Varla Eagle One: Blistering Speed and Insane Range on a Budget

The Varla Eagle One could be the best commuter scooter on the market. Why? Because of the value you receive from what you pay. t has a top speed of 40 mph and can travel up to 40 m les on a single charge. The scooter features dual motors with a combined output of 1600W, providing powerful acceleration and hill-climbing ability. It has large pneumatic t es (10 inches), providing excellent traction and stability on rough terrain. The Eagle One also comes equipped with front and rear suspension systems, which help absorb shocks from bumps in the road or trail.

This is one of the best scooters on the market. It’s got a top speed of close to 40 mph thanks to its dual motor setup, has a range of close to 40 miles after you fully charge it, independent suspension, and so much more.  It’s just a great scooter all around.

Technical Specifications     
Tested Top Speed: 39 mph
Tested Range: 26 miles (but can go much further)
Weight: 77 lbs
Maximum payload capacity: 330 lbs
Water Resistance: IP54
  • Fast and Inexpensive Scooter
  • Impressive Huge, LED Screen
  • Wide Deck for Riding Comfort
  • Built-In Dampening Prevents Significant Handlebar Shake
  • Headlights could be brighter
  • Flimsy battery port covers
  • I can’t think of other “cons!”
Last update was on: May 28, 2024 2:38 pm

Varla Eagle One Scooter Review

I’ve never wanted to spend ridi lous money on a beast scooter.  Finally, someone has come out with a beast scooter that’s affordable.  The Varla Eagle One scooter has all of the qualities that put it into that beast scooter category.

You get high top speed, great range, dual hub motor, independent shocks, fat tire on the front and back, large LED screen, and much more. 

However, you’re not paying beast scooter prices to get these features.  Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still pay nearly $1,700 for all of the goodies the Varla Eagle One scooter packs in. But, in terms of price, other competitive scooters are about 20% more expensive.

Take a look at the competitive scooter comparison chart at the bottom of this article, and you’ll get an idea of what we mean.

Overall, I love this scooter.  It doesn’t get much better than this in terms of bang for your buck.  I definitely think it’s the best electric scooter that Varla offers and could be the best in the category. Read on and enjoy my Varla Eagle scooter review!

Varla Eagle One Scooter Unboxing

Look, there are some of you that like take a look at how things are boxed and want to see the scooter in various stages of unboxing.  That’s what we’ve tried to do here.  Enjoy!

Beast Scooter Speed at an Affordable Price 

There are more and more electric scooters that are beginning to reach speeds close to, and exceeding, 40 mph.  However, most of those scooters cost more than $2,000.  Not the Varla Eagle One scooter.  They’ve built an incredibly solid platform at a great price.  

The Varla Eagle One Scooter Has Incredible Acceler ion

In order to get the fastest acceleration out of the Varla Eagle One scooter, you’ve got to engage both the dual hub motor.  This provides 2000w power output and gives you thrilling acceleration. 

When you see the dual motor setting and start off the line, it’s incredible because there are times when the front wheel will slip a little at first because there is so much torque that the front tire comes off the ground slightly.  It’s not a dangerous feeling, but rather is pretty cool knowing this scooter has such impressive power. 

The first time I rode the scooter, I stupidly put it in the fastest speed mode with both motors engaged.  That was a bit scary!  The speed and acceleration take some getting used to.  It did for me because I have spent a lot of my scooter riding time on those other “consumer grade” brands.

Top Speed

Last update was on: May 28, 2024 2:38 pm

In my speed test, I was only able to hit a maximum speed of 39 mph, but that’s plenty for me.  I don’t know if you’ve gone that fast on an electric scooter but, to be honest, it’s a bit hair-raising!

Varla Eagle One Speed Modes

The Varla One Eagle has a LOT of speed modes.  First, the LCD display has three-speed odes (gears) (1,2,3).

