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TurboWheel Lightning VS Zero 10x VS T10-DDM – Review & Comparison

The full and complete comparison between the TurboWheel lightning, Zero 10x, the T10-DDM, and beyond.

This review might look a bit different in comparison to the ones you usually see here. Normally, I have one scooter and I give you my thoughts on it. But not this time.


Because the first two models from Zero and TurboWheel are just rebranded of the UniCool T10-DDM F08 model, Unicool(Titan Group) is the factory producing these scooters back in China.

That said, whichever model you choose to buy there is little difference between them. Below we compare the specifics and go through why they are different despite being from the same manufacturer.

TurboWheel lightning pic

Side-by-side Comparison

All details are taken with the scooters using the same battery, LG 52V/22.4Ah(1165Wh).

Here is a list that highlights the specifics stated by each company. Have a look and then let’s dissect them below the table.

ModelTurboWheel LightningZero 10XT10DDMSame?
BatteryLG 52V/22.4AhLG 52V/24AhLG 52V/24Ah
Tires10" x 2.5"10" x 3" (off-road available)10" x 2.5"🛑
Price($)2,0501,600Factory (Bulk purchasing)🛑
Motor(Watt(Total Peak))2 x 1000(3600)2 x 1000(3600)2 x 1000(3600)
BrakesFront/rear disc brakeFront/rear disc brakeFront/rear disc brake
SuspensionFront/rear spring hydraulic suspensionFront/rear spring hydraulic suspensionFront/rear spring hydraulic suspension
Size Unfolded
Folded(L x W x H, inch)
50.4 x 26.7 x 48
50.4 x 26.7 x 19.8
50.4 x 26.7 x 48
50.4 x 26.7 x 19.8
50.4 x 26.7 x 48
50.4 x 26.7 x 19.8

The key takeaway from the comparison above, there are no real differences between these 3 scooters except price and the slight difference in the use of tires. Before you go attacking my numbers above those are the numbers stated by each company and some are just plain wrong.

Let me explain.

Different battery capacity?

Nope, they probably just had a hard time with the quick maths. I talked to my contact Jason over at E-wheels and he quickly acknowledged that my speculations were correct.

Long story short, all models being equipped with the high capacity battery from LG use LG MH1 3.2Ah cells. They are configured in the same fashion. 14 cells in series with 7 parallels providing you with a battery pack with 98pcs of 18650 cells. Multiply the number of parallels with the total ampere-hours of each parallel and you get the total ampere-hour, 7p x 3.2Ah = 22.4Ah.

The conclusion is that each of these battery packs used is the same, so they all have the same amount of ampere-hours per pack. Titan group who manufacture these scooters have failed to calculate this correctly and retailer FalconPEV who rebrand them into Zero scooters have just taken them by their words.

Simple as that and I am not really surprised. I myself have bought lots of stuff from China before and even though they assemble the parts together, they don’t always have all the facts straight.

I learned that the hard way.

The difference in distance per charge and speed

If you had 5 companies testing the same scooter writing its top speed and maximum distance per charge you’d probably get 5 different numbers. Not because they lie. Well, some do, but that is probably not the case here.

The problem here is that there are so many different variables in a test ride that might alter the output. Hence, using the same type of machine to test the specifics or calculating using numbers is the best way to make it as honest and accurate as possible.

A general rule of thumb I like to use when calculating is that one mile equals 25Wh of the total battery capacity. The total capacity of the LG battery is 1165Wh, 1165Wh/25Wh equals 46.2 miles which is what you can expect by a rider of around 160 lbs riding at a steady 20 mph on a smooth highway without any wind. Just by my last sentence there you can probably see why personal real-life tests might differ a lot.

I think Zero just got it all wrong here. Or is it just because Asian people tend to be much shorter and lighter than people in the US?

I don’t know, but their numbers look very ambitious to me.

But who knows, it might be possible. A bit of downhill, a light rider in combination with a couple of kicks to get the speed up when starting out and really using the regenerative braking to its fullest extent will go a long way.

TurboWheel lightning handle

Price difference

This is the only accurate stat that separates these electric scooters. The T10DDM can probably be found cheaper from less reliable brands, with little to no, or very complicated after-sales service. Nothing that I recommend as it always seems that problems will get price evened out or surpass the sales price from a more reputable retailer in the long run.

The markets and economy of South Korea and the USA are also very different and hence the price tags will reflect that difference.

Now that we have determined that all that separates these models apart is the different names and price, we can continue into our review of the T10-DDM.


With the T10-DDM, Zero 10x, or Turbowheel Lightning, or whatever you want to call it or wherever you choose to buy it. You will get a really good electric scooter. One of the best models on the market I would dare to say, without having to pay the premium price for it.

The scooter itself is built of high-quality material which renders it very sturdy and capable of handling a good amount of load without you having to worry about it breaking down on you while riding.

Due to the impressive 3.6kW motors, you get a crazy amount of torque and it can handle most hills without any problem whatsoever.

This is especially true if you’re utilizing its full power through the dual-motor mode instead of the single/economy mode. The last-mentioned modes are made for saving energy on longer hauls.

