Mobility Scooter Buying Guides – Helping you find the right model

Mobility scooters have been around for a long time and they are constantly evolving. They help increase seniors and mobility impaired folks life standards by letting them get around with ease thanks to the battery-powered scooter. They are easily maneuverable and can be used both indoors and for various outdoor activities such as running errands or going on a hike with loved ones.

Famous brands like Drive Medical, Go-Go Traveller, and others push out new models on a yearly basis and it can be confusing to know which model you would prefer without taking it for a test ride. In this section of Envyride, help guide you in making a well-informed purchase. Whether you’re looking for a more sturdy unit that can handle heavy-duty or one that can handle some serious off-road terrain we have already tested the mobility scooters that will make expand your world.