Segway Ninebot F25: Best Entry Level Ninebot with Pneumatic Tires


15.5 mph


12.4 mi


weighing scale
32 lbs

The Segway Ninebot F25 is an electric scooter designed for commuting and leisure riding. It has a maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and can travel up to 14 miles (22.5 km) on a single charge. The scooter features front and rear shock absorbers and large air-filled tires for a smooth ride on various terrains. 

It also has built-in LED lights for increased visibility at night or in low-light conditions. The Ninebot F25 can be controlled through the Segway-Ninebot app, which allows riders to customize settings such as speed limit and cruise control.

The construction of this scooter is a real phenomenon because of its quality, design, security features, and braking system. Its 300W motor tops the whole experience to make it unforgettable. Its lithium-ion battery takes around 4 hours to fully charge from empty.

If you are searching for an electric kick-start scooter that will serve you to the best of your convenience, then look no further because Segway F25 is the solution.

Who Should Buy Segway Ninebot F25?

If you want an all-around great scooter with 10-inch pneumatic tires, sleek styling, and decent overall range at a reasonable price, the segway Ninebot kickscooter F25 is your electric scooter of choice. Its ability to switch between its three riding modes, the eco mode, the standard mode, and the sports mode, using the real-time LED display, improves the user experience significantly.

It also comes with a new generation battery and regenerative braking system that props up the scooter’s performance and should still be top-notch even after five years of use. The battery works with a brushless, hall-less motor with a lifespan of 3000 hours. This power system will operate at least at 70% efficiency after five years.

The typical range of the scooter is to be revered as it delivers a solid 12.4 miles at a full charge which is enough range to run your errands and be back home with some charge on you.

Segway Ninebot F25 Specification 

Segway Ninebot F25 Specification 

DimensionsUnfold: Length x Width x HeightApprox. 45 x 18.9 x 45.7 in (1143 x 480 x 1160 mm)
 Fold: Length x Width x HeightApprox. 45 x 18.9 x 19.5 in (1143 x 480 x 495 mm)
WeightNetApprox. 32.4 lbs (14.7 kg)
RiderPayload66-260 lbs (30-100 kg)
 Recommended Age14+ years
 Required Height3′ 11″-6′ 6″ (120-200 cm)
 Max. SpeedApprox. 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
 Typical RangeApprox. 12.4 miles (20 km)
 Max. SlopeApprox. 12%
Machine ParametersTraversable TerrainAsphalt/at pavement; obstacles < 0.4 in (1 cm); gaps < 1.2 in (3 cm)
 Operating Temperature14-104F (-10-40C)
 Storage Temperature14-122F (-10-50C)
 IP RatingIPX5
 Duration of ChargingApprox. 3.5h
 Nominal Voltage36 V
 Max. Charging Voltage42 V
 Charging Temperature32-104F (0-40C)
BatteryNominal Capacity5100 mAh
 Nominal Energy183 Wh
 Battery Management SystemOver-heating, short circuit, over-current, over-discharge, and over-charge protection
MotorNominal Power0.3 kW, 300 W
 Output Power0.07 kW, 70 W
 Input Voltage100-240 V
ChargerMax. Output Voltage42 V
 Rated Output41 V, 1.7 A
FeaturesBrake LightLED Rear Light
 Riding ModesEnergy-saving mode, Standard mode, and Sport mode
TireTire Pressure40-45 psi
 Tires10-inch pneumatic tires.

Features of Segway Ninebot F25

The overall design of the Ninebot F25 is compact, sleek, and a wholesome experience. So let’s explore deeper and discuss its features comprehensively, highlighting what makes it one of the best scooters.


Segway F25

The deck of the Segway F25 is wide enough for both feet to fit comfortably. In addition, the deck is fitted with anti-slip technology with a tread pattern to ensure that while you are at the top of the scooter, you do not slip.

The scooter’s charging port is also situated towards the front of the deck. The way the charging port is set does not intrude on the pace you need on the deck. The positioning of the port is more for charging convenience.