Then, on the left handlebar, you have two b tons:
1. Eco / Turbo
2. Single / Dual

The Eco/Turbo changes your speed mode in that gear from either Eco mode to Turbo Mode.

The Single / Dual button controls the two motors.  If you want to engage the electric pro dual motor, press a button.

You can see there are tons of different speed mode combinations depending o your riding goal.  The below examples are the three most popular speed modes for how I ride the scooter.  One mode for blistering speed, one that’s more balanced with speed and range, and another that gives me great range at a decent speed.

For instance, if you need to take a ride, say 25 miles long, you wouldn’t be in gear 3 and engage both motors and ride in turbo mode.  You wouldn’t make the trip on a single charge.  You would get close to your destination quickly (39 mph), but you’d fall short.

However, for that same 25-mile ride, you could make it with no problem if you were in gear 2 on turbo mode and only using one motor.  This mode allows you to go about 28-29 mph.

If you need to go 30 miles, I would use Gear 2 and ride in eco mode on a single motor.  This mode will allow you to go to about 15mph. 

If you’re milking the range and need to go as far as possible, you can ride using gear 1 on an eco motor with one motor engaged.  This mode will allow you to go about 9mp   To be honest, it feels like you’re crawling.

The point is, there’s a speed mode that’ll fit your riding mission, and I like that about the Varla Eagle One.

Last update was on: May 28, 2024 2:38 pm

Hill Climb on the Varla Eagl One Scooter

This scooter has tons of torque.  When you engage both motors, this scooter flies off the line.  Having this torque is essential if you live in a hilly area. 

The Varla Eagle One can climb a slope of up to 30 degrees.  So, if you live in a mountainous area like Colorado, this is a great scooter with steep climbing ability.


The Varla Eagle One can go up to 40 miles after fully charging it.  However, to get those kinds of numbers, you’ve got to be running on a single motor in eco mode.  While it’s doable, you’ll probably not use the scooter on eco mode and one engine most of the time.

There are three- eed modes – 1, 2, and 3.  I could ride the scooter on speed mode two on a single motor (not dual motor) and get 26 miles aft on a single charge.  

That’s not 40, but to be perfectly honest, I can’t imagine needing to ride the scooter 40 miles on a single charge.  I’m highly impressed with the range in this mode.

If you want to go fast, you will want to use the dual hub motor and on speed mode 3.  I didn’t ride for an entire charge in this mode because going 39 mph on an electric scooter is fast and a bit freaky for long stints.  However, I could get 17 miles out of a single charge when using dual motors and going quite fast most of the time.

This could be the ultimate commuter scooter.  It all depends on how far you need to go each day.  If I was looking for a commuter scooter and my round trip to and from work was under 30 miles, the Eagle One would be at the top of my list.

Now, if you’re going to be going abroad, your overall range will be significantly impacted.  The same is true if you live in a hilly area with steep inclines. 

Again, I’m impressed with the range of this scooter.  If you want a dual-motor electric scooter, you won’t be disappointed.

Last update was on: May 28, 2024 2:38 pm


Varla Eagle One hydraulic brakes

Look, here’s the deal.  You’ve got a fast scooter, expecting it to stop quickly.  This isn’t a ten mph scooter where you can hop off and stop in an emergency.  The Varla Eagle One’s top speed is nearing 40 mph and needs beefy brakes to stop it on a di.

The Varla Eagle One features a dual hydraulic brake system with ABS on the front and rear wheels. Like a car, the anti-lock braking system not on allows you to stop quickly but stopping is smooth and allows you to maintain control of the scooter.

The Eagle One has a hand brake lever on the right and left side of the handlebars to engage the dual hydraulic brake and ABS system, which ensures maximum stopping power.  Obviously, one brake lever is for the front wheel, and the other is for the rear brakes.

From 39 mph, I could stop the scooter in less than two seconds.  It’s comforting to know that I can stop quickly and safely without losing control of the scooter thanks to the independent dual hydraulic brakes and ABS system.

