Segway/Ninebot MAX vs ES1 vs ES2 vs ES3 vs ES4 – Side-By-Side Comparison

There are in my opinion only 3 different electric scooter models from Segway/Ninebot and those are the ES1, ES2 and their latest addition, the ES Max. On top of those we have the ES3 and ES4 which are just an upgraded ES one and two’s meaning the only difference is that they have the add-on battery pack attached to their stem for increased power and distance per charge.

I think this was to make it easy for customers to refer to each product without mixing them all together. But the ES1 plus battery-pack has had no model name, so I went ahead and started calling it the ES3.

Now a few years later we’re back to update this article with the new Segway ES MAX and I can see that even Segway refers to the ES1 + battery as ES3 now. Plus, Segway now calls an ES2 with an extra external battery pack an ES4.

Comparison table for the Segway/Ninebot electric scooters

The 4 original Segway electric scooter models have almost the same appearance, apart from a few small things that set the ES1/3 apart from the ES2/4. Apart from a the new kids models the latest and greatest addition to the Segway brand is the ES Max. The ES Max, on the other hand, has more things in common with the Xiaomi m365, or Xiaomi m365 Pro. Then it has with the first Segway ES models.

We’ve gone ahead and created this comparison table so you can easily compare each model to the other. If you want to see how well the ES2/ES4 stands against the M365 from Xiaomi, you can find our comparison here. For the ES MAX vs Xiaomi PRO you can find that article here.  We’ve also reviewed the new Segway Ninebot Max G30 P and compared it to the Ninebot G30LP.

Net Weight(lbs)42.130.8272825
Motor(Type)Rear HubFront HubFront HubFront HubFront Hub
BrakesElectrical + DrumElectrical + MechanicalElectrical + MechanicalElectrical + MechanicalElectrical + Mechanical
Braking distance(12.4 mph)2 meters4 meters4 meters4 meters4 meters
Shock absorbtionN/AFront + RearFront + RearFrontFront
Front Tire(inch)10 Pneumatic8 Solid8 Solid8 Solid8 Solid
Rear Tire(inch)10 Pneuamtic7.5 Solid7.5 Solid7.5 Solid7.5 Solid
LED ScreenYesYesYesYesYes
VisibilityHeadlight + RearlightHeadlight + RearlightHeadlight + RearlightHeadlight + rear reflectorHeadlight + rear reflector
Dimension(LxWxH)Unfolded: 112 x 47 x 120 cm
Folded: 112 x 47 x 53 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Unfolded: 102 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 40 cm
Water Resistance(IP)5454545454

*Not all the details in this comparison table has been taken from the official Segway/Ninebot electric scooter manual.

The cost of each model

Below you can see the price of each model including the price of the external battery pack that enables you to upgrade your ES1/ES2 into an ES3 or ES4 with all the benefits that we highlighted in the comparison table above.

Prices are automatically updated and tend to change over time so we’re not going to make much fuss about it in writing. However, as long as the price between the ES4 and Max stands right now I would highly recommend the latter.

If you want complete details on the ES4, take a look at our Segway ES4 review.  Plus, you can see the complete overview of the new Segway Ninebot Max in our other article.

Apart from their price, there are a few visible differences between all these models.

Visible differences between each model

Apart from the specifics of each scooter in terms of speed, distance per charge and components used there are also quite a few decent visible improvements to each model.

First, we have the rear shocker which gives the ES2/ES4 some additional shock reduction from bumps while riding on uneven terrain, or if you like to jump up/down curbs. I missed this one from the new Segway MAX electric scooter but that one has inflatable self healing tires with better shock-absorbing features anyway.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Shocks

Another difference is the lights, the ES2 has running lights underneath the footpad and a tail light, whilst the ES1 only has a reflector in the rear. The Max has an incredible headlight providing you with great visibility while riding during the night.

The folding latch also works differently. On the ES1 it stays in one position, while on the ES2 it can be folded upwards and out of the way. The Max has a similar folding function to the Xiaomi m365 where it latches on to the rear fender to increase stability while carrying it. The brakes are relatively similar except the Ninebot Max which has a dual braking system.  Also, for the most part, each scooter utilizes the same type of tire.   

Latch on the Segway NinebotThese are the main visible difference between the Segway/Ninebot scooters.

Last words of recommendation

Neither the ES1 or ES2 provides the most powerful electric ride out of the box. They’re perfect if you don’t have the need to ride more than 10-12 miles on a single charge. These are also easily manageable scooters for kids.

But that might change later on when you’ve fully adapted to riding an electric scooter wherever you want to go. Luckily you will always have the option to upgrade the standard scooters into an ES3/ES4 giving you superior distance and power.

Overall there isn’t really a fair comparison. The Segway ES Max takes home the trophy on all our tests. The Max is the best out of all the Ninebot scooters and you’ll get so much more than you get with the others. The only real selling point for the others is that they are cheaper, but also more compact and lighter. The Max isn’t a scooter you’ll want to be carrying around on for too long.

If you still have questions make sure to read our individual review of the ES1 here, and the ES2 here. In those, we dig deeper into each of these two models and share the riding experience that we had with each.

Outside of the ES line, Segway has come out with an awesome kids scooter line, the Zing.  Take a look at our analysis of the new Zing E10.

We tend to recommend the Segway e-scooters to customers looking for a safe, high-quality, hassle-free ride. These models will definitely suit that type of person.

However, if you are looking for other brands of scooters that compete with Segway, we’ve done substantial reviews of the GoTrax electric scooter lineup.  Check out our review of the GoTrax XR Elite, the GoTrax GXL V2, along with the kids electric scooter the GoTrax GKS.

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  2. I feel like maybe some upgrades have happened to the es3 that makes it an es4? Not sure but I know some of the data is off compared to es3 I purchased from Costco April 2021. The speed tops out at 19mph, it has rgb underlighting and a rear brake light, the locking mechanism lever also fold up and it locks into the rear fender to keep itself folded. By these charts, it sounds like I have an es4

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