Handlebars / Information Center / Tech Stack

Segway Ninebot F25

The electric kickstart has been creatively designed and manufactured with your mobility in mind. The handlebars have a strong grip while also having a quick folding system meaning it can easily be folded into two steps using a single hand to allow you to store the scooter even in your trunk if you want to, but you can also carry your scooter whenever you need to.

In addition to the handlebar grip, the information system is top-class. The intuitive LED dashboard on the handlebars shows you the battery level, the mode you are riding in, and your speed and helps you manage your Bluetooth connectivity easily. In addition, having an LED display makes switching between the modes easier.


Segway F25 Tires

It features 10-inch pneumatic tires that provide superior road grip even on dirt roads, thus delivering a very comfortable ride. In addition, this extraordinary tire ensures that your ride is smoother and safer. A pneumatic tire with an inner tube ensures that your ride, even through rough terrains, remains as smooth as possible because of its superior ability to absorb impact.

The tire pressure should be around 40-45 psi for maximum comfort while on the scooter. In addition, the tube with the F25 tire ensures that the wheel stays inflated for extended periods.


An electric scooter has to have a suspension system, but the F25 takes it to the next level to guarantee better handling of shocks and vibrations. The Ninebot scooter features a spring suspension that lets the rider feel less shocked while riding.

It also has a coil that travels up and down, reducing the impact if a bump is hit. This adds to the smoothness of the ride. The F25 has been tried and tested, and its suspension system has emerged on top.

It also has a hydraulic suspension that uses liquid cushions for the driver. If a rider hits a bump, the actuator fills up with hydraulic fluid, which expands and pushes over the components stabilizing the scooter even further.

The F25 also features a rubber suspension with natural support, softness, and malleability. This makes it an important component because of how first it absorbs impact.


Segway F25 Lights

Visibility in dark environments is one of the scooters’ most crucial safety measures. Therefore, Segway pays a lot of attention to its light design and installation to ensure maximum security for the rider.

For the rider to see where they are going, the F25 is fitted with a 25W LED headlight. So the ultra-bright headlight is so powerful that you can go with the scooter in the darkness of night and have clear vision as a rider.

Seeing where you are going is great, but other road users must also see you. That is why the F25 has rear and brake lights that allow the other road users to take keen of your presence when it is dark and, secondly, for them to see when you are braking and making other maneuvers.


Segway F25 Brake

The Segway F25 offers a dual braking system, an electronic front brake, and a rear ventilated disc brake. In addition, the innovative regenerative braking system turns your Segway F25 into a smart machine powered by electricity and recycled energy from riding.

The scooter features an industry-leading eco-friendly energy recovery system that transforms the energy captured during braking into power and stores it in the integrated lithium battery pack. This Smart Battery Management System (BMS) also keeps close tabs on how the battery performs and lets you know through the LED display.

The improved braking system ensures that your scooter provides safer and faster braking.

Max Speed

The Segway F25 provides a maximum speed of up to 15 miles per hour. You achieve the 15.5 mph speed in sports mode and nine mph in eco mode. The sport mode kicks in the powerful capabilities of the scooter that are guaranteed to take you back.

The speeds of the scooter, though, might vary proportionately to the weight of the rider and the hill incline. These two characteristics may cause a difference in the speed levels. Still, in optimum conditions, 15 miles are just an hour away.

The exceptional speed of this mode enables you to ride through town or even its outskirts and allows the user maximum satisfaction.


Range testing is usually carried out in various terrains with various rider weights. While the range is only an average indication of the scooter’s performance, it is meant to indicate the scooter’s capabilities with good credibility.

The Segway F25 has an approximate range of up to 12.4 miles meaning that a rider can ride up to its typical range of 12.4 miles on a flat road before needing to charge the device again.

External Battery

The Segway battery has more energy and power, bringing more fun and convenience for your travel. The Segway battery is constructed with trusted material and a portable design with four times the power capacity.

The battery also features a smart battery management system with four types of protection: overheating, short circuits, and overcurrent and overcharge protection. This Smart Battery Management System is as good as it is because of the seven years of iteration and improvements to extend the scooter’s lithium battery’ lifespan. It allows for safer discharging and increased power display.

