Best Off Road Electric Scooter – 9 Powerful Heavy-duty Models 2023

Consider taking your electric scooter to the dirt track, or perhaps on your next hunting trip? While everyone else is talking about commuting on electric scooters and all these scooter-sharing companies that are apparently taking over the world some people like the rough and tough outdoors but then you need the best off road electric scooter just as tough.

There are many reasons why you might be wanting to take an electric scooter out of the city and into nature, and not only because it’s a lot of fun.

I’ve tested some of the most extreme models here on Envyride that are built to handle steep hills, gravel, roots, and dirt without breaking a sweat. You can read my take on these all-terrain rides below.

Top 9 rough terrain adult electric scooter models

NameSpeedDistanceMax. LoadWeight(incl battery)
Dualtron X2 UP Electric Scooter69 mph91 mi330 lbs145 lbs
Dualtron Ultra 2 UP56 mph64 mi330 lbs88 lbs
Razor RX20012 mph9 miles(for a kid)154 lbs46 lbs
Apollo Ghost34 mph
39 miles
300 lbs64 lbs
Hiboy Titan Pro32 mph40 miles286 lbs61.7 lbs
Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Electric Scooter41 mph45 mi 330 lbs65 lbs
EverCross Electric Scooter28 mph31 miles330 lbs44 lbs
Outstorm Folding Electric Scooter 56 mph53 miles385 lbs95 lbs
Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight15 mph15 miles255 lbs28 lbs.
Widewheel W6 Off-Road Electric Scooter 40 mph50 miles330 lbs84 lbs.

Dualtron X2 UP Electric Scooter

Dualtron X2 UP Electric Scooter

The Original Dualtron X has an upgraded sequel and boy, is it powerful! This scooter adds a host of things to make a great offroad electric scooter even better.

This is a fantastic scooter for offroad riders because it features massive 13″ x 3.5″ tubeless tires and a 19-step suspension. Plus, it’ll stop on a dime with it’s hydraulic disc brakes.

Other incredible features include dual USB charging ports, remote-controlled LED lights, built-in steering damper, a massive LED display and more. Seriously, it’s got everything.

In terms of performance, this thing is an absolute beast. It’s 72V 42ah LG battery which pushes this scooter to an insane 69 mph. The scooter will get 91 miles out of a single charge and its charge time is only 8 hours. Pretty impressive!

It’s NOT cheap. However, it’s probably the most feature-packed models out there. Plus, it’s the second fastest electric scooter on the market.

Last update was on: May 21, 2024 9:55 pm

  • Insane speed
  • Sturdy aviation aluminum alloy build
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Remote controlled lights
  • Did I mention insane speed?


  • Cost — it’s expensive (but worth it IMO)
  • It’s heavy at 145lbs
  • I like knobby tires on offroad models, these aren’t knobby

Dualtron Ultra 2 – Heavy-duty all-terrain electric scooter

Dualtron Ultra 2

The Dualtron Ultra 2 comes with both a front and rear motor producing 6640W of power. Equipped with a 72V 35AH LG M50LT-21700 battery pack you get a maximum speed of 56 mph and a riding distance of up to 64 miles on a single charge.

Voromotors, the company that sells the Dualtron Ultra 2 has good after-sales service, repair and they make it easy to get parts to the US and EU.

It has a great dual adjustable rubber shock absorption suspension which makes the ride smooth even on really bad roads and when you’re offroad exploring dirt trails and rough terrain.

The unit provides a max load of 330lbs so it can accommodate most any rider. Plus, it is a great foldable electric scooter that you can easily fold together in a couple of seconds to throw in the trunk of your car. It has good aesthetics and with a wide base, there is plenty of space for your feet, even if you’re bigfoot.

Good width on the front and rear wheel splash guards to keep the dirt away from you and a really solid build with plenty of lights and features all around.

The company behind Dualtron is Minimotors, you might recognize as the developers of the Speedway electric scooter series . They have been producing scooters of this caliber for many years and know what works and what doesn’t.

Last update was on: May 21, 2024 9:55 pm

  • Long track record
  • Easy to get parts, service, and support
  • High top speed
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Smooth ride for rough roads
  • Strong reliable motors on the front and rear wheel
  • LG lithium battery
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Hight quality battery charger


  • Not Cheap

Razor RX200 – Child-friendly dirt and off-road electric scooter

Razor RX200 off road electric scooter

The RX200 is a redesign of the much beloved Razor E200 scooter that has been widely popular for many years.

It has a chain-drive electric motor with a wide deck for them to stand on. Equipped with both front and rear all-terrain tires that does a great job of providing some suspension and good grip. The high-torque motor provides a maximum speedof up to 12 mph and the batteries will last for a good 30-40 minutes(about 6 miles) depending on the rider weight and riding style.

Great braking capabilities thanks to the rear disc brake that enables hasty stops. It comes with a simple retractable kickstand, we all know how many times we threw our bike to the ground when we were young.

The scooter has enough torque to handle a weight capacity of up to 154 lbs so even some moms and dads can try it out.

