How to fix – Swagger 5 electric scooter stopped working/motor problem

The Swagger 5 electric scooter was just launched. It seems to be an OEM from the same manufacturer that makes the Xiaomi Mijia m365.

It was off to a bit of a bumpy start because there have been few reports of customers having their electric scooter stop after just a few miles. But don’t worry. EnvyRide has waved our magic wand and gone to the bottom with this problem. Also, we have a few good connections that helped us sort this out quickly.

So that you can keep on swagging.

The Swagger 5 motor problem

The issue is similar to that which could occur on the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter in its early stage. Since these scooters seem to be coming from the same manufacturer with OEM design we presumed that the cause was the same as on the M365.

The issue is due to a bug in the software programming of the cruise control.

Pressing the throttle makes the scooter twitch and buzz, but nothing happens. It’s just as if the motor was frozen in place or dead.

How to solve the issue

Don’t worry, we got the solution to your Swagtron electric scooter problems right here.

First, you need to download the mobile application for the Swagger 5 called the Swagtron app.

You can find the application following the links below. Make sure to pick the right OS.



To fix the issue follow the steps below:

  • Find the cruise control settings within the mobile app.
  • Disable the cruise control altogether.
  • Re-enable the cruise control.

Your portable scooter should now be working as intended again. Until Swagtron updates the software if you encounter the same issue again just do the same procedure all over again. Just make sure to take your phone with you when your ride it. Otherwise, there may be a long walk home.

Thanks for reading and make sure to let us know if this fix worked for your Swagger 5 or if you have any questions leave them in the comments below.

  1. Didn’t work. I get torque for Max 5 seconds and then nothing.

    • Perhaps your issue is of some other sort. This bug should be fixed tough :/ I would recommend that you contact SwagTron directly. Please leave a comment if you find another fix and I’ll update it here.

      • Omg!! Thank you! My daughters scooter left me stranded at the store. Was getting ready to submit a repair order to Swagtron. Figured I’d google and see if I could find a quick fix and did! Scooter wouldn’t go over 5mph. Downloaded app and saw that somehow it got stuck in 1st gear which is why it wouldn’t go fast!

        • You made my day! Thanks, from what Ive read its not always these fixes work but I mean if we can help just a few people get back on the road with as little work involved as possible its a win in my book!

  2. I just mine a week ago & it’ll get about 3.5-2mi & just….shut off. Everything. & it won’t turn back on for, Hours. Doesn’t look like it’s charging, for Hours
    It’ll work the next day, but after 3mi, it’s done
    Could be the app? I’ll try that
    Maybe it’s not charging as fully as it reads? Maybe something is loose? Maybe the battery is overheating?
    Any ideas? Swagtron will send me a replacement, but after I send mine in. I’d like to be able to fix this issue w/o losing the ride for a few weeks

    • 95% sure its a battery issue. If some cells are broken or weak and wont take a full charge it will stop abruptly and only be able to turn itself on after you¨ve connected the charger. Had this problem 100 times on hoverboards I’ve repaired earlier.

  3. Disable slide&go and cruise control in settings in app.

  4. Did you know that your Android app does not go to the correct app for swagtron t5

    • I have not updated the article in a while so they might have switched things around. Will check it out and update it correctly. Sorry if I made you confused 🙂

  5. Didnt work

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