HiBoy Max electric scooter Review – Honeycomb comfort & 18.6 mph

HiBoy recently released its third electric scooter model, the HiBoy Max. The new HiBoy e-scooter comes with many welcoming surprises. A more powerful motor, suspension, and the new battery provide it with a good increase to riding distance per charge.

Its overall performance is really good and in comparison to the massively popular Xiaomi scooters, on this one, you cannot get a flat while it still also provides excellent riding comfort thanks to its front suspension making up us of solid tires. They are one of the first well-known brands to have a model with honeycomb tires as standard and we’ve got the chance to take it for a spin.

So let’s see what the fuss is all about!

HiBoy Max Review

The Hiboy Max comes with a top speed of 18.6 mph which is slightly above the average when it comes to this type of scooter. The motor used is a 350W front mounted hub motor that really gives you some extra torque going up hills and it’s noticeable while accelerating too that you can reach max speed much faster than with their prior models. We had no problem with getting this thing up 15% hills without a problem. Just like the Turboant x7 we reviewed recently it has a much more powerful motor than the regular 350w we usually see in our tests.

It has a really nice and highly appreciated unique design. These days a unique design goes a long way when your average scooters look just like another Xiaomi m365.

However, the battery size is just like the original m365 and with the 270Wh battery, you can expect the same 17 miles range per charge out of it. 

 Hiboy Max Electric Scooter

A unique part about the Hiboy Max is its new folding mechanism. Finally, someone took my advice or at least thought like I did and made a foot-activated folding system. With a simple press of your foot on the latch, the scooter conveniently and nicely folds down into a simple to-carry position. I who like to have my scooter with me in the trunk love this new folding system. Now with a simple step of my foot, I can easily get it into the trunk of my car within seconds. Also, I can assure you I’ve jumped hard, high and long enough to know that it won’t cave in mid-ride and create a dangerous situation.

Just like on most other scooters the Max is equipped with a combination brake. This brake utilizes both the motor’s own electric brake and the rear-mounted disc brake. These two together have enough braking power to stop the scooter within a couple of meters even if going at full speed. The electric brake also has the regenerative function which means that it recharges the battery while braking.

Something that is rarely seen on models within this price range is the use of a suspension system. Since this scooter uses honeycomb tires that we know do not have the same cushioning effect as pneumatic tires. The front suspension is really a godsend to make up for the lack of shock absorption provided by the tires.

At the top of the stem, you will find a bright easy to read LCD display. On this display, you can see the most critical things you’d want to know while riding. Such as speed, battery level bars, Bluetooth connectivity, and what mode you’re utilizing. 

 Hiboy Max Electric Sooter Brake

Yes, that’s true. The Hiboy Max comes in three different modes. Beginner, Normal, and Sport. The first mode limits the speed to 9.3 mph while at the same time lowering acceleration, normal mode will give you a 13.6 mph top speed, and sport mode will leave it completely uncapped at 18.6 mph. These modes are great if you will be riding in places where max speed might not be suitable. It’s also a great feature to have if you’re a family where users of different ages and skill levels will utilize the same scooter.

Just below the display on the front of the stem, we find a bright dual headlight mounted. The light is more than enough to enable nighttime riding and you won’t have to consider buying extra lightning as you need on some other models. In the rear is a large rear/brake light that increases our visibility and notifies others about our braking actions. Apart from these two standard lightning systems, there are also sidelights on each side of the footpad. These improve your visibility during nights even further, lessening the chances of someone not seeing being able to see you in the dark.

 Hiboy Max Electric Scooter Battery

The scooter’s performance can be tracked within HiBoys new mobile application. In it, you can change various settings such as what speed mode in which the scooter automatically starts with and cruise control, among a few other settings.

Hiboy Max Review – Conclusion

Riding the Hiboy Max is a joy and the angle of the handlebars makes for a very comfortable riding posture. It’s a really good option that provides you with a high-quality scooter at a good price point. The increased performance, unique design, and folding feature make it a really good contender against similar scooters and I can honestly say it’s well worth the money.

It might not be as fast as the Zero 10X or similar scooters available, but 18.6 mph is more than most commuter scooters and it is probably fast enough for most people.

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