The 300W power output gives the scooter enough torque to cruise any terrain with ease and finesse, enabling you to conquer the 12% grade slopes.

The challenge with lithium batteries is that they are not allowed on airplanes if you want to travel with your scooter.

Water Resistance

The rating for the Segway F25 water resistance is IP54. Having such a rating, several key information pieces are carried out in the rating. First, IP, Ingress Protection, is a rating that shows the level of protection an electrical device has against solids and liquids.

The first digit, after the initials IP, represents the device’s protection against solids such as dust particles. The second number indicates the device’s resistance when it comes to liquids.

The specifics of the F25, which are 5 and 4, respectively, mean that with the F25, some dust particles can penetrate the device but not enough to cause problems over a long period. On the other hand, the rating of four indicates that the F25 has waterproof capabilities to an extent. You can easily ride when raining or through pools of water, but you cannot submerge the device for too long.


The Segway Ninebot F25 stands out but does not shout. The color design balances the strong matte fiber frame-light gray hand grips, topped with the eye-catching orange detail in the wheels and brake wire.

Portability & Weight

Portability F25

The Segway F25 is very portable. With 30 pounds, you can easily carry the scooter up the stairs or around areas that do not allow for scooters-using carbon fiber in its frame significantly reduces weight without compromising its structural integrity.

However, the scooter’s portability is a combination of two factors: weight and the two-step folding capability. Within a second, you can easily transform from a device standing about 112 cm high to one that is only 36 cm. With this transformation, the scooter can fit in tight storage spaces and allow easy portability when not being ridden.

Quality of Construction

Segway F25

The Segway F25 is a solid build starting with the carbon fiber frame. The carbon fiber frame makes it a study mobility device, ensuring it does not crumble when dealing with rough terrain. Furthermore, to curb the impact of the road’s nature on the scooter and the rider, the manufacturers have put in place an impeccable suspension system that absorbs all the shock.

The wide deck, too, counts in allowing the rider to be comfortable on the scooter. This and the 10-inch pneumatic tires improve the overall riding experience. The deck, too, is anti-slippery to ensure that the rider does not fall from the scooter.

Charging Outlet and Charging Time

The Segway F25 needs a charger with a nominal voltage of 36 VDC and a maximum of 42 VDC. The new design on the footboard makes it easier to connect the charger. As the scooter is charging, the LED screen on the handlebar will indicate the charging progress.

For this model of the Segway scooter, you will need at least 5 hours to charge the battery fully in the scooter, which totals around 300Wh.

Once the scooter is fully charged, you can ride it for an hour, allowing a range of up to 15.5 miles. Of course, the speed used while driving the scooter, the terrain, and the inclination of the area will all influence the range of the scooter, but in sports mode, which is the highest mode, the scooters can easily get you as far as 15.5 miles.

Bluetooth App

Applications have become integral to interacting with our electronic devices. The F25 is no different. It has an Android and an iOS version that one can connect to.

Once you have F25, you can download the Segway-Ninebot App, which you can use to connect with your scooter. Once the App is downloaded, at the start, turn on your Bluetooth and switch on your scooter. Then, search for the scooter and connect via Bluetooth.

Connecting with your scooter via the application allows you to be up to date with the status of your kick scooter, including how much battery is left, how far it has changed, and how fast you are going.


All Segway F25 scooters come with a warranty. The warranty period commences after registration and is valid for 12 months. If it is outside these 12 months, it’s classified as non-warranty.

However, buyers should note that only authorized dealers and outlets offer this. The scooters are not guaranteed a warranty if they are bought in sham markets.

Another highlight is that all repairs carry a 90-day warranty on the replaced parts. This timeline starts when repairs are freighted or collected from Segway’s warehouse.

To ensure the scooter is warrantable, you can contact the company, which will trace the serial number and give you the exact set warranty timeline.


The Segway Ninebot Kick scooter F25 is designed with safety in mind by the manufacturers. This, in turn, made them install safety features such as the dual braking system. This system allows a faster and very effective breaking solution in case of obstruction or an emergency.