This is a good electric off-road scooter (even though it has road tires) for your kids to use if they’re under 14 years old otherwise I would suggest the Super Turbo above.


  • Good large road tires for a comfortable ride
  • Great brake system
  • Strong motor
  • Twist grip throttle
  • Reliable brand
  • Great customer service


  • Lead-acid battery

Apollo Ghost

Apollo Ghost off road electric scooter

The Apollo Ghost is a serious offroad electric scooter.  With dual motors pushing it’s maximum speed up to 34 mph and 10 inch pneumatic tires, this is an incredibly capable off-road machine!

Range on the Ghost is great too.  If you’re on the most conservative power setting, you’ll get 39 miles of range.  However, if you’re getting after it and pushing the scooter hard against that 34mph max speed, you’ll get approximately 14 miles of range.

In terms of features and build, there are few that are much better.  The Ghost features LED with mode controls and riding stats, front white LED lights, rear red LED lights and dual blue deck LED lights for the cool factor.  Plus, the Ghost has a maximum weight capacity of more than 300 lbs so this makes a great electric scooter for heavy people.

When you’re thinking about buying an Apollo Ghost, they have two different models to choose from.  Either a regular hand brake or hydraulic brake.  If you’re headed off road often, we would suggest choosing the hydraulic brake option for approximately $150 – $200 more than the regular braking option.

Last update was on: May 21, 2024 9:55 pm

  • Fast, 34 mph maximum speed
  • Durable frame which holds 300 lb maximum load – great for heavy riders
  • Adjustable dual spring suspension
  • Excellent range at 39 miles on a single charge


Hiboy Titan Pro


Hiboy is known for making great scooters.  The Hiboy Titan pro is no exception.  This scooter is packed with power and features two 1200w brushless electric motors pumping out 2400 total watts of power pushing the scooter to a max speed of 32 mph.

With a max load capacity of 286 lbs, the potential for riders to go up 35 degree hills, this scooter is a solid contender among slightly more expensive models like the Apollo ghost.

The 17.5 AH battery allows the scooter to achieve a maximum range of 40 miles on a single charge.  So, if it’s range over speed that you’re after and you don’t mind having a scooter that’s more “mass market” than, say an Apollo Ghost (which is more professional grade in my opinion), this is a great option for you.

Last update was on: June 18, 2024 6:39 pm

  • Excellent overall range of 40 miles on a single charge
  • Cheaper than other, more “professional grade” off road scooter models
  • It has an option to make it an electric scooter with seat (seat sold separately)


  • It’s rather heavy at 61lbs
  • For the money, there are other “professional grade” scooters to consider
  • The Titan Pro does not pair to your phone via bluetooth

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE (Special Edition)

Kaboo Mantis Pro SE

The Kaboo Mantis Pro SE was one of the original offroad electric scooters and set the tone for the offroad scooter market.  The Mantis Pro SE has set the bar high by packing a lot of punch into this model.

Buyers of the Kaboo Mantis Pro SE get to choose between two different batteries. They can select with er an 18.2 AH battery or one with a 24 AH battery capacity.  If you choose to go with the 24 AH battery, it’ll cost you about another $300 but you’ll get an additional 5 miles of range (from 40 miles to 45 miles).

We love the top end speed, overall range, wide 3″ and tall 10″ tires, hydraulic brakes and air shock suspension.  If price is no object — this is probably the scooter for you.  However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive offroad scooter, this is not it!

Last update was on: May 21, 2024 9:55 pm

  • You can choose different battery sizes (18.2 AH or 24 AH). Choose the 24 AH if you need more range.
  • One of the OG offroad scooters.
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Top end speed of 45 mph makes this one of the fastest offroad electric scooters on the market
  • 330 lb max payload makes this one of the best scooters for heavy adults


  • It’s heavy at 65lbs
  • It’s one of the most expensive scooters on this list
  • The 2021 model does not come with headlights — the 2022 model does
  • Up to 12 hour charge time

EverCross Electric Scooter

EverCross Electric Scooter off road electric scooter

The Evercross Electric scooter is great if you are looking for a cheap offroad electric scooter. At approximately half of the price of some of the other models listed above, this scooter is a good entry level offroad scooter option.  Or, if you are need a scooter for heavy adults, this is perfect because it has a max load capacity of 330lbs.

The Evercross features a single 800w electric motor that pushes the scooter to a max speed of 25mph.  The 10AH battery only takes 6 hours to charge but provides 28 miles of overall range.  So, if you need a scooter that’s fun to ride offroad and don’t mind that it’s not the absolute fastest on the market nor one with the longest range, this could be a great scooter model for you.  Plus, it comes with a seat!

Last update was on: June 18, 2024 6:39 pm

  • Comes with a seat
  • Is one of the least expensive offroad electric scooter models


  • One of the slowest options listed here with a max speed of 28mph
  • While it is a sturdy platform, it doesn’t have the “professional grade” feel of the other scooters on this list.

