Segway E45 Review: Is it the best electric scooter for adults?


18.6 mph


28 mi


weighing scale
36.2 lbs

Segway E45 Overview

Getting myself an electric scooter is the best decision I ever made as there is no perfect way to navigate through busy streets and traffic. People tend to think riding a scooter is a little complicated, but on the contrary, it is a fun and convenient way to commute. There are plenty of electric scooters available in the market, but the Segway E45 is unbeatable. 

The Segway Ninebot kickscooter e45 is a commuter scooter with exceptional design, integrated molding technology, and a metal frame. This electric commuter scooter is designed for extraordinary journeys irrespective of the topography. The Ninebot E45 is the best adult electric scooter made for speed and power, making it best suited for experienced riders.  

Who Should Buy The Segway E45 Electric Scooter?

The target market for the Segway E45 is adults experienced in controlling electric scooters. However, I would encourage daily commuters to consider spending money on this time-saving device. The Segway E45 was developed to fit the needs of a daily commuter who requires performance, durability, and portability. For us who love getting to our destinations in style, the Segway E45 is the way to go.

Electric scooters are the future of convenient transportation. No vehicle is effective enough to meander through traffic and busy streets like this bad boy. Segway E45 envelops a wide range of commuters from the age of 16 to about 50 years. Arriving in this electric scooter makes me look unique and cool like I’m straight out of the future.  

Segway E45 Specs

Max. SpeedApprox. 18.6 mph
Typical RangeApprox. 28 miles
Battery Capacity368 Wh
Net WeightApprox. 36.2 lbs 
Nominal Power300 W
Charging TimeApprox. 7.5 h
Max. SlopeApprox. 20%
Atmosphere LightColorful Atmospheric Lights
Riding ModesSpeed limit, Standard, Sport
Recommended Age & Height14-60 years & 3’11” –6’6″
Compatible with SeatYes
One-step Folding System Yes

Features of the Segway E45

The features on this electric scooter blew my mind, and they include:


E45 Deck

The deck of the Segway e45 is constructed in a particular way as it is the architecture of the scooter. It has a mesh-like pattern to enhance grip and make it more comfortable around the handlebars. The scooter is foldable, and that is possible by folding the pedal right where the deck and neck meet while pushing the handlebar.

The folding process is easy as the scooter comes with a button requiring you to push when it’s time to fold the scooter. The scooter may sometimes need a kick at the folding pedal, which should not be as hard as the plastic will creak.

Handlebars / Information Center / Tech Stack


The handlebars are well-designed for perfect grip and are comfortable when riding for a long time. Segway e45handlebars are connected through a simple plug-and-play system, making them easy to assemble and dismantle. There is an intuitive digital dashboard on the handlebar that is easy to read and choose the best suitable mode from the three riding modes.

The modes include energy-saving mode, normal mode, and sports mode. In addition, on the handlebar, there is a simple thumb control for breaking, a control to turn on the lights from the information center, and a tech stack.


Segway E45 Tires

The scooter is equipped with 9-inch high non-pneumatic tires, which took Segway three years to develop and perfect the flat-free tire technology. The elastic pneumatic tires contain an additional soft compound inside the tire which creates a cushion effect, which is beneficial in case you puncture the solid tires. In addition, to ensuring you won’t get a flat tire this revolutionary design helps with shock absorption making the tire resilient in tough terrain.

While it isn’t ideal to have solid tires, the 9-inch sized wheel makes the ride smooth by adding more comfort when riding through rough terrain. Ninebot e45 has no ordinary solid tires making it maintenance-free with high shock absorption.


The manufacturer of the Segway E45 equipped it with both front and rear shock absorbers. The 9-inch tires play a significant part in the overall suspension of the scooter due to their pneumatic nature. The presence of the dual suspension system makes the scooter more comfortable as the rear shock absorbers reduce the amount of bumpiness felt by the tires. Good suspension makes it easier to go over bumps without feeling the bumpiness.

In addition, the suspension system can withstand the wear and tear that results from riding on the scooter daily. The rear shock absorbers would get the job done, but manufacturers choose to add a front shock absorber for riders to enjoy being on the scooter, even on uneven terrain.


The Ninebot KickScooter E45 features colorful atmospheric lights with a range of 9 to tens of thousands of different flashing color options. The front light is about 2.5W bright giving perfect illumination when driving on a dark road. The additional rear and side lights act as reflectors giving much need visibility in the darkness.

The adjustable color feature gives riders options to choose the illumination that best suits their mood. When riding the scooter at night, I take pride in switching up the colors into different spectrums as it is a sought-after swag, and it will definitely attract attention.


Braking Segway E45

The Segway Ninebot e45 has a triple braking system to ensure safety at all times. The three breaking options include a standard rear foot brake, an electronic brake on the rear motor, and a hand brake for the front motor. So no matter the speed I’m traveling at, the scooter can come to a complete stop when I need it to.

