Qiewa Qmini Review – What 38 miles distance and 38 mph look like

Ever seen an electric scooter that goes faster than 38 mph and can take you up towards 38 miles on a single charge?

Well, here you have it, the Qiewa Qmini electric scooter. A compact power machine that delivers fantastic performance and an enjoyable ride.

There are lots of things that sets the Qiewa Qmini apart from the standard more budget-friendly electric scooters and that’s not only its powerful performance. It comes packed with neat and exclusive features you rarely see on other models. But this isn’t a normal scooter. It was built to last the test of time and to deliver comfortable, long-distance rides to its users.


The scooter is equipped with a 48V 16Ah lithium-ion battery which gives it a distance of up to 38 miles and a top speed of  38 mph.

I really liked that you can adjust the handlebar in height in order to give you a more ergonomic position while riding. It has a 500W motor with lots of torque and solid 8 inch tires that still provide some suspension.

If I were to compare the Qiewa Mini to something it would be the Speedway mini4 pro that we reviewed a while back.

You don’t have to worry about potholes anymore. Qmini has 4 spring shocks, two are mounted in the front and two in the back giving you a smooth ride even if you decide to go off-road. The ground clearance height is 4.7”, so you don’t have to worry about scraping or hitting the undercarriage damaging the scooter or the internal batteries.

A really nice scooter that deserves to be praised. Pricing is about 3-4 times higher than the more basic models, but you really do get what you pay for.

Equipped with both a mechanical- and drum brake it provides you with excellent braking capabilities so that you can evade any dangers that might come your way.

It has two headlights that are adjustable up/down so you can set them exactly as you like it. I preferred to have one pointing a bit further and one pointing almost straight down while riding at night. This gave me excellent visibility of any occasional potholes as it did let me see things further ahead.

Riding experience

Qiewa Qmini

Starting out with the Qiewa Qmini 500W I quickly noticed that the quality of the frame is very high and I do think you’d have to make an effort in order to break it.

The backlit LED display provides you with all the information you might need. You can even adjust between three different speed modes with the click of a button.

I reached about 37 mph with my 178 lbs which are more than okay in my eyes.

I liked that they mounted led-lights on each side of the footpad. Those made it very easy to ride during the darker hours of the day. Since it was winter/autumn in Sweden at the time of my test and ice patches where to be found here and there I did value those footpad lights highly.

The ride itself went very smooth and it did succeed to take me up that 18-degree hill where a lot of other scooters have failed me before.

I did accidentally set off the alarm function taking it to the store one early morning and it does give out a loud noise. My neighbors can vouch for that.

The shocks do an amazing work and I read that the 45-degree angle of that back spring shock might have something to do with that. Many times the budget models have a few shocks but they provide little to no value as they just hit the bottom on every single bump. With the Qiewa Qmini you’ll be hitting potholes with a smile and even larger ones don’t get you thrown off either.

It’s IP5x waterproof and I have had the time to test it out in the rain with no implications. However, I do not recommend it as the cleaning process afterward took me about 30 minutes as it got very dirty.

As soon as you step up on this electric scooter you’re going to feel its qualities, this is not a toy.


Speed up to 38 mph

Distance up towards 38 miles per charge

Hub motor 500W

Lithium-ion 48V 16Ah

Weight 48 lbs

8″ solid rubber tires


  • Dual headlights
  • 3 different speed-modes
  • 4 spring shocks(2 rear, 2 front)
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • Anti-flat tires
  • Remote control/Anti-theft alarm
  • 4.7” ground clearance
  • Electric and drum-brake
  • Led-display

The review test data

Distance: 32.2 miles

Speed: 37 mph

Avg speed: 15.8 mph

Battery consumption: 100% to 0%

Surface: Flat surface and a good amount of hills

Last words

Qiewa Qmini 500W is a really solid choice for people looking for an alternative to their daily commute. As long as where you’re going is within a 20-25 miles radius you’ll have no problem getting there. If above 20 miles away you might have to recharge it for a while before the return trip.

A fast electric scooter that provides a comfortable ride no matter what surface you’re riding on. If you want something with even more distance and comfort I would highly recommend that you read our review of the Speedway IV. or its older brother, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer.

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