Outstorm Maxx Folding Electric Scooter

Outstorm Folding Electric Scooter off road electric scooter

Holy Toledo!  The Outstorm Maxx and Maxx Pro have crazy statistics almost across the board.  

First, it is the most expensive scooters on this list.  However, it’s also one of the fastest with a top speed of 56mph thanks to its 3200w motor.  It’s got a crazy 53 mile range from its 25 AH battery.  It also features 11″ knobby tires for offroad fun while most other models only have 10″ tires.

The difference between the Maxx and the Maxx Pro is really in the suspension and tail lights.  The Maxx features standard front and rear spring suspension along with a standard tail light (no blinkers).  The Maxx Pro gives you front hydraulic shock absorbers and rear standard spring suspension with rear tail light and directional blinkers.

So, if you are one of those people that overdoes it in nearly everything you do and don’t mind paying for it — this is the model for you.  It’s got it all — LED lights, beefy deck, LED lights on the deck, hydraulic brakes, crazy speed and range and much more.

Last update was on: May 21, 2024 9:55 pm

  • 56 mph top end speed
  • 53 mile range
  • The Maxx Pro gives you hydraulic shocks and blinkers
  • 11″ tires


  • The most expensive scooter on the list
  • It’s the heaviest scooter by far at 95 lbs

Widewheel W6 Electric Scooter

Widewheel W6 Electric Scooter off road electric scooter

Widewheel makes great scooters.  They’re built well and look great.  The Widewheel W6 is no exception.  This model features a 23.4 AH battery that provides an overall single charge range of 40 miles.

The 2000w dual motor system makes the W6 get up and go with a top end speed of 40 mph.  And, it’s priced right in the middle of the pack.  One thing this scooter features that others that are the same price do not is the hydraulic front suspension (other models at this price have spring suspension in the front).

This is a great all around offroad performer at a reasonable price from a company with a great reputation.

Last update was on: May 21, 2024 9:55 pm

  • Love the hydraulic suspension in the front and hydraulic brake
  • Color digital display


  • The styling isn’t as “cool” as some of the other models.  More utilitarian looking.

Electric hunting scooters

Everyone, even non-hunters know that when you’re hunting you need to be quiet. Those of us who do hunt also know that sometimes we must venture far off-road through tight, narrow and rough terrain. It’s also very common to have a bag full of gear, snacks, and a hunting rifle with you.

Visualize yourself in this situation:

You’re venturing further and further into the woods on these narrow to nonexisting dirt roads while being very sneaky and carrying all that gear.

Have you once thought to yourself that there must be a better way?

I am happy to tell you that there is a solution. You can now find a motorized scooter specially built for the situation with a large knobby tire system for the dirt roads, a lithium ion battery powerful enough to carry a trailer with gear, a motor as silent as a prowling panther, hydraulic disc brake and one that is a folding electric scooter.

The NanRobot RS4, RS2, and the Dualtron Ultra would surely support all your hunting/fishing trip needs. Heavy-duty scooters that have a maximum weight capacity of up to 350 lbs while conquering inclines as steep as 65°.

Even while riding under the hardest of conditions these scooters have an electric motor that will still deliver a good 15-20 miles on a single charge.

Best of all is they are each a nice foldable electric scooter that you can easily fold together and they will fit inside your vehicle of choice, whether you own a campervan, large jeep or a small car these scooters will fit right in one way or the other.


Whether you are taking it with you fishing or hunting, or if you just have really bad roads where you live remember these off road electric scooters will also work just like any other electric scooter too. They’re just a lot faster , stronger and far more comfortable than the standard models with road tires that you usually see in the city.

Off road electric scooters are the most versatile adult electric scooter and therefore you might have to pay a bit more, but you definitely get what you pay for.

I hope my buyer’s guide to the best all-terrain scooters for both hunters and dirt track addicts has helped you find a great model that will fit within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers!

Are electric scooters dust- & waterproof?

No, all electric scooters are definitely not dust-, nor waterproof. However, many models have a decent enough IP rating. If you need to ride in the rain look for something that is rated at least IPX4+. For riding off-road you will want it to be dustproof, look for an IP4X+ rated model.

What tires to use?

When buying off road electric scooters for the purpose of riding off-road you definitely want to have large knobby tiresystem. You want a knobby tire so that they provide good grip while riding and large so that the scooter and the pneumatic tire system can handle stones, roots and other obstacles that are common while riding on dirt roads or uneven terrain. A good shock absorption system is also a must.

The type of battery to aim for?

You should aim for a scooter with lithium ion battery. You will find if you have a lithium ion battery pack it will be lighter in weight, recharge faster and are far more advanced. Lead-acid on the other hand is cheaper and safer. Try and stay away from the Li-po as those are much more sensitive to heat, they are also far more combustive.

How much power do I need?

This really comes down to personal preference and also how many hills, and how steep these are. If there is a lot of climbing involved then you better go for something with a 2000w electric motor and above. If you are riding on a more even surface and well-packed roads then you’re going to be fine with a lower wattage. 

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