The front end also features an electric anti-lock braking system and an App locking feature that keeps your scooter safe and secure.

The rear features a ventilated disk brake that increases reaction time by 27%, responding to input by o.1 second. This ensures the rider has total peace of mind.

This model also has large tires with anti-skid water grooves and wear-resistant treads that ensure smooth and safe riding.

Safety is paramount since most people using the Segway Ninebot f25 are beginners or range around 14 years. These features make them feel secure while getting the most out of the riding experience.

What’s the Difference Between the Segway F25, F30, and the segway ninebot F40

Some Segway F series features are identical, while other characteristics cater to the buyer’s specific needs. Let’s look at the differences that exist between these three Ninebot Kickscooter F series models.

Hill Climbing Abilities

Sometimes, the terrain of a rider requires them to climb hills. Therefore, the scooter they’re using must meet average hill climbing potential. And Segway has ensured that all its F series can achieve this efficiently.

The Segway f25 has a maximum slope of 12 percent. The f30 Model follows closely with a maximum speed of 15 percent, while the f40 boasts even more capability to get up on higher hills that might manifest during adventures. The f40 has a maximum slope of up to 20 percent.

Acceleration and Maximum Speed

Each model has a speed and acceleration characteristic that, in most cases, helps the buyer determine the scooter they will purchase.

The F25 and F30 go closely in range with a speed of around 15.5 miles per hour, considering weight and hill incline.

The f30 is no match compared to the other models. This is because it can up to a speed of 18.6 miles per hour.

The three models have an acceleration feature that may increase speed as the rider desires.

Portability and Weight

Segway Ninebot F25

Weight and portability are very key considerations when selecting a scooter to buy. The rider should familiarize themselves with these three models’ weight, payload capacity, and portability.

The Segway F25 weighs approximately 25 pounds and can handle a person weighing around 220 pounds. As a result, it’s much easier to carry around.

Whereas the Segway f30 weighs about 33 pounds, and the Segway f40 weighs around 265 pounds and can both load weights of up to 265 pounds.


Each model provides the rider with various price choices. Buyers can choose the model that pleases them based on their set budget and travel needs.

The Segway F25 is the most affordable among the three models. I wouldn’t say it’s a cheap electric 

The Segway F30 has additional models and can go the extra mile making it a bit expensive.

The Segway F40 maxes both speed and distance to the fullest. Unfortunately, this feature makes this model cost the rider quite a fortune.

Range Testing

The Segway F25 model has an approximate range of up to 12.4 miles, while the Segway F30 has a longer range of 18.6 miles. The Segway F40 has the longest category, going up to 24.9 miles before needing any charge.

The F model prides itself on providing owners with a handy app where they can track their mileage.



Segway Ninebot ES1L12.4 mph12.4 mi24.9 lbs
Segway Ninebot ES115.5 mph15.5 mi24.9 lbs
Segway Ninebot ES215.5 mph15.527 lbs
Segway Ninebot E2212.4 mph13.7 mi29.8 lbs
Segway Ninebot ES418.6 mph28 mi30 lbs
Segway Ninebot E4518.6 mph28 mi36.2 lbs
Segway Ninebot F2515.5 mph12.4 mi32 lbs
Segway Ninebot F4018.6 mph24.9 mi35 lbs
Segway Ninebot F3015.5 mph18.6 mi33 lbs
Segway Ninebot Max G30P 18.6 mph40.4 mi41.2 lbs
Segway Ninebot Zing E1010 mph6.3 mi18.7 lbs
Segway Ninebot E88.7 mph6.2 mi17.6 lbs

Segway F25 vs. Gotrax Gxl V2: Major Differences


Although the Segway F25 and the GoTrax GXL V2 are electric scooters, that might be the only thing they have in common and the time required to charge fully. However, these two scooters have major differences, including the following.

Distance on a Single Charge

The Segway F25 is a long-range scooter compared to the GOTrax GXL V2 because on a single charge, the F25 covers 15.5 miles while the GXL V2 only covers 12 miles. A distance of 3.5 miles is equivalent to walking home for close to 30 minutes.


