Xiaomi m365 VS Segway by Ninebot ES2/ES4 – Side-by-side comparison

The Segway ES2 vs Xiaomi M365 is probably the most requested comparison I’ve done, so far.  After I published the Segway electric scooter comparison guide I got a bunch of emails from readers asking me to do this one next, and here we are. Today we’re looking at Xiaomi vs. Segway. A battle of the brands!

These two scooters are quite similar, and there are a few reasons to why this is.

A few years back Xiaomi, who are famous for their smartphones, together with other backers, invested a good $80 million into Ninebot. Ninebot then went out and bought Segway and they have since had a history of co-developing products.

Just like Xiaomi helped with the development of the Ninebot Mini, Ninebot helped them out in the development process of the Mijia scooter.

However, the two still operate under their own brand and with their own product lines. However, they do unite under a so-called “strategic alliance” in order to create smarter and greener short-distance transportation vehicles.

Enough with the history lesson. Let’s see what these two has to offer!

side by side look

Comparison table for the Segway ES2/ES4 vs Xiaomi M365

Even though the two scooters have a somewhat similar appearance there can only be one winner, right?

Since you have the option to purchase an additional battery pack for the Segway by Ninebot electric scooters I went ahead and added the specifics of the boosted model which goes under the name ES4.

Net Weight(lbs)26.92730.8
BrakesElectrical + Disc brakeElectrical + MechanicalElectrical + Mechanical
Braking distance(12.4 mph)4 meters4 meters4 meters
Shock absorbtionN/AFront + RearFront + Rear
Front Tire(inch)8.588
Rear Tire(inch)
LED ScreenLED Battery indicatorSpeed + Battery indicatorSpeed + Battery indicator
VisibilityHeadlight + RearlightHeadlight + RearlightHeadlight + Rearlight
Dimension(LxWxH)Unfolded: 108 x 43 x 114 cm
Folded: 108 x 43 x 49 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Water Resistance(IP)545454
Working temperature(Degrees)-10...+43-10...+40-10...+40

The cost of each model

The first of these scooters to hit the market was the m365. It was first launched in December 2016, in China, after being a successful crowdfunding project through the Mijia platform.

The price history on this one isn’t anything special and thanks to its great reviews and performance it hasn’t deprecated in price at all since it was first launched.

The ES2, on the other hand, had its launch in Q4 of 2017. Its priced a bit higher than the Xiaomi scooter and that is even without taking the add-on battery pack into account which would add an additional few hundred bucks to its price tag.

Below is a list of these three products and their prices are updated automatically.

The differences between these two

Out of the box, I would say the Xiaomi electric scooter gives you more bang for your buck than the ES2. However, if you upgrade the ES2 into an ES4, the M365 loses much of its advantage except the price.

The ES4 would give you an additional 10 miles per charge and is 3.1 mph faster in comparison with the M365. It also boosts the peak motor power by 100W giving you a bit more torque. But there are a lot of copycats of the m365 with 350W motors at the same price. Those might be worth your time.

When it comes to its design I do like the folding system of both scooters. The scooters fold down nicely, and both attach to the rear splash guard which makes them more stable when carried around.

The brakes are much more effective and stable on the Xiaomi model due to its rear disc brake. Not only does it feel a lot more secure with a rear mounted brake, you can also slow down smoothly by just letting go of the throttle.

The ES2 has a rear foot brake and an electric motor brake that does a good the job. The difference is that you’ll probably only be using the front wheel motor brake as I do and it tends to get a little sketchy from time to time. Especially if you’re in a hurry to stop. It does take some practice to keep your body weight low when braking hard, but we’re talking about minutes here.

suspension wheels and brakes es2 & m365

Another difference is the wheels. The Xiaomi scooter has larger pneumatic tires of 8.5” both in the front and rear, whilst the Segway has an 8” front tire and a 7.5” rear tire both made out of hard rubber. Having two pneumatic tires gives the M365 a smoother ride on gravel and other uneven surfaces. They also provide a decent shock reduction. On the other hand, the ES2 has a built-in rear and front shock absorbers that help reduce bumps. But I still consider the M365 to be the more versatile and comfortable option.

ambient light and setup in mobile app

Both have a strong LED headlight and a tail light that gives you good visibility even during the darker hours of the day. The ES2 has additional ambient led lights underneath the footpad which can be adjusted within the mobile application. A cool but not really necessary feature.

The ES2 has a display mounted at the top of the handlebar which shows you real-time data, whilst the m365 only has a few lights to show you how much juice you have left. However, you can also check the real-time data in both the Xiaomi and Ninebot mobile application.

Display difference between xiaomi and Segwya scooters

Image from Segway SG

Last words of recommendation

Which brand works better for you in the Xiaomi vs. Segway battle? Which one will it be, or did none of the above fit perfectly into your life?

Don’t worry.

Perhaps the new m365 version the Xiaomi pro might be more interesting?

