Are Electric Scooters Legal? – Regulations for Adults And Kids

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Electric scooters have gained a lot of attention over the last few years. But are are electric scooters legal to drive? There is no right answer to this question. The legalization of electric scooters entirely depends on two things: your area and when you’re wanting to drive one. Laws regarding electric scooters vary from region to region and they also change constantly over time.

Electric scooters are very advantageous for both humans and nature. They are eco-friendly, meaning they reduce your carbon footprint. Not only that, but they are also cheap and convenient for people to use when traveling in the city. So why are there laws and restrictions?

Since electric scooters are so easy to access and use and they’re incredibly popular right now, there has been an increase in accidents.

Electric Scooters Legal? – Regulations for Adults And Kids

It’s such a great vehicle option, which means everyone wants to have and use their own. Because of this, sidewalks have become more congested and there’s a disturbance in traffic when drivers use them to move in between other vehicles on the road.

Taking all of this into consideration, each region’s governmental leadership has created specific laws for their area to help drivers use more caution.

So, make sure to research all the laws in your area before deciding to get yourself an electric scooter. As it differs from region to region, it’s best to be aware of federal regulations and other general rules.

Some countries create awareness by encouraging and rewarding those who drive according to the law. You can find some countries offering subsidies to motivate people to buy an electric scooter and use them safely.

There are massive advantages when it comes to using electric scooters. Ultimately, they persuade people to be ecological and modern.

Understanding The Electric Scooter Laws In The U.S.

This can be a bit confusing. The U.S. federal government has already created laws for electric bikes. Now, electric scooters are beginning to follow the same laws.

According to federal law in the U.S., electric bikes are legal as long as they don’t go over 20 miles per hour. They also must have a motor that is below 750W. So, if your electric scooter fits these requirements, then your scooter is legal in the United States.

Electric scooters should be driven in the bike lane. If a road doesn’t have a specific lane for bikes, then your electric scooter can be driven on the street itself. However the speed limit is 25 mph. You cannot go over that speed when driving on the road with other vehicles. You also cannot drive them on sidewalks or on pedestrian pathways. Doing so, especially when there are people around, can be dangerous and cause unnecessary disturbances.

Some states in the U.S. have laws that are different from another state. Each state’s specifications are outlined in each PLEV (personal light electric vehicle) manual.

All the traffic laws should be abided by, including stopping at stoplights and following road signs.

Can Kids Ride Electric Scooters?

Electric Scooters Legal
The American Academy of Pediatrics says it’s best to keep young kids below 16 away from electric scooters. They might get injured while driving one and because of their age, their injuries are more likely to be fatal if severe.

You can avoid injuries and other risks by following the proper safety measures. Wearing a helmet is crucial. Protecting your head can save your life if you’re in a terrible accident.

Parents should be cautious when allowing their child to drive an electric scooter. Don’t let them drive too far away. Also, make sure that they can control an electric scooter by themselves before letting them drive one independently.

Safety Rules That Apply To Kids And Adults

    1. Children under 16 should not drive electric scooters.
    2. A helmet is essential while driving because it reduces the risk of serious injury.
    3. Wearing other pieces of protective gear is also a great idea for people of all ages.
    4. Going slow will create a nice riding experience, especially for children. They can start picking up speed as they grow older. Adults should drive the average recommended speed.
    5. Be cautious of other vehicles.

Regulations for Adults And Kids

    1. Avoid any unnecessary distractions such as headphones or cellphones. Concentrate on driving.
    2. Drive only on the paths provided. Do not drive on the footpaths or sidewalks, as people will be using them. Riding an electric scooter around people can cause problems with those using the path.
    3. Don’t drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medicines that might make you feel drowsy. Doing so can result in an accident.
    4. Never drive on highways or on roads with a lot of vehicle congestion. Highways have vehicles going at high speeds, meaning an electric scooter will be unable to keep up with traffic.

Parents should pay special attention when allowing their children to drive an electric scooter. Limit their distance to the neighborhood streets or the backyard.

If someone chooses to break the law or ride without safety, law enforcement will issue a traffic violation citation. If a child or younger individual breaks the rules, their parent or guardian will be responsible and may have to appear in court. They may also have to pay a fine.

It’s important for you to have a thorough understanding of electric scooters before purchasing one. Since electric scooters work differently than a bike, the driver must be accustomed to accelerating and balancing the vehicle.

Driving an electric bike is easy if all the rules and safety precautions are followed. As a parent, make sure your child understands the dangers of breaking the rules and reckless driving. It could be their lives on the line if they choose to be irresponsible. Even as adults, safety and being cautious are essential.

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you need a license to ride electric scooters?

A driver’s license, registration, or insurance is not needed in order to ride an electric scooter. However, there are laws that restrict where you can use them and the amount of power (read Wattage) the motors can have.

Where can you ride?

Electric scooters are often prohibited on sidewalks. You may use it on public roads where the speed limit is no greater than 25 mph, and on roads above by using the bike lane.

Do riders need to use a helmet?

Some countries have laws that prohibit users to ride without a helmet. Some have for kids below age 15 but most commonly there are no laws that say you need to wear a helmet to ride.

What is the best suitable models?

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