In addition to the triple braking system, the scooter has a magnetic braking technology that uses electromagnetic force to generate a strong braking force while providing a shorter braking distance. 

Within the Segway app, you can choose from different braking levels. Adjusting the brakes allows you to either have stable (but slower) braking or maximum braking power (for a shorter braking distance).

Max Speed

With the presence of the external battery, the maximum speed is increased to 18.6 mph with a 20% max slope. The acceleration is dependent on the mode of riding as when on the energy-saving mode, the scooter moves at 9.3 mph, 15.5 miles range. In normal mode, the scooter moves at 15.5 mph, 15.5 miles range, while in sports mode, the scooter has faster acceleration reaching 10% faster speed than the previous generation, the Ninebot Segway es4.

Reaching maximum speeds and accelerating relatively quickly has an impact on the battery life. Also, the weight of the rider and the road’s inclination contribute to the top speed the scooter can achieve.  


The typical maximum range while riding under full battery power with approximately 165 lbs payload, 77 Fahrenheit at a speed of 15.5 mph, is 15.5 miles. However, when you add the additional battery the overall speed increases to 18.6 mph and has a maximum range of 27.9 miles.

The range is affected by several factors like speed, temperature, weight, and frequency of the stops. If I break a couple of times on the ride and go up a hill, the range could be less than 15 miles depending on my weight and the number of hilly slopes I have to tackle.

Controlled acceleration is one method of extending coverage and increasing efficiency. It’s essential to keep this in mind when using this scooter to commute. The act of slamming on the throttle to get the scooter up to top speed as quickly as possible will significantly reduce the maximum range and overall battery life.

External Battery

Segway E45  External BAtt

The Segway e45 has a smart battery management system, and the technology aims at extending the battery life. The smart-BMS system has undergone over seven years of alteration and upgrading. 

The battery technology used in this ninebot scooter is the best developed by Segway so far. This new battery management system helps the battery last longer, have a safer discharge, and a more accurate power display.

In addition to providing extended battery life, the additional battery pack is waterproof, flame retardant, and anti-seismic because of the encapsulating process that makes it safer to use. 

The external battery increases the maximum range to 28 miles and helps the scooter achieve a speed of 18.6 mph at a maximum slope of 20%.  

Water Resistance

The Ninebot e45 has IPX4 waterproof capability which means that it can withstand frequent showers. Water resistance, however, doesn’t mean having the scooter submerged in water for extended periods. Riders must protect their scooters from being damaged by water because there are times we find ourselves out in the rain.

The Segway e45 has an additional plastic guard that acts as water-resistant as the system may spoil with exposure to water. Water can cause damage to the display handlebar, the battery, or the general appearance of the bike, which can affect the running of the scooter. Protection against the elements is a plus on the Segway Ninebot e45.  

LED Lights Under the Deck

The fun thing about the Segway e45 is its choice of color schemes and patterns emitted by the LED lights under the scooter deck. There are nine different colors you can select to provide a flashing effect under the deck. 

In addition, the color range has tens of thousands of other color options to fit different moods and themes. I particularly love flashing the colors when riding out in the dark; it improves visibility and provides additional safety, and I get to switch the colors up just for the fun of it.  

Portability & Weight


The built of this long-range electric scooter makes it easily portable, meaning it won’t be a bother carrying it around. The scooter can fit inside most car trunks or at the back seat of your automobile. Segway e45 weighs approximately 30lbs which makes it one of the lightest scooters available in the market.

This scooter is foldable into a more portable shape; although the handles don’t fold entirely, they are pretty narrow, making it easy to carry around. Once folded, the scooter is about 45 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 14 inches tall, making it perfectly portable. However, carrying this bad boy up the stairs is a task as there is no proper way to hold it.   

Quality of construction


The construction of the Segway e45 is pretty solid with a frame made of aviation-grade six series aluminum alloy, not to forget the better thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Its build allows it to withstand routine wear and tear. Because of its lightweight, this scooter is easy and comfortable in your hands, and with proper care, it is durable. The non-pneumatic tires help absorb the vibrations, especially when on a bumpy ride or going up hills. In addition, its folding mechanism and anti-loosening thread help prevent the scooter from wobbling, making it safe to ride throughout the journey.  

Charging Outlet and Charging time


The Segway e45 electric scooter is the most eco-friendly way to travel, contributing zero emissions to the world’s pollution. To charge the scooter remove the charger that came with it and plugs it into the wall socket. There are lights at the base of the charge that starts blinking once the charging process begins. The lights keep lighting up till the scooter is fully charged then the lights are all lit up on the charger. When all the lights on the charger illuminate, that is a sign the scooter is fully charged.