If you’re just looking for a solid high-quality scooter to take you a few miles back and forth I do suggest that you have a good look at the Xiaomi M365 since its a very good scooter straight out of the box. It’s similar to the standard ES2 but is a cheaper electric scooter.

On the other hand. For those of us who want to go further, or at least want the option to do so in the future. The ES2/ES4 is the better, but a much more expensive choice. Especially if you want to upgrade it straight away. For a more in-depth review of the ES2, you can read my full review.

The thing is if you’re willing to invest this amount of money into an ES4. I would feel bad if I didn’t tell you that there are numerous other models that are much more powerful but have a similar price tag. So if you don’t need the lightweight and more portable option. Take a look at our top reviews here and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thanks for reading and as always, if you have any questions leave a comment!

  1. At least I want the ES4 anyway.

  2. Does the M365 have the same charger as the Ninebot ES2?

    • Both chargers are identical from what I can tell. No news though since these scooters are produced under what Xiaomi and Ninebot call a “tactical partnership”.

  3. Thanks for the review! What’s availability in the USA these days. Segway/Ninebot and Walmart are both out of stock of the Ninebot ES2 as of mid August 2018. Evidently rental companies are buying them all from dealers/shops. As a consumer, I’m unable to find one to purchase.

    • What other models would you recommend as an alternative? I read this being in the market soon. I know eBay and Amazon have lots but no reviews

    • Hi there! Yes the availability in the US these days are bad.
      However, I do not think its only the rental companies buying them up. The scooters have had their issues and I think they’re just clearing those up before the next batch in order to lower returns which in their case increases profit. Its a good scooter but they would do best by tweaking it a little.
      But it could be because that’s the reason why the Mijia m365 isn’t coming back. It’s back ordered like crazy on Amazon. 😛
      Best regards, Tobias.

  4. Thanks for the review! Due to a variety of reasons and specification comparisons, the ES2 and the M365 are the two models I am considering. What is the availability of the Ninebot ES2 in the USA these days? Segway/Ninebot and Walmart are currently out of stock of the ES2 as of mid August 2018. Evidently rental companies are purchasing these models from dealers/shops. As a consumer I am unable to find one to purchase.

  5. Thanks for your reviews. Im trying to buy a scooter as a gift but am struggling to pick one. I can barely locate places to buy the ES2 or the m365. Any opinions on Inmotion L8F 313Wh/250W Motor, Gen II??

    It seems to have good specs, and i can actually buy one..Any thoughts?

    • Hi Saray, Well you are correct. I’ve heard great things about the L8F from both retailers and users. That is the Gen II version, the first one had some early sicknesses but those are from what I can tell sorted out. The specs are similar to the both the Xiaomi and the ES2. Funny you mentioned it as I often recommend people to go for the L8F if the ES2 or Mijia is unavailable. I heard only good things about it from Jason who retails it here.
      This one has been on my to-do-list for quite some time. Just sent them an email to see if I can get my hands on one in Spain where we are relocating. Stressful times 😀

  6. There is a new model that Lime use in San Diego that has a stem like the Ninebot but thicker and taller and the base of the m365 including the hand brake, seems to be the best of both worlds and rides great.

  7. Thanks for the nice review. I need your opinion please. I have saved the money to buy a brand new Xiaomi M365 (P20,000). Buy I saw a post online selling her 2nd hand NineBot ES2 for only P16,000. ES2 millage is at 157km and is about 6months old. (no warranty on ES2)

    • Hi Eli,
      I am a real fan of the M365 (xiaomi scooter). The es2 just doesn’t rock my world that much and it has had more issues.
      You don’t even get 25% discount by buying a used model and I think that 25 % might get costly if you get into trouble later on. For your own piece of mind, I would go and get an m365 with warranty every day of the week.

  8. EXCELLENT Review!!!

    Tobias, in you personal opinion if you have the money and you want a faster,solid and well constructed scooter doesn’t matter if is 30-50 pounds weight which model with your experience will do recommend, example I like the design of the Speedway Mini4 Pro but also I know there is another one a little more heavier but faster, if you have in mind the Best top of the model like this Mini Pro (which is not light like the Xiaomi but NOt bulky like other that I been see it, keep in mind my weight is around 220 pounds

    Thanks in advance for you help to decide which will be the BEST solid, and faster scooter (I dont like with seat likes some models I see)

  9. Hi.. Very nice review! I have been trying to buy a M365 in Philippines and I am not getting a dealer in Manila. Only option left is to rely on Lazada which I am not sure about the quality and the service of the scooter if i need to. Can you please help me in this regard.

  10. hi.Thank you very much for the review. I would also appreciate your opinion.
    from the comparison i understood that one of the advanteges in the m365. is that he is cheaper then the es2.
    I have the option to buy the ES at a lower price ( 50$ les then the xiaomi), would you prefer the es2 if its cost less? (Both have the same warranty )

    I’m a little worried, because I heard that the M365 has a lot of flats tire. And I understood that in general the Segway was more durable.