The motor for the Segway F25 is far stronger than that of the GOTrax GXL V2. The Segway F25 has a 300W motor, while GOTrax GXL V2 only has a 250W motor. The difference between these two motors is the difference between handling a ten-degree incline and handling it poorly.


Even with tires, the F25 still towers above the GOTrax GXL V2 because it has 10-inch pneumatic tires, and the GOTrax GXL V2 has only 8.5-inch air-filled tires. In addition, the Segway F25 tires are more capable of absorbing shock than the 8.5-inch tires attached to the GOTrax GXL V2.

Segway Ninebot F25 Review 

The Segway F25 is an impressive electric scooter because it features some of the industry’s best technologies and features.

To start with, the design is sleek and inviting to the eyes. The scooter is beautiful and appealing, and you just want to ride it when you see it.

When it comes to riding, the scooter rides smoothly because of all the technology it has employed, ranging from the 10-inch pneumatic tires that make it possible to cruise through rough terrains without feeling the vibrations. In addition, the scooter has employed various suspension technologies to absorb any impact a rider might feel.

To ensure that the scooter is the safest possible, the Segway F25 employs regenerative brake and disk brakes to ensure that you can do so fast and smoothly when you need to come to a stop. The Smart Battery Management System is another addition to the functioning of the scooter. Its ability to monitor the battery and ensure no power gets lost from braking puts it at the forefront of revolutionary industry technologies.

Segway Ninebot F25 Test Results

Top speed15.5 mph
Range15 mi
Incline12% Max Slope

Pros & Cons of Segway F25

  • The price – the Segway F25 is very economical. It will give the buyer an unforgettable experience without bursting their bank accounts.
  • Features high quality and focuses on safety, stability, and sturdiness. This ensures the user taps into a lot of good features by using this scooter.
  • Portability: This translates to the ease the user gets by folding it and carrying it around, and in case the charge depletes, one can just charge it from wherever.
  • The steering capabilities are slightly limited. This is because the sterling bar is not adjustable.
  • Struggles on steep inclines
  • The scooter is very heavy compared to other models.

Other scooters to consider (writer doesn’t need to do anything here)


Do you need a good e-bike deal? A deal of flexible and convenient mobility allows you to run your errands comfortably and reliably, whether there is bright sunlight or dark. A scooter is your choice of mobility. But not any other scooter, the Segway F25 provides some of the best qualities that come with a scooter.

The Segway F25 integrates well with the emerging trend of owning a smart home and electric vehicle. But the Segway is just way cooler and classy. Even with other electric promotional products, such as an e-bike deal being on the rise, getting the F25 is your best deal.

The range of this scooter is enough to have you run to a friend’s house to check up on them, then move to the nearest convenience store to do your shopping, and on your way back, pass by your gym all on one charge. The charging is not stressful because the scooter comes with its charger, and you only need to leave it plugged in for five hours. So before you are done with your work in the house, the scooter will be fully charged for the evening adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers!

Which Segway F Series provides the best performance?

All models are crafted with a focus on safety, sturdiness, and stability. The overall rating is about 4.5 stars, with most consumers raving about their model’s smooth ride, acceleration, and solid construction. 

Can Segway F25 considered the Best Long Range Electric Scooter?

Range testing is usually carried out in various terrains with various rider weights. While the range is only an average indication of the scooter’s performance, it is meant to indicate the capabilities of the scooter with good credibility.

What are other scooter that compete with Segway F25

Although the Segway F25 and the GoTrax GXL V2 are electric scooters, that might be the only thing they have in common and the time required to charge fully.

Is Segway F25 are made/best for the heavy riders?

Unlike F30 and F40, The F25 has a max weight of 260 lbs.

How fast can Segway F25 go?

The Segway F25 provides a maximum speed of up to 15 miles per hour. You achieve the 15.5 mph speed in sports mode and nine mph in eco mode. The sport mode kicks in the powerful capabilities of the scooter that are guaranteed to take you back.  

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