini 4 pro is equipped with a hub motor with 500 watts.

It utilizes lithium-polymer batteries instead of lithium-ion. Due to li-po batteries degeneration rate and how they act if one cell is failing they’ve chosen to upgrade to li-on LG MH1 3.2Ah cells, configured as 14S4P which means there are 14 cells in series & 4 series in parallel which gives us a total of 56 battery cells in the pack. I got upwards 34 miles on a single charge and that’s just insane in my eyes.

I rode it for an entire day trying to empty that battery and during that time I did top out at 27 mph with my 176 lbs. Someone lighter might go slightly faster but it is fast enough for my taste.

Compared to the Speedway IV which has 2 air-filled tires, the mini 4 pro only has an air tire mounted on the front. The back wheel is actually solid rubber. However, it does have a rear shock system which helps a lot with reducing shocks and it handles potholes and uneven terrain very well. There is a front shock system too which increases comfort even further.

The lightning system enables night riding and is not compatible with the cheaper scooter models. It has two headlights that cast a beam up to 25 feet in front of you, you’ll feel very comfortable riding this thing at night time. You get a brake light with it too but I did miss those turn indicators you see on the Speedway IV.

You get to choose from different ride modes making it last longer or give you more power, there are a lot of other things you can configure with the onboard panel too.

Both brake systems worked fantastically. I used the regenerative electric brake the most since that is what I am used to already. But having that drum-brake really gives you a lot of comforts knowing that if you have to slow down fast in order to evade danger, you can.

SpecificSpeedway Mini4 Pro Specifications:

  • Speed up to 28 mph
  • Distance up towards 40 miles per charge
  • Hub motor 500W(1000W peak)
  • Lithium-ion battery 665Wh, 52V 15.6Ah
  • Recharges in as little as 3 hrs(with a fast charger)
  • Weight 36 lbs
  • 8″ air-filled front tire, 8″ solid rubber back tire
9.2 Total Score
Great for everyday use!

The Speedway mini4 pro is a great scooter for users who value high quality, good performance, and excellent comfort. It takes you wherever you might want to go in a jiffy and it does that while still being fairly portable with its folding system and low weight of only 36 lbs. Recommend it for those who are looking for more than just a last mile solution.

  • Great distance
  • Awesome speed
  • Good price
  • Add-ons available
  • Customization functions
  • 3-5 times better than the budget scooters
  • Twice as heavy as a budget scooter
  • Miss the signal lights
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Riding experience

Riding the Speedway mini 4 pro was a blast and I really don’t have much bad to say about it. It rides smooth and works on various terrain. It takes on all the hills where I live without any problem and it rides so easy.

You do get a lot of attention riding it which for me is awesome as I love being in the spotlight of attention. Brakes are easy to grasp and work very well, with the drum-brake you can really get it to stop on a dime. The acceleration of the 500W motor is fast and accurate, no twitching or anything like that.

You get what you pay for and if you intend on riding for long distances I really suggest you go ahead with the Mini 4 pro.

Speedway Mini4 Pro Features

  • There are 2 headlights with which increases visibility greatly at nights, they are mounted low on the footpad and doesn’t blind other people in the traffic.
  • Brake light that really helps others keep track on when you’re slowing down.
  • A good folding mechanism that is sturdy and won’t start to get loose after just a few times folded.
  • A good backlit display that shows speed, distance, battery, mode, and more.
  • Three suspension systems, one in the front and two spring shocks in the back.
  • Different speed modes to choose from to accommodate both beginners and advanced users.
  • A few useful accessories like fast charging (2 hrs) and the seat available for purchase.
  • Highly water-resistant body and motors.

How the multifunction smart backlit dashboard works

You can see:

  • Battery level
  • Voltage
  • Trip
  • ODO
  • Driving time
  • Speed
  • Speed mode

You can set:

  • Cruise control function
  • Electric brake function
  • Slow Power start acceleration
  • Kickstart acceleration
  • Battery energy save functions

The review test data

Distance: 16 miles
Speed: 20 mph
Avg speed: 15.3 mph
Battery Consumption: 100% to 0%
Surface: A lot of hills and rough terrain

Last words of recommendation

So who is the Speedway mini 4 pro for?

I would recommend this scooter to people looking to get a new way to get around, in an environmentally friendly manner. The buyer should want something robust with good performance. In my opinion, they should not live on the top floor of a skyscraper without an elevator as it is a bit heavier than the lightweight units available. A comparable scooter would be the Qiewa Qmini which also has insane speed and distance for its size.

He/she should also value high quality, design, and functionality as this scooter is packed with features and is built to perform well under most circumstances. The price tag will probably be a bit high for most people only looking to get a commuting scooter to go those 3-6 miles.

If you’re going to use your scooter extensively and value the above-mentioned specifics like me, the Speedway mini 4 pro will not let you down.

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