Generally speaking, it will take between three and four hours to charge the scooter fully. Keep in mind that the scooter has two batteries, and it takes a bit longer for both batteries to charge fully. When going for long rides, make sure to charge the battery to total capacity to avoid getting stranded with a scooter without juice. A well-maintained battery can last about three to four years before it needs replacement. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to charge the scooter while it’s folded because the charging port is blocked by the wheel, mandating that you unlock the handle from the wheel.

Bluetooth App

Segway E45 comes with some extra high-tech features, which make the scooter one of a kind with the Bluetooth App, smartphone compatibility, and an advanced braking system. The Ninebot app makes it possible to connect your smartphone to your scooter via Bluetooth. To do so, download the Ninebot app from Google Play or the Apple Store which is free, or use the Ninebot website.

Pair it with the scooter once the app installs successfully, and a display icon will appear on the scooter’s dash. So will this feature, I can manipulate the scooter virtually, from installing firmware updates to controlling the LED lights, rotating the night colors, adjusting energy recovery, checking scooter information, and adding a lock as a protective measure.  

Spending some time experimenting with this application, I discovered that it has several additional features to offer. Because the application design is intuitive, it should not take long to become familiar with it.


About the warranty, be sure to confirm with the seller before purchasing the scooter. Usually, the Segway E45 comes with a 1-year warranty on the vehicle body, while other accessory components have different contracts. The battery charger, battery pack, electronic brake, and electronic throttle guarantee 180 days. Other parts like wheels, headlights, fenders, strips, and kickstand have a 90-day warranty. All these, however, are dependent on the manufacturer, the seller, and the most recent information on the contract, as it can possibly change in the future.


The Segway e45 has incorporated essential safety features like stability, stopping distance after braking, and headlights for night riders. This scooter is a safe mode of transportation with a respectable top speed, decent acceleration rate, and it is easy to control and drive. Riding on this scooter is similar to the scooters we ride on as kids with the added advantage of speed.

For beginners, learning how to handle the vehicle is pretty easy, and within no time, you get a good handle. In addition to all the safety features, riders should wear a helmet at all times when riding out as a safety measure.  

What’s the Difference Between the Segway E45 and the ES4

Segway Es4

The Segway E45 is a long-range electric scooter improved version of the Segway ES4 with a couple of upgrades such as;

  • The suspension system of the E45 is an upgrade to make riders enjoy a bumpy ride comfortably and absorb more shock and vibrations than the ES4.
  • Both scooters achieve a top speed of 18.6 mph, but the E45 has a superior acceleration rate.
  • The E45 is more expensive, but it is worth every penny.
  • The E45 has a slightly longer range and a somewhat higher climbing speed, especially on a sloppy topography.
  • Both scooters have 9-inch tires, but the E45 has non-pneumatic features to make the tires more durable and comfortable when crossing bumps despite the wear and tear.
  • The e45 has an extra magnetic braking system on the rear end to shorten the stopping distance as a safety precaution.
  • The E45 has a slightly silent motor which makes it comfortable to drive irrespective of the model chosen.
  • Segway E45 incorp[orates the use of KERS technology on the front brake, whereby the system utilizes the kinetic energy produced to feed the battery back.

Both scooters are pretty much similar with the additional features on the E45. With the money to purchase an electric commuter scooter, then the upgrade is the best option pick.

Segway E45 or the GoTrax Gmax Ultra? 

Gmax ultra

When listing the best scooters for adults, the list is incomplete without mentioning the GoTrax Gmax Ultra. Both brands make excellent electric scooters, but there are a couple of remarkable differences between them, such as:

  • The Segway E45 has an integrated app, and this feature makes it possible to link your smartphone to your scooterand control some commands via your phone. The GoTrax Gmax Ultra lacks this superior quality.
  • The GoTrax Gmax Ultra can achieve even higher speeds compared to the Segway E45 as the scooter can travel up to 45 miles at a rate of 20mph, which is way faster than the Segway e45.
  • GoTrax Gmax Ultra scooter uses a modern braking technology or the disc brake, making it safer for the rider to control the scooter even at maximum speed.
  • When it comes to hill climbing performance, the Segway Ninebot e45 is superior in that it can move up a hill at 30km/h speed at a 45km range, meaning this scooter can accelerate up our 10% average hill, climbing the 60-meter incline in 19.7 seconds.
  • In terms of weight and portability, the GoTrax Gmax Ultra wins as it weighs about 36 pounds and folds into 15″ x 45″ x 6″ inches dimensions. The scooter folds into a portable package that is convenient and light to carry.
  • The Segway E45 is more pricy when it comes to money, making the GoTrax Gmax Ultra the cheaper option.    
  • The Segway E45 has three riding speed modes: energy-saving mode speed at 9.3mph and 15.5 miles range. Average mode speed at 15.5mph and 15.5 miles range. Lastly, the sports speed mode with a 10% faster speed acceleration compared to the Segway ES4. The GoTrax Gmax Ultra achieves higher speeds but doesn’t offer different speed modes.   