One of the other added benefits of the dual hydraulic brake on the Eagle One is the fact the braking system is sealed.  This means you can ride off without fearing that you’re going to mess up your brakes.  Cheap scooter models use disc brakes which can get ruined quickly from off-road riding.

Practically, unless I am riding in crazy fast beast scooter mode (gear 3, two motors on turbo mode), I generally only use the rear brake and can stop the scooter in approximately 12 fees.

When you use the front and rear brakes together, you can stop the scooter in about 10 feet.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.


Varla Eagle One pneumatic tire

The Varla Eagle One scooter utilizes 10-inch by 3-inch pneumatic tires.  Varla also includes an extra inner tube in the box, so that’s pretty cool of them.  Eventually, if you’re riding the scooter on rough terrain or you’re using it as an offroad electric scooter, you’re going to puncture an inner tube.  Having an extra tire tube for the tires is great!

The tires look like road tires and have a zigzag pattern.  They are quiet and provide a nice smooth ride regardless of whether you’re riding on the street or on rough terrain.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use this as an off-road electric scooter at all, especially because of the sealed hydraulic disc brake system, the independent suspension, and the large 10” pneumatic tires.


Varla Eagle One independent suspension

The Varla Eagle One has two very large springs on the front wheel and the rear wheel of the scooter.  This independent suspension system allows for lots of flex when going over bumps, rough terrain, or needing to hop a bit to clear a small curb.

There’s a ton of play in these springs.  While I haven’t measured it yet, I would estimate that from fully extended to fully compressed, the springs allow for about 2 inches of vertical travel.  That’s a tremendous amount of shock absorption.

Last update was on: May 28, 2024 2:38 pm

Ride Quality

Ride quality is affected by a couple of things.  Tires, suspension, and the deck.  I think the Varla Eagle One has appropriately sized pneumatic tires, and the suspension is oversized, in my opinion.  These two factors take care of the actual ride quality itself. 

The deck width and length determine the comfort of your stance when riding.

The deck measures 9.1 inches wide and 21.6 inches long.  The width is great, especially if you have big feet.  However, if you’re tall and have a wide stance like me, you probably would like to see a bit more deck length. 

However, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Varla Eagle One because of the deck length.  This is a small nitpick (because there are very few negative things to say about this scooter).

Last update was on: May 28, 2024 2:38 pm


Varla Eagle One folded

She’s a big girl when it comes to weight.  Weighing in at 77 lbs, you’re not going to want to be lugging the Eagle One up a bunch of steps.  However, if you need to, you can.  It also folds down to the folded height is 20.1 inches x 50.4 inches.  Not too shabby. 

Additionally, the handlebars aren’t crazy wide at 25.5 inches, so you can still fit the Eagle One into tight spaces with no problem.  I had no problem getting the scooter into the back of a small Honda.

LED Screen / Tech Stack

Varla Eagle One LED screen

The LED screen on the Eagle One is amazing.  It’s a really large and bright QS-S4 controller with a color screen.  The display is very visible during the day, and even at a glance in bright daylight, you won’t have any issue reading what it says. 

I like that you can toggle between KMH and MPH, and you can also change the brightness of the screen.

The LED screen features an odometer, trip odometer, battery level, speed mode, and speedometer.  Other than those statistics, I don’t know what other data they could possibly provide!

LED Headlights

Varla Eagle One headlight

The Varla Eagle One has two headlights that are installed on either side of the front of the deck.  They are each approximately one inch in diameter and look very cool.  They provide a decent amount of light.  However, having them on the deck doesn’t “paint” the road with light like it would have the light(s) been mounted near or on the handlebars.  