  11. Hi, thank you very much for your review. I would also like to hear your opinion.
    From the comparison, I realized that one of the advantages of the M365 is that it is cheaper than ES2. I have the option to buy the Segway at a cheaper price ($ 50 less), would you prefer the Segway when it is cheaper. (Both with 1 year warranty).

    I’m a little afraid from flats tire in the xiaomi, dose the Segway stay more durable ?

  12. Hi Tobi. I would like to know your thoughts between M365 and Zero 8 E scooter. I’m planning to buy one and stuck with the decision. Thanks in advance.

    • Yeah I have been trying to get my hands on some of those Zero scooters without any luck so far. Will of course not give up! 😀

  13. Hi there, thanks for the reviews. Had a m365 for a year and a half which just had issues with the motherboard and battery. Done 580 klms with it so am getting a new one but can’t decide if the Es4 worth it. Love the features and the suspensions as the m365 had none and i had to change twice flat tires due to hard bumps mostly (which takes almost 2 hours to do)

    For me, es4 is nice for longer range and the speed but is there issue? Apparently uphill with lights on it switches off for example.

    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Nick, great to hear you’re satisfied with your M365. I like the ES4 very much, the battery lets you forget about riding distance. 😛
      There have been some minor issues but those all should be fixed now with the 1.3 version of the scooter out in stores. It is worth it. Otherwise, you could go for the indestructible tires for the m365 which can be bought on Amazon 🙂

  14. Great review! I am thinking of buying either of the two compared scooters for my son. As I’ve understood both the ES2 and the M365 have different speed modes to choose from. Of a reason a little too difficult to explain here these set speed limits are of importance for him to be able to drive the scooter safely. Do you know what these speed limits are set to? Is there anyway one could set the speed limits lower, for example to 6-7 mph?

    • Hi Niclas,
      Yeah sure. Sorry I didn’t provide those in the article. Will see if we can’t make an update as it might be very interesting to know beforehand.
      For reference, my oldest is 7 now and rides a Tao S1/Gotrax Glider in first gear giving him a top speed of 14km/h. By your name I just take it you’re Swedish too.
      The Xiaomi M365 has a top speed of 25km/h(15mph), the economy mode which is the mode it always starts in has a top speed of 18km/h(11mph).
      However, you can unlock it by upgrading to custom firmware giving it a top speed of up to 32 km/h(20mph).

      The ES2 has the same top speed of 25km/h(15mph), then you have the standard mode which gives you 20km/h(12.5mph) and last but not least we have the speed limit mode setting it to 15km/h(9mph).
      I hope that helps. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

  15. Thanks for reply! Yup Swedish. I’ll keep on writing in English, so that we don’t loose any other readers.
    So by upgrading the firmware I could set the speed to any speed below 32 km/h. Where could I download custom firmware? My hacking capabilites are very limited…

    • I don’t think there are firmware’s that will let you set it to a specific speed limit. At least not yet. Just the firmware that unlocks it from the 25km/h limit 🙂

      How old is your son if you don’t mind me asking?
      That way I can better understand what we’re working with here.

  16. Great stuff. Another option that is a bit more affordable is the Gotrax Scooter as it is about £100 cheaper. Something to think about if you don’t need that extra battery.

  17. Hello,
    Will You add compare to Xioami Pro version ?

  18. I can’t decide between the Xiaomi M365 and the es2.
    Is the electric brakes on the es2 a good thing or a bad thing?
    In other words, what’s better and smoother and more effective, the disc brakes on the m365, or the electrical brakes on the es2?
    I would love for you to help me make my decision please get back to me.

  19. Hi Tobias,
    I have got the segway, but it is really bumpy on your hands when riding on small stones. Is the M365 any better with the air tires? Or is it also really vibrating on your hands?

  20. As a potential customer for either scooters, I am worried about issues AFter purchasing like internal motherboard issues, etc. as well as the cost of buying parts to fix certain problems.. Which scooter has a better warranty- by my reading and a bit of research, Xaomi seems to have the longer 1 year warranty I think? And who has the better customer service >)

    • Definitely Xiaomi I would say. Also for what you have to pay the Xiaomi is the winner every day of the week. Segway has been known to slack with the after-sales service, unfortunately. The Xiaomi m365 best upside is that it has a ton of 3rd party parts. I’ve never bought the original stuff for mine. I’ve switched out the battery to a 3rd party, fenders, brake pads etc and everything is just as good as the original parts (if not better at times). So my recommendation is definitely to have an extra eye for the m365. Or why not any of the good working copycats, many of them provide the exact same ride but with stronger motors. For example, Macwheel Mx1: https://envyride.com/macwheel-mx1-review/ has a 350W instead of the m365 250W. That does a big difference.

  21. Hello Tobbe! Good read and great review. Doing some researcha bout the ES4, came across your article and found this other interesting one, the Xiaomi. Thanks!

  22. […] want to see how well the ES2/ES4 stands against the M365 from Xiaomi, you can find our comparison here. For the ES MAX vs Xiaomi PRO you can find that article […]

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    and from now on every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the same comment.
    Is there a way you can remove me from that service? Thank you!

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