Both scooters have their strengths and limitations, and on a head-to-head comparison, each will win in different categories. Both electric scooters are suburb what matter is what the rider wants. When deciding between the two, choose the one that best suits your needs as a rider.

Segway E45 Review

The Segway E45 has 9-inch elastic non-pneumatic tires with excellent shock absorption for the rider not to worry about flat tires and bumpy terrain anymore. Furthermore, the beast has a triple brake system with the other magnetic brake technology reducing the braking distance even at maximum speed. In addition, the innovative thread locking technology is adopted on this scooter to make the rides safer and on top shape.

The Ninebot e45 comes with colorful atmospheric lights with a broad spectrum for riders to choose the best. Riders get to pick the color scheme for their scooter as you would a keyboard depending on the rider’s mood and theme. The scooter also has a front and rear light to allow proper illumination when riding on dark roads.

This scooter has an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material, durable against all elements, with better thermal conduction and corrosion resistance. The Segway e45 offers three riding modes for the rider to choose the best. In addition, the scooter has a smart battery management system to extend the life of your vehicle. It has a custom 700W power motor which helps it achieve 18.6 mph and tackle a 20% slope. The external battery is a premium 18650 power batter adopting a complete encapsulating process with more robust anti-seismic and flame retardant properties.

Segway E45 Test Results

Test ResultsDetails
Acceleration Speed up 10% faster
Top Speed18.6 mph Max Speed
Range28 miles Range
Braking Distance3’3” braking distance
Incline20% max slope
Pros of the Segway E45
  • The scooter offers three excellent speed modes making the ride more comfortable and fun.
  • It has a good suspension and shock absorber making bumpy terrain bearable.
  • The scooter has a powerful motor, range, and speed.
  • The scooter offers a vast scheme of colors to choose from with sufficient illumination to ride in darkness. 
  • It has a Bluetooth application, making it easy to like and operate via your phone
  • The scooter has two batteries which are an excellent option for storing juice.
  • The scooter can fold easily, making it portable and convenient to carry. 
Cons of the Segway E45
  • This scooter is relatively pricey
  • The traction system on the scooter is incompatible with non-city pavements.
  • The scooter should add more climbing weight.



GoTrax Apex15.5 mph15 mi32.1 lbs
GoTrax XR Elite15.5 mph18 mi31.88 lbs
GoTrax GXL V215.5 mph9-12 mi 26.4 lbs
GoTrax G420 mph25 mi36 lbs
Hiboy S2 Pro19 mph25 mi 33 lbs
The Kugoo M2 Pro20 mph18.6 mi34 lbs
Segway Ninebot ES418.6 mph28 mi30 lbs
Segway ES1 L12.4 mph12.4 mi24.9 lbs
GoTrax G215 mph7 mi21 lbs


To wrap this up, the Segway E45 is a fun electric scooter that scooter lovers should check out. The scooter is among the best long-range electric scooter available in the market and used by anyone above 14 years. For people working close to home or students, this scooter is the most convenient means of transport to quickly move through traffic and get to your destination on time.

The scooter is convenient to use anywhere there is good pavement. However, it may prove rather bumpy when riding the vehicle on the road outside the city or on sandy and grassy terrain. Purchasing one of these bad boys will enable riders to travel in style, comfort while saving the planet at the same time. I can attest to the Segway E45 being a safe, stable, comfortable, and convenient modern mode of travel. So buy a Segway E45 electric scooter and arrive at your destinations in style.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers!

What are 3 riding mode of Segway E45?

Energy Saving Mode

9.3 mph, 15.5 miles range

Normal Mode

15.5 mph, 15.5 miles range

Sports Mode

Faster acceleration, speed up 10% faster than the previous generation.
With an external battery, the max riding speed can be increased to 18.6 mph, with a 20% max slope!

How far can Segway E45 travel on a single charge?

The Ninebot KickScooter E45 also supports an external battery. After adding the additional battery, the range can be extended to 28 miles, with a speed of 18.6 mph and a 20% max slope.

What type of tire doesSegway E45 have?

With three years in the making, the new inner support technology has higher resilience than ordinary solid tires, and is maintenance-free with high shock absorption. The new 9″ tires deliver excellent shock absorption and you never have to worry about a flat tire again!

Why Segway E45 has the most braking system among others

In addition to the conventional double brakes, E45 introduces a new magnetic brake technology, it uses electromagnetic force to form a strong braking force and realizes a shorter braking distance. You can use the Segway-Ninebot app to adjust the different braking levels, from a shorter braking time to a more stable brake.

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