LED Tail Lights

Varla eagle one headlight and tail light

There are red LED taillights on the Varla Eag e One scooter.  They are mounted on both sides of the scooter and provide great visibility for those around you when you are riding at night. They’re super bright, unlike many other scooters that use little red LED lights for ambient lighting  

Cruise Control

The Varla Eagle One scooter has cruise control, as you might expect. You need to use the settings in the LCD panel in order to activate it / turn it on. Since this is a long ran electric scooter, it’s important to have the cruise control feature for those long rides!

Varla Eagle One Scooter Maximum Weight Capacity

One of the best things about this scooter is its durability. The Eagle One electric scooter has a tire on the front and back, oversized independent suspension, and a tough frame. 

With a maximum payload capacity of 330 lbs, this scooter is perfect for almost anyone.  Varla recommends that a rider weigh a maximum of 265 lbs but know that’s a recommendation and not the rule.

Quality of Construction

Varla Eagle One Quality

I think the quality of construction on the Varla Eagle One is pretty good.  It’s not outstanding, but good.  There are little things that make me feel this way.  For instance, there is a bit of a wiggle in the stem that I can’t get rid of. 

I’ve tried to tighten the clamps the most that are possible, but there’s still a wiggle.  It isn’t much, but it’s there.  I’ve gotten used to it, but it’s a little annoying. I’d venture to say it’s just with my scooter and not endemic across every Varla Eagle One electric scooter.

Outside of that, they’ve done a pretty good job with construction.  Clearly, they have used quality parts, and the scooter feels really stable.  So, that’s about the best you can ask for.

Water Rating

The Varla Eagle One scooter IP ratio is IP54.  What does this mean?  Take a look at this IP water rating site.  Basically, with the Varla Eagle One, you can ride it in the rain if you get stuck in a storm.  You can also get rid of light mud and dirt.  However, I wouldn’t be running it through puddles and deep mud.

Battery and Charging Time

Varla Eagle One Battery Charger

The Varla Eagle One features a 946WH battery.  It’s a 52V/18.2Ah lithium-ion battery that oozes with ra power.  Obviously, the battery pack has to have a huge capacity in order to provide enough juice to power the scooter for up to 40 miles. 

In terms of charging, Varla gives buyers two options. You can either charge the scooter with one charger or two chargers.  If you are charging the scooter with one charger, it’ll take you 8- hours.  If you’re using dual chargers, then it’ll take anywhere from 4-5 hours to charge the scooter.  When you buy the scooter, Varla gives you one charger.  I wish I would have opted to get two chargers (and I might still do so!).

The battery life for the stock battery on the Eagle one is approximately 500 cycles.  So, if you are using the scooter a lot and charge it twice a week, the battery pack should last you about 5 years.  

If you want to buy another scooter charger for the Varla Eagle one, go here!

Varla Bluetooth App

Not a huge deal here, but one thing that I like about some of the “consumer grade” scooters is to have a Bluetooth app.  With other manufacturers like Segway and Hiboy, they have an app that lets you connect wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can see things like range and odometer and lock and unlock the scooter.  While Varla doesn’t have an app for their scooters, I don’t think it’s a big deal because the large LED display lets you see and do everything an app does.

Charging Ports

Varla Eagle One Charging Ports

A dual battery charging port is located on the side of the scooter deck. This allows you to charge the scooter using one or two chargers.  If you’re using one charger, it doesn’t matter which charging port you plug into. The covers are a bit flimsy, but that doesn’t really both me too much.


Varla Eagle One Key

When it comes to security, the Eagle One uses a very simple ey and ignition.  Just like a car, you can’t turn on the scooter without the key.  Also,  I’ve purchased a lock for my Varla Eagle One.  So, between a scooter lock and the key and ignition, I feel pretty secure when I leave the scooter. 

I’ll talk about the bigger brother to the Varla Eagle One, the Varla Eagle One Pro, down below.  However, I do want to point out that Varl has thought of a cool way to secure the Eagle One Pro.  They use an NFC card.  It looks like a mini credit card that you insert into the scooter.  It works just like a key and ignition.  If you don’t have an NFC card, you don’t ride the scooter!  Pretty cool!