The scooter has different speed modes that let you set the top speed to certain limits. This is really good while riding in the city where speed limits might be an issue, or if you’re riding through crowded places like a town square where having better throttle control and being able to quickly stop is important.

With a battery of this caliber, 52v/22.4Ah lithium-ion, you get enough juice to power its two 1000w motors for up to 45 miles on a single charge. That is if driven under perfect operating conditions. Under more normal riding conditions with some hills and taking acceleration/deceleration into consideration, I would expect something around 30 miles on a full charge to be really good.

The scooter doesn’t just have a really good range. It is also among the fastest and with its 40 mph top speed it received a good spot among the top models in our fastest electric scooter comparison.


Speed40 mph
Range45 mi
BatteryLithium-ion 52V/22.4Ah
Motor2 x 1000W hub motor(3600W peak)
Weight77 lbs
Tires10” air-filled tires
Max Weight330 lbs
Hill-Climbing Abilities25 degrees
Charging TimeUp to 6-7 hours recharge time

Where & which model to buy

Where you buy the scooter mostly depends on where you live. The Turbowheel Lightning, as of right now, is only available to people within the USA through E-wheels. If you’re in the US I highly suggest you go with the Turbowheel model as you will have one of the best after-sales service experiences available, just in case.

The Zero 10x is more widespread and mainly available from its creator FalconPev in Asia and a couple of other vendors throughout Europe.

TurboWheel Lightning 2000W
Last update was on: March 30, 2024 4:21 pm

Riding experience

TurboWheel lightning

Riding on the Turbowheel Lightning is so much fun. Not only is it very responsive and comfortable to ride, but it is also highly addictive to have such a fast and robust electric scooter.

This model isn’t for those looking for that last mile, lightweight solution. No, here you want to leave the car on the driveway altogether and just go everywhere you can on the Turbowheel Lightning.

It is easy to maneuver and the handlebars are comfortable to hold on to even during longer rides. It is a bit dumb though that they don’t fold in like on many of the new models from Dualtron. This makes storing the scooter or having to carry it around harder, harder than it already is carrying something that weighs 77 lbs.

There is an alternative rapid charger that can recharge the scooter within 3 hours to 80% which is best for the longevity of the battery.

It provides a really smooth ride with its two well-working suspension systems. In the front, we find a torsion bar like the ones found on many Dualtron scooters, and in the rear is a combination of two dampeners, one spring and one hydraulic. These dampeners all work together with the large 10” air-filled tires to ensure you have a pleasant and non-bumpy ride.

But comfort and speed isn’t everything. Safety is always a top concern and with a powerful scooter like this, you need to be able to trust that it will stop when you want it to. With two hydraulic disc brakes in combination with the regenerative motor brake, you can get this scooter to a full stop in no time.

The scooter is equipped with two deck lights and rear lights. The deck-lights aren’t much good during dark nights and I would suggest you look for a bright LED headlight to attach to your scooter if you ride at night. The rear light will pulse when you hit the brakes alerting anyone behind you that they should anticipate you slowing down.

I’ve been informed that even better comfort might be an option later this summer when the optional seat will be available. Expected to hit the shelves as soon as late June -19.

Overall this is by far one of the most comfortable rides I’ve tested. Sad I didn’t have the option at the time to test it out fully, but my first experience with the scooter is that it is a beast of a machine. I like to compare it to something similar to the Dualtron EX where they both have similar capabilities but the T10-DDM comes out with a $600-$700 lower price tag.

Any of these models should be taken into consideration if you’re looking for something high-end but don’t want to show out an entire month’s salary.


  • Different speed modes and single or dual motor mode
  • Incredible suspension system
  • Great design with footpad in the back to increase ride stability
  • Brake light and deck lights
  • LED display + separate voltage display
  • Trigger throttle
  • Key-ignition
  • Seat option(June -19)
  • Double disc brakes + regenerative motor brake

The review test data

Since I did not have the opportunity to ride this for a full test and just had a “short” couple of miles ride on it I don’t have all the data available and therefore I will only fill in what I was able to achieve at the time. I will update the data as soon as I have my hands on one and can do the full extensive test ride that I usually do.

  • Speed: 40.3 mph
  • Speed mode: Dual motors, 5th gear
  • Surface: Off-road, flat surface & lots of elevation
  • Battery Consumption: 80-60%

Last words of recommendation

The insane speed of the Turbowheel lightning/Zero 10X/T10-DDM will definitely put a grin on anyone’s face while being nice to your wallet. The riding comfort is out of this world and the design is very functional and appealing at the same time.

The scooter isn’t for the faint of heart, nor is it for those looking for the last mile solution. This is a great option for the heavy people out there who are looking for a robust model that can handle a heavy load.

This is an all-mile solution and it comes at a price point none can argue with. At this price, you get a lot of scooters for your money and with the aftersales service that Jason has, you can hardly go wrong with the Turbowheel Lightning.

There are plenty of add-ons to buy on the side that will enhance the owner’s experience along with spare parts and batteries, should you ever need it in the future.

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