Swagger Pro (SG3) Review – Range and performance upgrade

Swagger Pro 3 is an electric scooter from Swagtron that caters to those of us who need a good city commuter to ride around on.

The first Swagger Pro (SG1) was not an impressive scooter at all. In fact the opposite, it was a stain on the brand’s otherwise very clean record. From making high-quality hoverboards Swagtron jumped on the Electric scooter train a bit too eagerly leaving them with a product that didn’t really make the cut.

Fast forward 2 upgraded models of the Swagger pro later which leaves us at number 3 and the scooter doesn’t even look remotely the same anymore. Which in this case is a good thing, you can see the difference for yourself on the image below.

Swagger Pro (SG3)

But looks aren’t everything, at least not when it comes to scooters. That is why I took it for a few serious test spins and you can find my thoughts below.


The former Swagger pro models had highly overestimated specifics which lead to a bunch of disappointed customers/scooter owners. They then updated their specifics to be more true to what you could expect, which left us with a poor 3 miles in distance for adults. Now they’ve left these bad numbers and underperforming days behind themselves and the Swagger Pro model SG-3 really isn’t the same scooter anymore. Neither in nor outside.

Today it can deliver a good 14 miles on a single charge and it doesn’t go to a full stop as soon as it sees some incline. No, the new powerful 250W motor provides enough power to pull you up 25-degree hills. It has a top speed of 15.5 which is more than enough for most riders daily use.

If 15.5 mph seems to fast for you or the one you had in mind, relax, you have 3 different speed modes to choose from so you can set the max speed according to the users experience level.

They just had a successful launch of the model called Swagger 5 a few months back which is a cheap alternative to the more robust M365 that I tested a while back. Can they pull it off again?

8.1 Total Score
Finally got it right!

After years of perfecting Swagtron decided to just rebuild the whole Swagger Pro model, a very smart choice. The new Swagger Pro 3(SG3) gives you much better performance while also being much better looking. The price versus value is really good and for anyone who is looking for a good scooter at a reasonable price, the Swagger Pro will surely suffice.

  • USB charging
  • Durable battery
  • Moderate speed
  • Smooth ride
  • Very good price
  • That it took them 2 years to build a quality scooter
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This time the scooter holds true to its specifics. And it’s about time because I really like Swagtron and have been recommending their other products for many years.

The build quality is really nice and it feels very sturdy. Especially if you compare it to the first model which was shaking like a tall tree in a hurricane.

Besides from being sturdy you also get solid rubber tires of 6.5” that provides a very good grip on most dry urban roads. There is another improvement that is a real dealbreaker, the rear suspension. It provides you with a much more comfortable ride and it tackles small bumps in the road like a king.

It has a clear display with buttons to turn the scooter on, turn on the headlight, choose which speed mode to ride in and if you want to utilize the cruise control function. The scooter even provides you with a USB port so that you can charge your devices on the go. A perfect feature for those who are still playing Pokemon Go.

Apart from the headlight which lights up very good, there is a motion-activated tail light. This light improves your visibility to others from behind while you ride.

The scooter comes with both an electric brake operated with a throttle and a rear manual footbrake.


Speed up to 15.5 mph

A distance of up to 14 miles per charge

250W hub motor

Lithium-ion 36V/6Ah

Weight 22 lbs

6.5” solid rubber tires

Can tackle slopes up to 25 degrees

Up to 3 hours recharge time

Swagger pro

Riding experience

The new upgraded Swagger 3 Pro gives you a very good ride for the amount of money that you have to pay. I like that they have implemented a few new really good features and the scooter is very sturdy and comfortable to ride on.

I did get around 10-12 miles on a single charge depending on how many of the Spanish hills I climbed. Those are really unforgiving and can easily drain a good battery within just a few climbs, that is how steep most of them are. But we also did the beach promenade which is far more exciting to ride on. I topped out at around 15 mph and had no problem at all going at full speed for longer periods of time. It didn’t feel uncomfortable going over small cracks or pebbles on the road either so I think the rear bumper really did a good job at smoothing those out.

It has a comfortable handle with a good grip and the footplate is wide enough for you to find a good stance. The small little kickstand works great if you just need to leave it for a few seconds or minutes, holding it in between my legs almost made me drop it a couple of times while tinkering with my phone.

The stem has a good design. Instead of having a round shape it has a wider design which should increase its durability, also it looks cooler. It folds just above the connection to the front tire(same as many of the newer scooters) and it latches on to the rear wheel cover for increased stability while carrying it folded. This eliminates some of the tension that carrying it folded otherwise would put on the stem.


  • 3 different riding modes
  • USB charging
  • Cruise control
  • A good headlight and a red flashing rear light
  • Rear suspension

The review test data

  • Distance: 12.3 miles
  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Avg speed: 8 mph
  • Battery Consumption: 100% to 0%
  • Surface: Flat surface and some elevation
  • Speed mode: 2 (60%), 3 (30%), 1 (10%)

Last words of recommendation

The Swagger 3 pro is another cheap electric scooter. In comparison to the Xprit electric scooter that we reviewed just a few days ago, this one comes with a bunch of more neat features and better performance overall. The price difference is also very minimal making this one of my top favorite choices leading up to the holidays. However, if you are going to be riding on a bit more unforgiving terrain or you just want a bit more suspension than what the Swagger Pro offers, check out the Swagger 5 with pneumatic tires.

I recommend the Swagger Pro to everyone above 7 years old who wants to get something of high quality and with great performance without paying a premium price.

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