Varla Scooter Warranty

The Varla Eagle One has up to a 2-year warranty.  Things like the thumb throttle, frame, and controller are under warranty for 2 years.  Other things like the electric motors, charger, and battery are covered for 12 m ths.  And, most everything else is about a month (tires and brakes, for instance).  This makes sense, and I think the warranty is ac ally quite generous for the parts you should really care about.

Last update was on: May 28, 2024 2:38 pm

What’s the Difference Between the Varla Eagle One and Varla Eagle One Pro

First, let’s talk about price.  Varla sometimes runs specials.  When they are running a special on both scooters, they are approximately a $600 difference in price.  Keep that in mind as you read this and look at the specs below.

The big differences are speed, range, bat ry, max slope, scooter weight, charging time, key type, and suspension.

If you’re one of the 20% of the rider population that needs the best-of-the-best, then you’re going to want the Varla Eagle One Pro.

However, if you’re looking for a beast scooter at a reasonable price, the Varla Eagle One is hard to beat.

For me, if I was trying to decide and the price was less of a factor, it would come down to the range and weight.  In my mind, 5 more mph on the Eagle One Pro isn’t much.  The bigger tire and hydraulic suspension are nice, but the independent suspension with a dual shock system on the Eagle One already provides a great ride.  So, I don’t know that an additional 5 miles and the added weight (13 more pounds) would be worth an additional $600.  But…that’s just me!

Varla Eagle One Vs. Varla Eagle One Pro

DetailsVarla Eagle OneVarla Eagle One Pro
Maximum SpeedUp to 40 mphUp to 45 mph
Maximum RangeUp to 40 milesUp to 45 miles
Battery52v / 18.2 Ah lithium-ion60v / 27Ah lithium-ion
BrakeDual Hydraulic with ABSDual hydraulic with ABS
MotorDual hub, 1000w x 2Dual hub, 1000w x 2
Maximum Climb Slope30 degrees35 degrees
Tires10” pneumatic11” pneumatic
DisplayQS-S4 LCD display3.5 inch LCD display
Scooter Weight77 lbs90 lbs
Total Payload330 lbs330 lbs
Front LED LightYes10w LED
Rear LED LightYesYes
Charing Time Single Charger8 – 9 hours13 – 14 hours
Charging Time Dual Charger4 – 5 hours6 – 7 hours
Throttle StyleThumbThumb
Key TypeKey and ignitionNFC Card
SuspensionDual Shock / Independent SuspensionDual Hydraulic
Frame Material6061 aluminum alloy6061 aluminum alloy
Deck Pad MaterialNon-skidSilicone
Recommended Rider Height4’5” – 6’11”4’5” – 6’11”

What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

If you are considering the Varla Eagle One, you are looking in the “Professional” category.  No consumer-grade scooter for you! As such, below are the scooters you most likely are looking at.  Take a look at them for yourself and you’ll see why the Varla Eagle One provides a LOT of bang for the buck.

ScooterSpeedRangeWeightWeight CapacityDual Motors?BrakesMSRP
Varla Eagle One40+ Mph40 mi77 Ibs330 IbsDual hub motor, 1000W x 2Dual hydraulic brake + ABS$1,699.00
Varla Eagle One Pro45+ Mph45 mi90 Ibs330 lbsDual Hub MotorDual hydraulic brake + ABS$1,699.00
Varla Pegasus28+ Mph28 mi66 lbs280 lbsDual Hub MotorDual Disc Brake$1,199.00
Dualtron Thunder55+ Mph107 mi105 lbs265 lbsBLDC dual hub motorsDual hydraulic brake + ABS$4,299.00
Kaboo Mantis Pro41 Mph45 mi65 lbs330 lbsDual 1000W BLDCDual Zoom Hydraulic$1,699.00
Apollo Phantom38 Mph40 mi77 lbs300 lbDual motor driveDisc + Disc$1,799.00
Apollo Pro43 Mph62 mi77 lbs330 lbsDualRegenerative braking system and two drum brakes$3,999.00
Apollo Ghost 202238 Mph22 mi67 lbs300 lbsBrushless DC motorsTriple braking system$1,799.00
Wolf Warrior 1150 Mph60 mi105 lbs330 lbsDual 1200W brushless motorsDual Disc$2,899.00
Wolf GT Pro63 Mph74 mi115 lbs330 lbs2000W Front 2000W RearZoom Hydraulic 160 mm rotors$3,195.00
NAMI Burn-E 245 Mph90 mi100 lbs160 IbsTwo 1000W motorsHydraulic 160mm disc brakes$3,099.00
Hiboy Titan Pro30 Mph40 mi61.7 lbs286 lbsDual hub motor‎Disc$1,599.99
Zero 10x40 Mph40 mi80 lbs330 lbsDUAL 1000W HUB MOTORSHydraulic disc brakes$1,699.00
Nanrobot D6+40 Mph40 mi77 lbs330 lbsdual-motorDual disc / Hydraulic brake$1,399.00

The Varla Eagle One is Super Fast and Super Affordable

Electric Scooter comparison chart
The Varla Eagle One Provides Tons of Speed at a Low Price

Varla Eagle One User Manual
I love to understand a wholistic picture of what a scooter looks like when I look at articles.  This includes understanding what the manufacturer has to say about the scooter in the user manual.  So, I’ve taken pictures of every page of the manual and posted them here.  One thing that would have been helpful is if Varla included a “quick start” guide in the box.  This guide would have gone through the “build” process and how to change all of the settings on the LCD display.  That’s the only small gripe I have about the Varla

Eagle One user manual

Varla Eagle One Charger

Varla Eagle One Scooter charger

When you buy the Varla Eagle One, you get a charger.  However, I would HIGHLY suggest that you purchase another one so that you can benefit from dual charging.  Here’s a link to the Eagle One Charger.

Electric Scooter Safety Gear

I’m really not great about wearing safety gear when I’m riding on a scooter that goes 15mph and less.  Yeah, I know, I should be better about it but I’m not.  However, with the Varla Eagle One, since it’s a beast scooter, you need to put on as much protective gear as you can get.  If you need to buy some, I like the one that Varla offers.  This set includes knee pads and elbow pads.  They are made from durable PVC materials to withstand hard impact.

Varla Eagle One Scooter Deck Stickers

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the cool graphics on the scooter deck.  I think the stock design is really cool.  However, Varla also has other scooter deck stickers that you can put on your scooter.  It’s a great way to customize your ride.  This is something I’ve not seen other scooter companies do.  And, on top of it, they’re really cool, not cheezy.

Varla Accessories and Parts

Varla Eagle one accessories

You’re paying for a professional-grade scooter.  This scooter is durable and will last for years to come.  However, just like anything else, parts were out.  What I love about Varla is that you can buy TONs of replacement parts on their website.  So, when a scooter part nears the end of its life, just hop on their site and order a replacement.  Not many scooter companies offer the wide variety of parts that Varla offers.  K dos to Varla here.

In addition to replacement parts, th  most common add-ons for your scooter will be a handlebar bag (for your “stuff”),  aybe even a seat.  They also have a foldable lock that’s handy too.  

Check out all of the Varla Electric Scooter Accessories here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers!

How fast does the Varla Eagle One Go?

The Varla Eagle One has a top speed of just under 40 mph. They advertise 40 mph but I was only able to hit 39 mph. Regardless, it’s fast. Very fast.

Can you ride a Varla Scooter in the Rain?

Yes! The Eagle One has an IP54 rating which means that it can withstand water from any direction.

Is Varla a good scooter?

The Varla Eagle One is a very good scooter at a very good price. There is a lot of value for what you pay.


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